Benefits of thanaka powder

Thanaka tree is a native of Myanmar but is also found in neighbouring countries like Thailand and India. Thanaka powder is made by grinding roots, bark and wood of Thanaka tree and small quantity of water with the help of ‘kyauk pyin’ a circular slate slab.

Primarily, women in certain Asian countries used it for cosmetic purpose but today there are several other benefits of thanaka powder. Let us have a look.

Skin benefits

Soothes your skin

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Thanaka powder contains natural elements that make your skin feel cool and fresh. It provides necessary hydration to your skin and rejuvenates your skin from within. This is the reason why every single application of thanaka powder gives you a soothing and refreshing feel.

Acts as natural sunscreen

Since decades, thanaka powder has been used as a natural protector against harmful sun rays and it is proven more effective than commercially available sunscreens in the market. Thanaka not only protects your skin from sun for long hours but also prevents excessive sweating caused by sunburn.

Controls skin ageing

Thanaka powder is very rich in antioxidants due to which its fights various skin hazards. Apart from this, it also naturally refines skin pores, maintains oil balance and guards against harmful sun rays. Due to all these factors, thanaka powder helps in preserving the youthfulness of your skin and makes you look younger.

Deeply cleanses skin pores

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Thanaka powder efficiently reaches the deep pores of your skin and cleanses it thoroughly thus removing all dirt and impurities accumulated in deep layers of your skin. This further gives you a naturally clear and glowing skin.

Maintains moisture levels of skin

Thanaka powder maintains proper moisture level of skin by controlling growth of sebum, which is an oily secretion of sebaceous glands placed beneath the skin. Due to this, the chances of acne, blackheads, blemishes reduce to a great extend. In addition, healthy moisture levels also protect your skin from several skin diseases and infections.

Improves skin tone

A study by University of London School of Pharmacy 2010 state that Thanaka powder has very low toxic level and contains certain properties, which prevent skin discoloration. Such properties prove beneficial in improving skin tone and lightning it.

Health benefits

Guards against dangerous skin diseases

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If minor skin problems are ignored it can lead to severe skin issues in future. Thanaka powder being a rich source of antioxidants fights free radicals by eliminating and attacking it. It protects your skin from harmful skin diseases like abscesses and pustules by creating powerful antibacterial action.

Controls excessive growth of unwanted hair

Regular application of thanaka powder with Kusuma oil helps to control and reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair like upper lips, side locks etc., in women. You can get rid of unwanted hair permanently with regular usage of this thanaka powder mixture.

Other health benefits:

  • Can treat gastritis
  • Preventive measure for Malaria
  • Reduces side effects of radiotherapy in cancer patients.

Some safety tips while using Thanaka powder

Thanaka powder is suitable for external use only and its oral consumption may lead to disturbance in digestive system. People with diabetes, thyroid and history of allergies must avoid use of Thanaka powder. This is also applied to pregnant and lactating women.