How to choose best foods for this monsoon | rainy season keeps you comfort

Rainy season brings pleasure and happiness with the drops falling from heaven. The season that attempts bringing a cool climate is always commendable. But with very relaxing ambience, you can also be affected with many different diseases. Thus, you need to be really cautious about the food you are consuming. Physicians and experts from medical field would always ask you to stay away from the street foods.

Foods to be consumed during monsoon in Hindi ]

Go for very healthy food items such as soups, boiled vegetables, multi grain bread etc. During monsoon since you get a cool climate, there will be a tendency to drink tea or coffee randomly. Along with tea, you also must be longing for some fried items.

Best food for this monsoon | rainy season makes you comfort

How to choose right food for health

Its pouring heavily outside and all that your heart desires is a hot mug of coffee and some spicy and hot snack. Hmmmm Yummyyyyyyyyyy Isn’t it? Well that the best part of the monsoons. And what more, if you are here in India every state has its own monsoon delicacies to suit your taste buds. Hot hot pakoras, spicy chaat, hot soup, chips, kadak chai, masala chai and the list goes on and on.

But is it good to stuff your belly with this of food all through the monsoon? Well definitely not. So here are some “must have” and “must avoid” kind of food during the monsoon. Read further to catch a glimpse of it and ejoy your monsoon.

While monsoons are remembered for the wet mud smell, the enchanting rains, the cool breeze that sweeps of your face yet it also brings along with it some unwanted illness ike cold, fever, infections, indigestion and much more. One way to keep away from all this by eating healthy food. Lets look at different kinds of food that could be relished during the monsoon:

  • Hot soup: A bowl of hot soup with a dash of minced garlic is a must have during the monsoons. It not just helps to keep away from cold and flu but also helps your body from feeling tired and worn out. It gives that much needed warmth. It is also a good diet for those who are unable to workout (as much as they do normally) during the monsoon. In case of throat infection a bowl of hot soup could act as a sigh of relief and at the same time fill your stomach as well.

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  • Kadak chai or masala chai: From a Indians point of view nothing can beat a hot cup of kadak chai or masala chai. It acts as a perfect beverage during the monsoon season. The cardamom and cinnamon used in preparing masala tea also helps in keeping away from throat infections and cold. For those of you who plan to go for a long ride in the rain, it will be fun and refreshing to just stop by a tea stall and have a hot cup of tea.
  • Pakoras: Mouth watering pakoras are yet another dish that is a must have during the rainy season. A cup of hot tea and a plate of pakoras are an unbeatable combination during the rainy season. You can choose from various kinds of pakoras ike onion pakora, spinach pakora, potato pakora, paneer pakora, green chili pakora and it goes on. Having said that avoid having street side pakoras during monsoon, instead try to prepare it at home It may be a little consuming but its going to be worth it. And also as it is a fried food do not over indulge in it, once in awhile is a good option.
  • Chips, samosas and kachoris: Imagine its raining cats and dogs outside and you are serve with a ate of hot chips, delicious samosas, lip smacking kachoris with a creamy and spicy dip to go with it. Sounds really good isn’t it? These easy to prepare food are good to binge on once in awhile and also leaves you with a filed tummy and a happy heart.

Foods to be avoided during monsoon

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  • Try not to have sea foods like fish, prawns, crabs etc until and unless they are fresh. As it is the breeding season for these creatures you may end up having stomach infections or worse food poisoning. It is always good to choose for vegetarian diet during the rainy season.
  • Stay away from outside food. The damp streets and the pits filled with stagnant waters acts as a breeding place for the mosquitoes and other insects. thus leading to diseases like malaria, dengue etc. In such case resorting to homemade hygiene food is advisable.
  • Try including a lot of veggies in your diet. Monsoon is a season of ill health as well. The nutrient sin these veggies will help you stay healthy and fit. Go for green salads, as it will make you feel full and keep you from unwanted food cravings. Before using the vegetables wash it clean with salt and warm water. This will help in removing dirt and unseen organisms from the vegetables.

These are just the suggestions but the decision is yours. To stay healthy and fit and to enjoy every moment one needs to take better care of themselves. So eat healthy, stay fit and enjoy life!!!!!!

Foods to be consumed during monsoons

Herbal tea

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It is a very common and general tendency among people during monsoons to drink hot beverages. Tea is one among such beverages on which people are just addicted. But since monsoon brings bacterial and fungal infections, it’s better to consume herbal tea. You can now get herbal tea with flavors. Some popular flavors are ginger, lemon, cardamom etc. You can now try any one of these and enjoy rainy season.

Dry food

It’s better to go for dry food during the rainy season than that of wet as fungal infection and bacteria can grow pretty fast in the wet food items. You can consume food such as oats, chickpea, corn etc during monsoons to keep yourself healthy and sound throughout the season. The watery meals are really prone to cause bloating among many people.


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Water in boiled form

Never drink water during the monsoon season that is unboiled. Even when you have completed the filtration process, it is better to drink water that is boiled as boiling helps killing the germs and bacteria growing inside the water. It is the time not to risk you by drinking water without boiling.

Healthy spices to consider

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When you are boiling your drinking water, it will be really essential to add some pinch of spices such as coriander seed powder and cloves. These spices have antiseptic properties which can help you get a strong immunity level during the monsoons. If you don’t have this in powdered form, get them in solid form while boiling water.

Paste of ginger

Make a paste with ginger and salt and coat it over your bread along with some food stuffs or boiled vegetables to make a sandwich. The particular breakfast will not only be tasty but also is healthy during the monsoon season. You can also have thin slices of ginger with salt whenever you have some throat irritation or cold during the monsoon season.

Tasty snacks

There are some snacks items in fried form which are available in the local stores and stalls during the rainy season. People enjoy having pakoras and samosas. But, since the roadside stalls collects maximum of bacteria and airborne viruses from open air, it is not safe for you to consume those snacks items. Instead, you can make these fried snacks at home and consume it with the rainfall. You will get equal pleasure of rainfall with the tasty snacks prepared at home. Along with taste, it will also retain health throughout the rainy season.

Vegetables in diet

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Monsoon is a season when you need to have maximum immunity level as the season brings great variety of airborne and water born disease. You will naturally have oxidants within your body which must be eradicated through antioxidants. You need to have maximum vegetables in your diet as the nutrient and antioxidants can drive out oxidants from your body.  Thus, it is preferable for you to have healthy vegetables and that too in an adequate amount when monsoon arrives.

Food to be avoided

There are some food items which must be avoided during the monsoons to stay healthy. These food items include eatables prepared in the roadside stalls. Do not consume fish in meals and also the prawns during the rainy seasons. If you cannot stay without consuming such fish and prawns, it will be better to have it fresh. Even when you are going to get vegetables from the market, you should be assured that they are fresh.

Foods to be consumed during monsoon in Hindi ]

Onion pakoda

The monsoon food has to be really sizzling and tasty. It is no more the heat of summer that will be bothering you during the monsoon. You can now taste the spicy food which will make your taste buds happy. Onion pakoda is a type of snacks that you can consume with tea or coffee in the evening. It taste and feel really delicious when you are having it and viewing the rain outside. Making onion pakoda at home is very esay. Just need some maida or besan along with chopped onion and chillies.

Maggi or noodles

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A noodle like magi is another wonderful recipe which you can enjoy during the monsoons. The soupy and spicy food item as evening snacks will be wonderful.  This will be delicious along with veggies and masala. But make sure you prepare it at home. Having roadside food will be delicious but that can be harmful with the spread of water borne disease. It is always preferable to have food made at home.

Bhutta or corn

Another wonderful food variety during the monsoon will be bhutta or corn. You can buy raw bhutta from the bhutta wala and then set it under the flame. You can burn it at home under the gas oven. You will get a delicious smell all around with the bhutta or corn. After burning it under the flame, you can rub the juicy lemon and some salt over it.  You can also stream that corn and add masala to it.


Another wonderful food that you can consume during the monsoon will be the momos. It has been a food famous in north Bengal with the inspiration from Chinese dishes. But, these days, it has become a delicious snacks for the Indian population. Even during the monsoons, you can easily consume momos. All you have to do is prepare a dough with maida flour. Prepare chicken or vegetable curry which needs to be stuffed inside the momo. Get the stuff inside and make the momo design as per your wish.  This will be a delicious consideration for the monsoon season.