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Christmas celebration is not only about Christmas tree decoration, gifts and presents. Light decoration is also an integral part. To celebrate the bonding between human and the almighty, we often tend to decorate the entire house with decorative, creative, unique and designed lightings. Decorative lights not only lights up the house, but also uplifts our mood and enlightens the entire surrounding. Days before Christmas when you plan to start decorating your house with lights but you often fall into a dilemma while choosing some unique designed lights for Christmas decoration. After all light is the only source of hope in darkness and everyone wishes to have the best lighting decoration for Christmas.


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Here, in the picture above you can see a single string of star shaped yellowish white colored lights. These kinds of lights are now a part of latest trendy lights for various occasions. These lights consume very less amount of electricity and are bright enough to enlighten its surroundings. These are made up of copper wire with protective layers which minimizes the chances of accidents. These lights are completely safe and durable. You can use them for decorating the Christmas tree or the exterior as well as the interior of your house. As these lights are found in one single string, the best way to use them is to hang them from the balcony or terrace. Else you can wrap it around the Christmas tree like a garland of lights. It is not at all expensive so you can make a choice without any hesitation.

In the above picture, it is a star shaped light with designs made on its inner part. These kinds of lights can be used for decorating Christmas tree. As the wire is short so you cannot hang it. One end of the single sting is divided into multiple strings and the other end is attached to a box or the battery box of the light. It has no plug to connect to the power point. It runs on battery power. It is very helpful as these lights are completely safe and durable. You can place it anywhere you feel like and you don’t have to worry about connecting it to the power board. This trendy piece of lighting will only cost you the amount you can afford.

Here you can see that this is a very unique shaped light. Take a look from any point or dimension, it is a multi star shaped light. It looks somewhat like a diamond. These lights consume minimum amount of power and enlightens the whole room. It is not a single colored light as you can see, multiple color of lights are coming out from it. Small bulbs are placed inside it so that each color matches up with the other. It looks very beautiful when this is the only light lit in the entire room. You can see multiple color textures lighting up the room. It looks best when hanging down from the ceiling. You may feel like it’s very expensive, but it isn’t that much expensive.

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In the image above you can see a cone shaped light structure. This is a wired structure of lights. The structure is made up of aluminum cone. Small white bulbs are placed in between the wired structure which makes the cone look so beautiful. The bulbs are attached to each other with a string of wire. A protective layer on the wire secures this innovative form of lighting from external damages as well as accidental damages. You can place it anywhere you feel like. Decorate your house with this unique lighting at an affordable price.

In the picture above, you are seeing a lamp. This is a very innovative and unique type of light. It has been in demand for the past few years. It is a bouquet of synthetic thread like strings. Each string has a thin wire placed inside itself. When you lit the lamp, these strings also lit up. It looks very beautiful as it glows bright in the dark. The synthetic strings are very light weighted so they move when it comes in contact with wind. The main light source lies beneath the synthetic threads. It is placed inside the base of the lamp. It runs on electricity. It is completely damage proof and safe. You can place this lamp on a table beside the Christmas tree. It may look expensive but this isn’t at all that much expensive.

Here is another choice for you to make a pick. These star shaped bulbs are slightly lighter in color on the edges and deep on the centre. This makes the lights look bright. Connected by copper wire with a protective layer on them, these strings are durable, bendable and easy to handle. It is a thick single string with lights attached keeping a gap in between two stars. This wire holds around 56 to 60 such bulbs. It has a 360 degree view so that it can illuminate the entire surrounding. Before you choose something else over this, make sure you don’t opt for the expensive one.


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Here is a two in one source of lighting decoration for Christmas. In the image above, these are wooden bars crafted in the form of Christmas tree with lights attached to it. You can see four different variant of lights and their presentation. Each is unique in its own way. You can place them on the entrance of your house or in the garden. It looks more beautiful when kept in an open area. Bulbs are wrapped around this structure like a garland which not only illuminates the structure but the entire place. You can opt for this as it won’t cost you much.

The picture above is of a pair of bells and a bow. These types of lights have a thick plastic coating and are easily bendable. It can be transformed into any shape. They come in some specific shapes basically. Small bulbs are wired inside these thick plastic tubes. You can get a variation of lights in case of such lighting decorations. Such lights look so beautiful when you stick these on your doors or walls. The thick plastic layer keeps the entire setting of lights safe. These are completely waterproof which makes them durable of a long span of time. It falls under reasonable price range too.

Here is a very unique light decoration. These come in snowflakes shape and limited colors. These lights have a stick to hold. These are powered by battery. The structure is made of plastic and a bulb is placed at its centre. The light is dense at its centre and changes color as it fades down at its edges. It brings a brilliant texture which lightens up the entire surrounding. These lights are pretty much pocket friendly in terms of price as well as consumption of energy.


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These small fancy lights come in a set of different shapes attached to one single thick string. The string is around 120 to 160 inches in length which is pretty long. You can hang it on your wall from one end to the other or outline the main door. Else you can wrap it around the Christmas tree too. It comes in multiple colors which make it look more beautiful. It consumes a very low amount of electricity and is safe for indoor and outdoor usage. It isn’t very expensive so you can give it a try.