Beautiful rangoli designs for christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year when we know that the entire world is celebrating. Rangoli might be a very Indian tradition, but that really has nothing to do with not being a part of a Christian celebration.

In this article, we will be going through some of the most creative Christmas rangoli designs. These are shared with you, so that even if you can have some unique decorative ideas this festive season.


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In the picture above, we see a big rangoli design which has been done in a circular shape. You might have noticed that most rangoli designs have circular bases as they are easier to frame, color and design.

This particular design has a circular base and the background has been given in white rangoli colors. It has been added with Christmas trees, bells, candles, etc. it has been bordered by tiny cross, stars, flowers, etc. in the surrounding.


This is a semi-circular rangoli design which has the Santa hat in the core. Santa Claus is a very vital part of every Christmas as he brings in hope and joys, and he is also the main reason why every other religion get united to celebrate this occasion.

Add this creative rangoli pattern which has a blend of bright and dark colors, and enhance the floor.


This rangoli design tells you see some peeping bells, which is undoubtedly one of the cutest and easiest ones to do. This comes in bright colors which look eye-catchy and are pretty easy to follow.

You simply need to chalk out the base of the bells with a white chalk and then fill in colors accordingly. Try to maintain proper spacing to avoid clumsiness and you will surely have a cute looking rangoli yourself.


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This is an easy dotted rangoli pattern which will make your Christmas rangoli drawing slightly easier.

When you make dotted bases and you join one dot with the other to make rangoli shapes, it makes your process way easier than it is with freehand rangoli pattern.

In this pattern, you get to see dots and how you can join them one after the other and make your desired Christmas rangoli shape.


This is another dotted based rangoli which makes your rangoli making pattern slightly easier and convenient.

The designs that have been added in this pattern, is inclusive of Santa faces, bells, crosses, gifts and holly leaves.

These are some of the most important aspects of Christmas which you can take an idea of and add to your patterns and creative inputs.


Cross, candles and flowers are all important aspect of Christmas. People pay respect to Jesus through candles and flowers, which are lit up or put up and used for decorations.

This also gives you a good idea, because it is easy to join straight patterns like candle and cross. Every the floral patterns aren’t very difficult to follow, so you can surely take a hint from the picture above have this made.


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This is just the replica of how you can make the above design look. The design is same, but the color pattern has given it a new look and feel.

This makes it easier for you to dot out the square, work on the patterns and finally color them as they accordingly are. This is surely one of the easiest picks that you should try and follow.


This is yet another design which comes with bells and flowers. It gives us an essence of Christmas and is pretty easy to follow.

Buy some white chalks so that you can make the base of the flowers, bells and stars and you can then color these decorative items. Rangoli patterns like these are perfect for beginners who are trying to get their hands on this art.


This is another dotted rangoli pattern which makes your rangoli experience supposedly easy. This also has all the required Christmas patterns than you could have put.

The holly leaves and bells are shown through several Christmas wallpapers and are skillfully utilized through this pattern.

Add this particular rangoli to your ideas and it is surely going to be perfect for your Christmas decoration plans.


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Finally, we end this article with a big and creative rangoli design. This rangoli pattern comes with Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, the big star, the cake and the gift.

All these are important element which we think of adding in our Christmas celebrations, and these can be very skillfully designed if you put in some creativity and expertise.