Health benefits of various dry fruits

Dry out fruits tend to be small although concentrated programs of healthy eating plan, high with fiber, potassium, along with enzymes. Easy to digest, they may be good soaps of our blood and enhance our gastrointestinal system. Recent studies have established that nutritious dry fruits are also rich with antioxidants. Nevertheless, one have to have some limits on the volume of these major dry fruits they could eat daily rather than go overboard.

Following is an index of excellent nutritious dry many fruits for well being

Cashew nuts

Best benefits of eating cashew nuts

Another in the excellent nutritious dry many fruits for health will be the cashew nut products. They offer protein along with fiber in order to body. Cashew nut products are full of mono-unsaturated body fat, thus useful for heart problems. They are also a good method to obtain potassium, W vitamins, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium along with copper.


The almonds are full of vitamins and so are even better to digest than milk. The unsaturated fatty acids in almonds have good curative values because they are full of iron, birdwatcher, and phosphorus along with vitamin B1. Include these types of top dry out fruits intended for health in your daily diet because they help with developing new blood solar cells and hemoglobin. They strengthen the mind, heart, nervous feelings, and bones along with liver.


Dates have got natural sugar, are considered to be very healthy and nutritious dry many fruits. They are also good on your heart and also intestinal disorder.


Raisins are in fact dried grapes and also have high nourishing qualities. They’ve sufficient sugar content therefore higher foodstuff value. Raisins are a fantastic food and so are also important during period of recovery. They enhance our blood as this is a very good method to obtain iron.


Dry fruits to get weight fastly

Apricots, also the best dry many fruits are full of dietary fiber and beta-carotene. Additionally you get a new rich availability of vitamin Any, C, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, silicon, along with potassium. A strong antioxidant Lycopene is found in apricots.


Prunes are a good source associated with fiber , supplement A, potassium, along with copper. Helping a person fight with weight reduction and help maintain normal blood glucose levels, Beta-carotene with prunes lowers free radicals. Keep a good stock in the above stated healthy dry out fruits at your house. One may always carry a handful in bank account and munch about them to maintain your energy degrees high all over the morning.

The origin of the concept of dry fruits goes back to the early 1700 B.C. in Mesopotamian region. It is believed that the early Phoenicians and Egyptians were the ones were behind the massive expansion of the popularity of dry fruits all around the world. Because of this wide popularisation, the market value of dry fruits increased heavily and it expanded the market value too in the western market. Also, their biggest advantage was their long-term storability. Also, they were very portable. This is the reason why, travellers like Christopher Columbus travelled by surviving on dry fruits. Historically speaking, dry fruits were originally obtained by either sun-drying or by dehydration through wind tunnels. Basically, dry fruits are nothing but fresh fruits which are dried up to strain off all excess of moisture by retaining just the pulp. Dry fruits are amazing agents of stamina and energy.  Also, the calorie count is in a good proportion too. There are various benefits of having dry fruits. Let us now briefly discuss below.

High fiber

Dry fruits that help in reducing aging

Fiber means good digestion; and good digestion is in direct proportion to a very healthy lifestyle. Recommended by all nutritionists, just like we need protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins; in that very same way we also need fiber for the proper functioning of our system. So this is why, fiber should be included in our daily diet. Figs and cherries are a good source of fiber. Also, cherries are enriched in antioxidant properties too! Figs are known as super food, for being rich in iron, folic acid, potassium. Also, raisins and apricots are a good source of fiber. According to a recent survey conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, if these foods are taken regularly then many diseases like obesity, cancer and heart diseases can be cured.


Antioxidants are the powerhouse of fighting against almost every disease to keep our system healthy forever. So, antioxidant rich food must be taken regularly in our daily lives. There are some good dry fruits that have a good quantity of antioxidants. The most common type of antioxidant found in dates, figs is known as phenol. Phenol is responsible for fighting against heart diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer, brain diseases. Antioxidants are also responsible for increasing longevity of the entire metabolic system.

Nutrient density

There are a lot of dry fruits that are enriched in goodness of beta carotene, vitamin E, niacin, iron, potassium, manganese and calcium. Examples of such dry fruits are prunes, raisins, apricots, figs and so on and so forth. So do remember to include these to your daily food intake regime!

Fat and calories

Top health benefits of eating dry fruits

It is a misconception that dry fruits are full of fat. In reality, they consist of almost zero fat and provide a lot of energy. It makes as a good source of energy booster for athletes. Though, they consists no fat almost, dry fruits can be taken to gain weight too, just as a supplement. But even then, the calorie intake should be kept in check.