Latest Ranbir Kapoor Hairstyles & Haircuts

The name is enough to let women swoon alone with all his charming and cute looks. He’s known as a super playboy in the industry, well, Deepika and Katrina are live proofs for this.

To secure a precious and indisputable place in B-Town, he has delivered several hits including Wake Up Sid, Barfee, Ek Jawani Hai Deewani to name a few! And call us a fan? Well, totally.

Besides his great acting skills and flamboyant Kickapoo looks (blessed to be a Kickapoo son) his amazing fashion taste speaks volume of his character.

Pretty humble, down-to-earth and extremely sensible, we find Iranian a pure gentleman who plays and lives by the rules of a game. Today, we shall be talking, drooling and amusing at his sensational hairstyles. Come, let’s take a look:

Throwback angular fringe

Throwback angular fringe

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Look at this sexy look of Ranbir Kapoor that attracts all with the charm. This loving hairstyle can even let you look sexy and attractive like Ranbir. So, don’t wait to wear it for a macho look.

Textured short fringe

Textured short fringe

The more you look attractive, the more you are demanded. There is no hard truth behind the previous lines. And, to make your personality as attractive as Ranbir, you will need a perfect hairstyle as given above.

Modern slicked hairstyle

Modern slicked hairstyle

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Here is another Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle that makes him look, killer. So, you can also have this killer look with the specific hairstyle to enhance your look.

Cool long hairstyle

Cool long hairstyle

It is the best Ranbir Kapoor hairstyle which can steal the heart of anyone from this killer and sexy look. If you want to steal the heart, must try it.

Textured spiky

Textured spiky

Ranbir looks impressive with this textured spiky hairstyle. That fits all kind of outfits whether it is traditional or western the swag will be as high as you want.

Pensive Poise

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Sitting like a pure thinker, like maybe you can count on Aristotle to answer his questions. Well, he got that best of both world. Dollops of cuteness and a dash of style- presenting Mr. Ranbir, the junior most Kapoor.

He loves to be playful and experiment with hairstyles like seen hair with fluffy bouncy hair on the side giving a little retro look. The length of his hair reaching to the neck and covering a larger breadth gives us Dev Anand hair goals. What do you think?

Take our heart away

This heartthrob can make you quite weak in your knees with his utter cheesy words, melting smile and oh look at em’ those hair! Don’t they just look extraordinary gorgeous on his bright radiant face. We say a Big YES. Spikes which are quite popular since last decades are an eternal style and hard to miss. If you got that cute face, almost, perhaps give it a try.

Chocolaty Boy!

We have a thing for sweet innocent looking’ mama’s boys who would go all the way to please you! How dreamy right? Well, Ranbir is a personification like that in this monochrome picture with his “look into my eyes and fall” smile asking you to get in, those back-to-school kinda hair that promises you to give it a try. At least we would.

All that Jazz

Ranbir has time and again proved to be the most magnanimous personas in the Bollywood. Insanely good looking and when he dresses to kill like this, we get mini heart-attacks. Ouch! And that hairstyle messy and moussed up tousled waves to perfection.

Kudos to the stylist. The amazing texture with sensational curls adds an absolute delight to the hairstyle topping the charts of our favorite celebrities ever.

Old School Hairstyle

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There are only a few actors who could pull off this look without looking a creep. And that’s Ranbir for you. Always knocking us out with equally ravishing look each time, every time without fail.

Well, this Saawariya look got too popular as he styled his front bangs and left the remaining messed up. The idea to show a rich flamboyant guy with not a care to the world suited his personality and looks encore.

Play me that bass

A countdown to your back to college days when your good looks came to your rescue and this man is about to take over the world with his yummy looks. Dude defines Ranbir in all the right ways and well, did you just notice his goddamn hair? Super lustrous with a sleek and modern cut to be that rocking cool guy in the group always.

Long Mane

Either there’s a shortcut or a long cut but for Ranbir, both works equally well. Masculinity at its peak with an edge of street-style charm, Ranbir is here to slay us with his drop-dead gorgeous effortless looks all the time. He carries this Rockstar sex appeal in curly and wavy textured hair that up his style quotient instantly.

Good Guy Gone Bad

We’re absolutely bowled away by this super-attractive look donned by Ranbir during his Anjana Anjani promotions. Well, the hairstyle in on fleek and we say it adds to the modern cool look totally. Slaying in a denim and basic white T-shirt, he strikes a lasting impression in those uber-cool aviators and styled his hair like a boss.