Best Hairstyle & Haircut Ideas for Ghagra Choli

Dressing up begins at the age of five and never truly ends. We so agree with this statement that echoes a common psyche of every girl in the world.

It’s a dream come true if wearing a ghagra choli is on the cards and a wedding is nearing for every female fanatic. Styling your ghagra choli with the right pair of accessories and hairstyle follows suit.

Today, we shall be sharing with you lovelies some incredible hairstyle ideas that will complement your ghagra choli look like none other. Take your crowning glory to next level with our pretty hairstyle ideas to sweep your off your feet.

Braid Aesthetic

Trendy graduated bob hairstyles

You don’t need to invest in a gorgeous mangtika for the big day when we got an easy and pretty hack for you. Style your hair in a woven braid that outlines the detail of a maang tikka and lets you unleash the Arabic Diva look.

Accessories will be put to shame in this exquisitely unique look to complement your ethnic ensemble like a boss.

Side Swept

There’s a thing about keeping your hair gently at one side- it whiffs an air of sensuality with a touch of upbrow glam in seconds.

Razzle dazzle in your princess ghagra choli and pull this easy hairstyle with panache. Make sure you curl them to add a natural wavy texture to your look. Pin your long locks with a pin to ensure they stay in place.

Dreamy Half Open

Channel the inner princess in you with this beautiful half-open hairstyle that adds a delightful aura to your look.

Set those eyes on fire as you gently unfurl the curls into a dreamy half-open style. Take your hair into a bouffant and clutch the tousled waves with a statement accessory.

Floral Side Braid

A perfect go-to for brides who are looking for creative options to up the glam quotient f their Rapunzel locks.

Weave them into a long trail of side braid and decorate it using flowers or even embellishments. This look is just what you need for Mehendi to be that “it” bride and don’t forget to snap in signature Kaala Chashma.

Bubbly Side Pony

Hairstyles for girls with curly hair

For every chirpy and quirky little girl in you, let her feast in the delicacy of life. Play dress up like a ten-year-old with the similar hairstyle. Yes, the side ponytail look with a twist.

Alia carries this look so well, with a side ponytail, she added braids from the hemline and a statement maang tikka to up the grace factor.

You can play around with lots of other ways like leaving a few strands open to fall on face casually or part your hair sideways and put some gajra.

Twirl Pretty

Be the lady of his dreams in this gorgeous updo. Streaked hair are often the best way to grab eyes and attention but you can play along with your tousled hair for a fine perfection. Take your hair from the center to part them into upper and lower layer.

Take your tousled waves and wrap them into a ponytail from the upper layer. Let it fall freely on your shoulder and twirl pretty because weddings should be all about fun, glam and dance.

Glaring Gorgeous

Be the beauty you wish to see and Priyanka Chopra is no less than a beauty goddess in this avatar. Heavy and voluminous locks with pretty curls ruling her tresses, she cascades them smoothly on one side and parts them from center to add that statement maang tika.

Woah! She is totally killing it. If you’re blessed with long locks like her, you must try this look and make it worthwhile for staring eyes.

Ethnic Eloquence

The traditional low buns are often adorned by women at weddings but this is a little different. What sets Karishma Kapoor apart from her counterparts is certainly her natural elegance but the way she adorned the bun with mogra gajra.

It is important to keep your look subtle yet at the same time, it must be appealing enough to bring the real charm of your couture and your personality. You can also twist it by adding a few braid strands in the front.