Diwali decoration ideas with diyas, rangoli, candles and lights

As the festivities are around and we are all looking forward to make our houses look better, we tend to realize that decoration ideas can never be missed. This alternatively states that even if go in for a complete home makeover, you cannot miss out on Diwali decoration. Buying new home décor is something many of us like to indulge in, but that doesn’t mean you could skip out on buying some of the finest decorations.

In this article, we have given you some tips on Diwali decoration ideas. You might know some of them already, but it is good to brush up and remember the items you wouldn’t want to miss.

Diwali decoration ideas

Table décor


How to celebrate diwali

The centre table décor is important because it grabs immediate attraction. This is the table which is surrounded by sofas, and lets your guests be seated.

You must think about adding fancy decoration to your centre table, which not only makes the top look empty but also bring in the Diwali feels. Some ideas could be to add a fancy table cloth, candles, statues, a bowl full of potpourri or other showpieces.

Rangoli for Diwali


This is one of the common Diwali indulges which makes our houses look prettier and colorful. Rangolis are usually done at the doorsteps, near the puja place, at one corner of the rooms or anywhere that looks noticeable. If you already have some basic idea about Diwali rangolis, you would know that you can make them as easy or as difficult your skills would let you.

You also get to order rangoli stencils which would help you make neater patterns and they come really handy. A lot of houses like to try out floral rangolis which are much easier than the powder colors. You need petals to make them and they are quick to do. These are then illuminated with diyas around.

Different types of diya decoration for Diwali


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The name Diwali or Deepawali means rows of deepas or diyas. The significant of diyas are the most vital part of Diwali decoration.

You cannot miss out on having even a few pieces of them, lightened up in your house during this festive season. With several creative ideas, we have come across different diya patterns over the year.

They all come in colorful designs and make every house improve the décor. There is no specific place where you cannot add diyas during Diwali, but some preferable places are near the puja area, around or inside rangolis patterns, in every corner of the house, etc.

Candles and lantern décor for Diwali


You can add several candles and lantern décor for your Diwali interests, as these look attractive, colorful and unique. It is difficult to have similar lanterns ordered for every house, so it is a great idea on investing in some pretty lanterns this year. If you don’t want to buy, you can try out DIY remedies to have them made through crafts.

These are big and easily noticeable, and they look very pretty when you have them lightened with flames on the inside. Candles are another option which you can try out. Many diyas come with wax on the inside, but there are fancy candles sold during Diwali too. You can purchase some of these and use them on the main event time.

Diwali lights decoration ideas


Every house in India is now familiarized with the colorful lighting during Diwali. If you are still new to these, you can indulge into buying some for this year. These decoration lights are perfect for this season and can be carried for years thereafter. These are usually added to balconies, and at one point of the season, you will pass streets watching all the balconies lightened in these.

These products come with different electric tiny bulbs which offer different colors in one string. They have to be added to a support and simply connected to the electric slot. Check out Diwali decoration lights and get some in low price from online store.

Make handicrafts


If you want to do something by your own and not simply buy all the decoration, you can make some handicrafts this Diwali. These would need you regular craft material and process, and you can have them followed with proper guidelines and directions.

These are some of the items which could make the Diwali decoration look a little different than the regular products that we all have or we usually buy. Make your own handicrafts and use them to decorate the rooms of your house. You can simply have them hung or placed in an undisturbed area. Use a mix of colorful materials so that they attract more.

Diwali food decoration ideas


Food decoration is another idea that you could make at home or buy from outside during Diwali. You might have several cake shops selling you Diwali goodies and cookies and cupcakes could be common products.

If you can make these at home, you will have sprinklers and designing sugar to make the patterns relate to Diwali. Some common examples are making diya patterns, fireworks, rangoli designs, etc. Take an idea from the picture below, and see if these are close to what you bake or buy.

Other ideas for Diwali decorations

In an overall, we want to keep our house well-cleaned and taken care of. Everything is brushed and washed, and every corner is cleaned and lit up. From changing old bed sheets to discarding unwanted substances, Diwali calls in for the yearly makeover. You can bring in your own ideas and concepts, which differs according to the things you have at home.

Try to make use of the old items and have them created newly. If you have old candles, melt the wax and add it to a diya, if you have old cartons, you can use them for craft purposes, if you have unused utensils, you can use them during this time. There are endless ideas for a Diwali makeover, you just have to be at it!