Top health benefits of eating Pomegranate

The pomegranate’s irresistible appeal and legendary medicinal properties have been the subject of myths, epics and works of art. Centuries ago the fruit was grown on shrubs and small trees in southwestern Asia, but over time it came to be cultivated by the growers of California. If you haven’t eaten pomegranate you don’t know on what are you missing. Pomegranate is not just a fruit, it is a super fruit filled with multiple nutrients. It has a high amount of vitamin C, and vitamin B5, A and E. It is filled with rich ingredients which provides you several health benefits.

It is filled with calcium, potassium, iron and other nutrients, the seeds within this amazing fruit are rich in fiber content. If eating this fruit is not your thing, then you don’t mind giving up the beneficial fiber from pomegranate seeds, you can also drink pomegranate juice to get some of the same health benefits.

A rich antioxidant

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Pomegranate deep red colour gives more than just plate appeal. The fruits is rich in supply of antioxidant phytochemicals. Antioxidants counteract the damages provided by free radicals. Plenty of foods are rich in antioxidant but there are few which have related sets of compounds called punicalagins, pomegranates one amongst them. Pomegranate juice has an anti oxidising capacity of 2,860 units per 100 gms.

Fights breast cancer

Studies shows that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells alone. The formation of healthy cells takes place accordingly and breast cancer cells gets diminished. Ellagic acid in pomegranate are cancer cell destroying agents.

Stabilises PSA levels

In a study of men, who had undergone treatment for prostate cancer, eight ounces of pomegranate juice everyday kept their PSA level stable and thereby reducing the need for more treatment such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Protects your arteries

This miraculous fruit is known to help preventing plaque building up in your arteries and reverse previous plaque buildup.

Lowers blood pressure

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This fruit is being researched for its hypertension reducing properties. Pomegranate is considered as a great heart tonic in Ayurveda.

Heart diseases

The antithrombotic property of this  fruit is extremely beneficial in fighting the clotting of blood. The hardening of  arteries is also reduced by the properties of this fruit. It reduces the bad cholesterol or LDL which causes the arteries to clog and harden.


Pomegranate eaten or in the form of juice is highly beneficial to combat anaemia which is usually found in women. The folic acid in the fruit is excellent for pregnant women.

Luscious and clear skin

It is a blessing for all the women who are diving for a clear skin. The anti ageing properties of this fruit comes from the antioxidants that combat free radicals and helps in preventing wrinkles and dullness. Studies have also shown that pomegranate is a great blood purifier and bring that unavoidable charm and glow on your face.

Amazing energy enhancing foods

It is a fact that you could never go wrong with pomegranate or any natural foods. It is always advisable to consume natural food in raw state as it is filled with good amount of nutritional values. It is suggested that excess of anything is avoidable, and so holds true for pomegranate. All the foods and supplements should be consumed in moderation.Therefore, pick a pomegranate and experiment with this delightful fruit. You can opt them for salads, desserts and drinks. It is your call ultimately to make the best of your health.

Selecting a pomegranate

Go look for fruits in a store which seems to be too heavy in respect to their size or else look for fruits which are not damaged. The job protecting the fruit can be done by the skin as it is dense so even if there is any blemish on the fruit, it will not cause any harm.

Cutting the fruit

You should always put a paper towel under the pomegranate no matter on what surface you are keeping it. When you cut the pomegranate the juice of it will instantly stain the surface, using a paper towel will help in the absorption of the juice and will prevent staining. Always cut the top of the pomegranate before cutting off the bottom. Think that the fruit now have four equal divisions. I am sure you’ll want to obtain all the four divisions so don’t cut the fruit totally. Just cut deep enough to reach the white path by breaking its skin. In this way you’ll reduce the chances of breaking the seeds full of juice.

The dry method

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The next step you need to do is pulling apart the fruit using your hands. In a bowl put the juicy seeds which you’ll pull off by using your fingers. To obtain more seeds just bend back the skin.

The water method

Put the pomegranate in a bowl and pour water to cover it as much as possible. Start pulling apart the four divisions of the fruit and then pull the skin off the seeds. When you do this then the white patch starts floating while the seeds goes into the bottom of the bowl. This is a very effective method as it prevents the juice of the seeds from getting wasted or from putting stains on any surface. Take out the skin from the surface of the water but if you are unable to take out all then also you don’t need to worry because you are going to strain it.

Strain the seeds

Take a strainer and pour the seeds (in case you used water method then put the water also) in it and remove any remaining skin and rinse the seeds.

Eating the pomegranate seeds

If you want just put the seeds in a bowl and eat them. You can sprinkle cinnamon and sugar so that the sweetness increases. You can use pomegranate in different recipes too. Recipes where dried cranberries are needed, is where pomegranate can also be used. You can use them in salads as a stuffing for acorn squash along with nuts, crepes or even salsa too. Pomegranate can be used in desserts too, for example, in a pumpkin pie you can add pomegranate along with whipped cream, on ice cream with caramel or in a cobbler recipe also.

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You can make Pomegranate juice also. To form the juice, follow the above mentioned steps given to separate the skin from the seeds. Then put two cups of seeds in a blender and using cheesecloth strain it. Be careful as the juice leaves stains on surfaces. You can also roll the whole fruit in a tough surface then press it firmly but softly. In this way the seeds will pop inside the fruit only and will release its juice. You can drink it by putting a straw in the fruit. Pomegranate is a very nice seasonal fruit and the versatility it has makes it everyone’s favourite.