Best food that improves your brain power

You will find that the brain has got a constant need of different types of food. These are carbohydrates and sugar. The glucose enters the blood and the pancreas works the insulin in the blood that is needed for controlling of sugar in your blood. If there is excess of glucose then the blood or the body finds it difficult to dispose them. Too much sugar in the blood works the body to release more insulin to control the sugar level. The body should have a supply of normal level of sugar from the carb or other food that you eat. You will know the foods that you should eat that will help your brain.


Top best healthiest foods

Salmon and tuna comprise abundant grades of omega-3 fatty acids, wholesome fats that may improve the keeping of mind cells.The fishes from sea like tuna, salmon, mackerel or sardines are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids. These are healthy for the brain and the functioning of mind. The DHA of the brain cells are full of fatty acids and the main one is omega 3 fatty acids found in oil of fish. Hence eating these fishes will enrich your brain with the fatty acids that it needs the most.

Carbohydrates that are healthy

The brain needs fuel for working throughout the day. The slower burning carbs are good for the brain and for the people who study more. Eat oats that are slow burning food that are low in glycemic index. Try to avoid the cereals that are sugary and are high in glycemic index. Bran cereals, Oatmeals and whole wheat recipes are good for your brain.

Irons help in cognitive functions

People with deficiency in iron will often show slow process of learning. Iron is important for cognitive functioning of the brain. Memory and attention is important for human being and iron adds nutrition to the brain for performing these duties. Some sources of iron are dark leafy vegetables like spinach, chard and kale. Meat like beef and other sources of protein like chicken and turkey are also rich in iron. Fish has got iron and can improve the brain functions. There are some vegetarian foods like soy and beans that adds iron to your daily diet.

Blueberries help in delaying of memory loss

The research in different areas show that the short term loss of memory can be delayed with help of blueberries. Consumption of these fruits can help in gaining better memory capacity.

Tomatoes protect from free radicals

Lycopene is an antioxidant that protects the body from the free radicals. This is available in tomatoes and hence gives protection to the brain cells. The ultimate protection is from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease that comes over due to the free radicals.

Broccoli, dark chocolates and nuts

Best food with rich calcium

The broccoli is a vegetable that contains calcium and vitamin C, iron, fiber, vitamin B and vitamin K. These also help in fighting the free radicals. The free flow of the blood is ensured with these veggies and it also help remove the metals that cause damage to the brain. Dark chocolates contain flavonoids and they help improve the memory and other cognitive functions. Your mood will be better when you eat these and they also add antioxidants to your blood. Nuts that help in brain function are almonds, walnuts and peanuts. They said the nervous system and can give vitamin B6 and E vitamin for your skin. E vitamin helps in controlling dementia and omega 3 fatty acids in nuts add power to your brain functioning power. Avocado is also another source of vitamin E and adds powerful antioxidant to your body and brain.

Water filled fruits and water

When your body is hydrated with water content, it adds to the memory power of your brain. Low water content will lower the oxygen level in the brain and the neurons get shrinked in size. The fluid requirement of your body must be fulfilled to keep your concentration and memory in better condition.  Some such fruits are cucumber, strawberries, watermelon and salad greens. You must also consume water adequately.

Spices of the indian food

Indian food that is prepared with different spices will add power to your brain. The meat marinades, sauces for pasta and different dressings for salad are some examples of Indian food with spices. They often fight inflammation and some spices like curcumin helps in fighting the alzheimer’s disease.


Berries wealthy in shielding antioxidants, blueberries, strawberries, and cranberries are connected to better memory and coordination.

Brown carbs

Whole kernels, which you digest gradually, provide fuel for your mind. (Although your brain anecdotes for only 3 per hundred of your total body heaviness, it utilises 20 percent of energy.) Rich cautilises encompass whole wheat baked baked bread, brown rice, quinoa, and bran flakes.

Some of your desired indulgences

Coffee, wine, and dark chocolate are crammed with brain-healthy antioxidants.