How to choose best foods for this monsoon | Rainy season keeps you comfort

Rainy season is the cool season to enjoy the climate with pleasure. It is not hot and not too cold like winter. It is the perfect season to enjoy the nature of water droplets with perfect choice of food.

The ideal crispy food can be enjoyed with the rain. Some food items are very comfortable for rainy season or monsoon time.

The optimum temperature level with the water droplets combined with clouds and thrust of moist wind make the people remember some delicious food applicable for the environment.

But, you should be careful enough from consuming the street food from medical point of view. You may fall sick after the consumption of street food.

Best choice of foods during rainy season

How to choose right food for health

If it rains heavily with thunder, you may be thrilled and may have a desire to drink hot cup of tea or coffee with spicy snacks.

It is the ideal time to taste all your desirable foods with relishing the items. But all individuals have its own taste to fulfill his desire.

Someone may like karak chai or some wants to have coffee during rainy season. Otherwise, hot soup with toast may suit the taste. You may fall sick by some indigestion or stomach infections and cold and cough in monsoon.

You have to get rid of these problems as well as you have to take some healthy foods which will fill your stomach also. Some different favorable foods during monsoon are given below. Please have a glimpse on it.

Hot soup

Hot soup

This is very good food for rainy season to consume with eagerness. The soup with pinch of garlic, butter, black pepper will taste awesome.

You will be energetic after consuming the soup. It will provide extra energy to work. It will be very good meal, if you take butter toast with it.

The hot fuming soup will remove your cough and cold as well as remove throat allergies. It is ideal meal for those who cannot do the workouts during the daytime.

Hot kadak tea or masala tea

Hot kadak tea or masala tea

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You may intend to enjoy rainy season, you can easily welcome hot cup of tea with ginger or cinnamon or cardamom, tulsi leaves or all of these depending upon your taste.

This masala chai will give you thrill to get wet in the rain and helps to remove cold or throat infections.



Really, in rainy season, pakoras are delicious dish. Varieties of pakoras are available to have as per your taste.

It may be paneer pakora, potato pakora, chilli pakora or something else. It is wonderful combination to have hot tea with hot pakoras in rainy season. You can enjoy the rain outside a lot with the dish.

Samosas and kuchuris, chips


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These samosa, kuchuris and chips are enjoyable during rainy season. Hot samosa, kachori, chips all are good combination with hot tea. So, you can enjoy the rainy season with samosa and hot cup of masala tea.