How to remove blackheads at home

Our skin has a self moisturizing mechanism which is through sebaceous glands secretes sebum which is an oil. Sebum are stored in follicles.

The mechanism takes place in a way that whenever follicle is filled, oil is spilled onto the skin to let it moisturize completely

. However, there is small portion of oil trapped inside the follicle instead of just flowing out of the skin. It results into bacteria in the follicle which turns to pimple formation and blackheads.

Home remedies to get rid of blackheads

1. Toothpaste: It is an effective remedy to eradicate blackheads. A thin layer of toothpaste is applied over the infected area for about 25 minutes after which it is washed thoroughly. Initially it might give that burning sensation but afterwards it will get diminished. If it is followed for two weeks, it will surely be helpful.

2. Tomatoes: Tomatoes have antiseptic properties which dry up the blackheads and whiteheads. Tomato is peeled and mashed and is applied over the blackheads. For better results, apply it and let it remain over night, then wash in the morning.

How to remove blackheads

3. Lemon: Apply lemon juice in salt on the blackheads and whiteheads. But before that face need to be washed by warm water. The mixture of salt and lemon juice should be applied for 20 minutes on the face, and afterwards it is gently washed with warm water.

4. Yogurt: Two tablespoons of oatmeal is mixed with 3 tablespoons of yogurt, and one teaspoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture and keep it for about five to seven minutes to get impactful results.

5. Honey: A great option to choose from, which is readily available in our home. Honey is great when it is applied over those areas which are infected and it simply remove away blackheads and whiteheads from the area taken under action.

6. Baking soda: Mix equal parts of baking soda and water to make a paste out of it. The paste is applied over the blackheads and whiteheads and rubbed evenly and let it remain for about 15 minutes. After which it should be washed with warm water to get the immediate results.

7. Potatoes: Potatoes when grated and rubbed on blackheads and whiteheads can eradicate harsh effects of the same and and generate great results. Potato also helps in lightening skin.

Cinnamon to get rid of blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads on chin

Cinnamon is one of the spices which are used in kitchen to prepare rich foods. If you have cinnamon sticks, make a powder out of it and put a single teaspoon of it in a container.

Now, add a pinch of turmeric powder and lemon juice to it and mix it really well. Spread it over your face and keep as it is for 10 to 15 minutes.

Before washing it just rub the paste over the places where blackheads has formed so that it can be peeled from the root.

Green tea for blackheads

Get a teaspoon of dried green tea leaves and add some water to it so that it becomes a paste. Now take the paste over your finger tips and apply it over the affected area.

Gently scrub the particular portion with your finger tips so that the blackheads gets removed ideally. The scrub will clean oils inside the skin pores and relief you from blackheads.

After keeping it over your nose surroundings for two to three minutes, you can wash it away with lukewarm water  to get a clear skin.

Oatmeal to treat blackheads

Today, getting oatmeal at home is quite easy as people have become highly cautious about their diet and would like to stay fit and healthy throughout their life.

Oatmeal consumption can help them stay fit and manage their weight. But, you might not be aware that Oatmeal can also act as a wonder in removing blackheads from your face.

Make a scrub with a spoon of at meal, two spoon of tomato juice as well as a teaspoon of honey. Mix them well in a small container and apply it over the affected area after washing your face.

Just after 10 minutes, you need to wash it off. In order to get a clear skin, this process must be repeated for two to three months.

Olive oil and oatmeal

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There is another combination which you can make with oatmeal along with olive oil for all those who have a dry skin tone.

In a container, just put a small quantity of yogurt say a teaspoon, same quantity of oatmeal as well as few drops of lemon juice.

Combine it well with the spoon and apply it over your entire face. This also works quite well in removing blackheads from your face.

Raw egg for blackheads

Take a raw egg and take out only egg whites out of it. Now add two tablespoon of honey with this egg white and mix it really well.

Now, you need to apply this paste over the blackhead affected area. This needs to be kept for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

Easy cleansing method

Since blackheads are one of the processes of dirt accumulation, you need to pull that dirt out of your face. All you have to do is apply a natural way of cleaning your face.

There are varieties of cleansing products but going for natural cleanser will be better. You have to take 5-6 spoons of raw milk and dip cotton in it.

Now apply it on your face and the area where blackheads are viewed. Slowly rub that portion of your face with cotton dipped milk and squeeze that out from over the milk bowl. Repeat this process several times till the white milk becomes black in color.

How to remove blackheads with clay pack

A clay pack is also a wonderful remedy to remove excessive carbons and dirt from your face.

If you can get natural clay like multani mitti, it will be really amazing but if not, you will find variety of cosmetic clay powders available in the market which you can easily use to remove the blackheads from your face.

You can take a small bowl and add a teaspoon of clay powder in it. Now add few drops of apple cider vinegar in order to make a paste.

Now apply it over your facial portion where you can view the effect of blackheads. Keep this over that portion for 10 minutes and then remove it with simple water.

Mint juice and turmeric

Home remedies for blackheads

When you are visiting the vegetable market, getting the mint leaves will be quite easy. Get a bunch and make a paste of it by applying few drops of water.

Once the pulp is formed, you can extract juice out of it. Mix turmeric powder in it and make a paste. Apply this paste over your affected area. Alternatively you can get the mint leaves and boil it adequately.

Get the green color juice where you apply a pinch of turmeric or boil the turmeric root along with the mint leaves.

Steve the roots and leaves and wash the face where you have blackheads with juice. This will be proved as a wonderful remedy to reduce blackheads over your face.

How to remove blackheads with lemon and salt scrub

Both lemon and salts are the ingredients that are readily available at home which you can use ideally to make an effective solution of blackheads removal.

Take a spoon of salt in a container add half lemon squeezed juice and teaspoon of yogurt. Mix them really well and apply over your face where you have the problem of blackheads.

Now slowly rub your fingers over the blackhead portion of your nose where you have applied exfoliate. Do the scrubbing activity for 2-3 minutes and wash away with plain water.

Cornmeal scrub

An exclusive exfoliate can be made with the help of cornmeal. Since you have face wash readily available at home, all you have to do is take a spoon of face wash and add half spoon of corn meal in it.

Mix both the ingredients and apply it over your face slowly rubbing the portion where you have blackheads.

Keep this for 10 minutes and wash with lukewarm water as the warm water is an excellent remedy to remove the carbons that gets accumulated in the form of blackheads. Do this once in a day to remove blackheads.

Sugar and honey

This is the most simplest and effective way to remove blackheads at home. Sugar granules are really effective in removing the rough blackheads that forms around your nose.

You have to make a mixture of half teaspoon sugar and a single teaspoon honey. Mix them and apply over the blackhead portion. Rub them against the blackheads and then wash away.

Turmeric remedy for blackheads

Turmeric has been used in a number of beauty products. Even the natural root is useful as an agent of antiseptic.  You can now use it to remove blackheads from your face.

You have to make a mixture with a pinch of turmeric and two tablespoon of mint juice. Mix them and apply over the blackhead portion. Let it dry and remove it with lukewarm water.

Fenugreek leaves for blackheads

You must have heard about the fenugreek seed that is used in making variety of dishes at your kitchen. That particular ingredient can be easily used to remove blackheads from your face.

You have to pluck some fenugreek leaves and get it in a grinder. Add little water to it so that paste becomes with appropriation. Now switch on and make paste of it.

Apply this paste on your face where you have blackheads. Keep this for a period of 20 minutes and then remove it. You can use lukewarm water to remove.

Foods to remove blackheads

Protein loaded food

Best scrubs to remove blackheads

You can easily get variety of spices and cereals that is rich in protein. If you want to get rid of blackheads from your face, go ahead with plant protein.

The variety includes split peas, kidney beans, lentils etc. But if you are going for the animal protein, do not go for very high protein variety.

Rather, it is important to choose the variety with lean protein. Some of them are fresh water fish and skinless poultry meat.

Food rich in vitamin C

The fruits rich in vitamin C are very useful to treat the blackheads on your skin. Some of the varieties that include vitamin C rich food include strawberries, blackberries, orange, lemon, papaya, pineapple, etc.

These are the naturally obtained food that has adequate quantity of skin healthy nutrients. Even there are vegetables that give you good quantity of vitamin C. It includes cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc.

Food rich in selenium

Along with vitamins and proteins, it is equally important for you get some mineral for your body. Lack of mineral such as selenium can give rise to unhealthy skin such as blackheads. You can only get healthy skin if you have adequate quantity of mineral.

Some of the selenium rich food includes barley, whole grains, brown rice, oats etc. You must consume these foods regularly in your meals to stay away from blackheads on your skin.

Green tea

One of the reasons of getting blackheads on skin is due to excessive toxin production in your body. Green tea is a great herb that helps to detox.

All types of infections from your body will be removed. It has antioxidants that will slowly remove the blackheads from your face. You must drink green tea twice a day in order to stay away from blackheads.

Along with removing blackheads, green tea will help making your skin clear and attractive for a long time. Even doctor recommends green tea for each human being.