How to use baking soda for skin care?

The application of baking soda can help your skin in so many different ways. This is the perfect skin care product which can really help the skin stay in the best of state for years to come. Baking soda is the most natural element which can help the skin get rid of all the impurities and in the way the skin can stay fresh now and always. This is a great way you can at best make the skin glow and now there is improvement in the skin texture and one is made so feel so naturally vibrant with the usage of the same.

Baking soda for shaved skin quality

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Baking soda is the perfect natural element which can really help the skin from unnecessary tightening and itching. For instance once you have shaves the skin it is true that the skin is sure to feel so rough and there can be that itchy sensation. This is when you can apply baking soda on the shaved portion of the skin and now the skin is sure to feel so perfectly normal and soothing. For the same it is important that you take a cup filled with water and to it you should add one tablespoon of baking soda. Once the soda is mixed with the water it is time that you slather the solution well on all parts of the legs. Make the soda stay on the skin for some time and then you can wash off using simple warm water. Baking soda will really help in protecting the shaved skin texture and in the way one is made to feel the smoothness and softness of the skin.

Razor burn soother

A bikini line that is the result of a razor burn can not only be unsightly but also extremely painful. All you need to do in this case is to take three parts of baking soda and one part of water in a bowl and apply the solution to your razor burns. Men can also use the same formula in case they suffer from razor burns after shaving their face.

Baking soda for tanned skin

Baking soda is also the best solution for the tanned skin texture. When you skin gets tanned to the maxim you can always use the soda in order to make the skin feel normal. For the treatment you have to mix baking soda with lemon and then apply the same on the tanned parts of the skin. This is the best way you can make the skin look and feel normal. Baking soda can really help the skin get rid of long lasting tan. This is the reason you can apply the same on the tanned areas and rub it well to save the skin from the roughness of tanning. This makes the skin look even and normal and the colour patches on the skin are gone forever.

Baking soda can be an overall body scrubber

You can even use baking soda as an overall body scrub. This is the best agent you can use for skin nourishment and skin refreshment. This is the kind of gentle scrubber which is sure to do no harm to the skin. You can mix baking soda with water and oatmeal. Then it is time that you apply the solution on several parts of the skin and then you rub the same maintaining a circular motion. This way one can at best eliminate the dead skin cells. At the end you should rinse the skin well by using warm water.

It may be so that your hair is suffering from the condition of additional product building up and for the same it is best that you mix a pinch of baking soda to the shampoo that you use and then apply the same on the hair. Follow the usual shampooing method and then it is time that you have a thorough rinsing. Baking soda helps in the apt removal of the parts of the styling product which is there on the hair even after you have cleaned.

Clarifying shampoo

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If you are suffering from dandruff and various other problems on the scalp, then you would need to use a natural ingredient, which would fight it. Baking soda works as a natural clarifier when you use it as your shampoo or with it.

Get rid of foot odour

Not only can baking soda be used to combat foot odour but it can also be used in pedicures. If you want a spa like pedicure at the comfort of your home, then you should use baking soda to achieve this. You could also mix it with an essential oil of your choice. This will help you to fight the odours that emanate from the body.

Heals itchiness

Itchiness can not only inflame the skin but also cause discomfort. Baking soda will soothe your skin since it has anti-inflammatory properties. Mix three parts baking soda with one part water. Apply this paste on the affected areas and you would be able to see results when you follow this home remedy once daily.

Hand softener

If you want to soften your hands within a few weeks, you should use some baking soda. Not only will it soften your hands but it will also reduce any body-odours as well as dirt from the hands, leaving them soft.

Removes splinters

When you soak them in baking soda, the splinters will come out naturally. Soak the area that has been affected in baking soda at least twice a day.

Soother of bug bites

When you rub baking soda on the areas that have been bitten by bugs, it will instantly relieve the itching. Until the bite can dissipate, you would need to keep applying baking soda at least thrice a day.

Gets rid of the dryness of the skin

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Do you want to get rid of the dryness of the skin on your hands? Then, try using some baking soda in order to make it soft again. Stop using any artificial moisturizing creams or chemical based soaps, which would completely dehydrate the skin on your hands. Take half a tablespoon of crushed sugar, one tablespoon of baking soda, and a few drops of olive oil. Rub your hands gently using this mixture. Wash your hands with some water after leaving it on the skin for about ten minutes. Your hands will stay soft for more than twenty four hours when you follow this home remedy.

Natural antiseptic

Baking soda is a natural disinfectant since it has antiseptic properties. This makes it a great natural cleanser, which also implies that you could clean any of your personal items such as combs, hair brushes, etc. that comes into contact with your skin with it.

Restores the complexion

When you use baking soda to improve your skin, it will automatically promote the growth of a new skin tissue. Your complexion will also improve when you use baking soda. It also brightens the skin and corrects the skin tone in case it is uneven.

Effective against poison ivy

In case your skin itches if you have touched the poison ivy plant by mistake, then you would need to apply a paste of baking soda and water on the affected areas. This will stop the skin from itching. It will also help protect your skin from minor irritations.

Works as a skin toner

Not only does baking soda work as an exfoliant but also works as a skin toner. It will improve the tone of the skin and also make it glow.

Makeup remover

If you have makeup on your face, which cannot be easily removed, then try using some baking soda to remove it. However, while applying it be careful since it could hurt your eyes otherwise. If you have any baking soda remaining on the face after removing your makeup, you should wash it with some water.

Treats psoriasis

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If you have been suffering from psoriasis, then baking soda is the right remedy for this situation. When you apply baking soda, your psoriasis will automatically begin to disappear.

Moisturizes the skin

If you do not want to spend much money to get some essential oils, then you would need to use baking soda. Mix milk, baking soda, honey, salt, and some sugar in a bowl. Pour this mixture with warm water into a bathtub. Use a few drops of olive oil on the skin to revitalize it.

Blurs the scars on your skin

Baking soda is an evergreen natural cosmetic product that can blur all the scars on your skin. All you would need to do is to mix baking soda with some honey and apply it to your face. Let it remain on the face for about ten minutes. Then, rinse it with water.

Removes the signs of ageing

Baking soda should be used before the signs of ageing can appear on your face. You do not have to wait for the signs of ageing to appear on it. When you use baking soda, you would be naturally taking care of this problem instead of using chemicals, which are harmful for the skin.

Rejuvenates the skin

When baking soda is applied to the skin, it gets rejuvenated automatically. You would not only feel good but also look much younger than you really are. These are some of the benefits of using baking soda on the skin.

Cleanses the skin

When you use baking soda in your bathwater, it can get rid of oil and dirt build-up on your skin over a period of time. All you need to do is to add three teaspoons of baking soda to some water and apply this mixture to the skin if you do not want to use it in your bathwater.

Helps get rid of heat rashes

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If your sweat glands have become clogged and the bacteria and sweat get trapped in your skin, then you would get heat rashes. The condition affects those, who live in countries, where there is a lot of humidity and heat. Heat rashes can be extremely painful, itchy, and annoying. The heat rashes get aggravated when the skin produces more sweat. Young children often tend to scratch the rashes, which results in the rashes becoming septic and the need for immediate treatment. People tend to perceive that rashes occur only during the summer but they can actually occur in any season. You should use baking soda to get rid of these heat rashes.

Chlorine removal

Chlorine from the swimming pool can damage the skin. If you want the chlorine to be removed and not harm your health, then you should consider bathing with baking soda. Simply add some baking soda to your bathwater and it will do the rest.

Apply before applying serums

If you apply serums before going to sleep, then you should apply some baking soda to the face before applying your serums. Your skin will be able to absorb the serums better. What’s more, the deeper the serum goes inside the skin; the better will be the results for your skin.

Removes eye wrinkles

Not only does baking soda exfoliate the skin but it is also capable of removing wrinkles underneath the eyes. The dead skin around the eyes will be removed by the fine powder like consistency of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. It will also improve the blood circulation around the eyes and remove the wrinkles.

Prevents skin cancer

When you have a pH imbalance, you are likely to get various diseases. Not only is baking soda known to improve the pH balance of the body but it is also said to fight skin cancer.

Fights windburns

Whether you are jet skiing or snowboarding, you are likely to get windburns on the skin. When you use a paste made of three parts of baking soda and one part of water to apply it on the wind burns, they vanish.

Gets rid of diaper rashes

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When you use some baking soda in your baby’s bathwater, it will fight all the diaper rashes. Even you could use it to remove the diaper rashes of the elderly in your family that use diapers.

Gets rid of canker sores

All you need is some paste prepared from one tablespoon of baking soda mixed with one tablespoon of water to treat canker sores. You should consider gargling this mixture at least thrice everyday if you want to get rid of canker sores.

Soothe jellyfish stings

Stings by jellyfish can be painful and could burn a lot. If you want to remove the poison that was released by the jellyfish while you were swimming out in the sea, you should simply apply a paste of baking soda and water to the stings and it will work wonders for your skin.

Keeps hands safe from chemicals

When you wash your vessels or do some dishwashing, your skin is likely to be hurt by the chemicals present in the dishwashing liquid. Baking soda will keep your hands safe from chemicals. What’s more, it will also remove the grease from your hands that have stuck to them while you were washing the dishes. All you need to apply to the affected parts of the body is a paste of three parts of baking soda and one part of water if you want your skin problems to be solved.

Natural sunscreen

You now need not worry about applying an artificial sunscreen that is based on chemicals and go to the beach. You would need to simply apply a paste of two parts of baking soda and one part of water and go out to enjoy the sun. A paste of baking soda is the best natural sunscreen lotion.

Beauty bath

Do you want to look naturally beautiful without spending much time and money at the spa? Then, a paste of baking soda and some water would be enough for you. This will not only beautify you but also make you look radiant all the time without putting in much effort. As compared to any other beauty treatment, using baking soda to treat skin problems is the best natural solution.