Best tips for headache relief

Headaches are one of the most common complaints by most people. They are prevalent in people belonging to any age, race or gender. Headache can be caused by work stress, family demands and irregular sleep schedule. Depending on the type of headache the pain can last for an hour or carry on for weeks. The most common type of headache is the tension headaches. The most common cure for headache is rest and pain killer.

Headache is an uncomfortable condition in every individuals suffering from the same especially when you are working in office, home or students taking education. This can happen to people belonging to all age groups. This can take place suddenly or can be continuous after a small interval. Before going for the remedy, it is important to find out the actual cause of headache. There are some home remedies that can be availed without any side effects. Let us find out the same.

Types and causes of headaches

Primary headaches

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These are problems in the structure of the head which include muscles, blood vessels and nerves of the head and neck. This headache can occur when the sensitive structures of the head   do not work properly or there is some chemical activity in the brain. Common primary headaches include migraines, cluster headaches and tension headaches. They can be a result of another problem or may be an isolated issue.

Secondary headaches

Secondary headaches are usually symptoms of another condition that stimulates the nerves of the head. The pain can be caused by different reasons like alcohol hangovers, heart stroke or brain tumour or by eating cold food fast. Other causes of secondary headaches can be blood clots, dehydration, glaucoma, panic attacks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Relief from headache

There are several natural and homemade remedies to get relief from headaches but if the pain is constant and getting severe day by day medical attention must be given as headaches can be a symptom of a serious condition

Home remedies for headache treatment

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a useful home remedy for headaches and migraine pain. It can be inhaled as vapour or applied locally on the forehead. Lavender oil should not be consumed orally. Lavender is having a very good fragrance which might get a wider fragranced environment.

Peppermint oil

Headache treatment tips

Peppermint oil is a soothing home remedy that is found most beneficial for tension headaches which are usually caused by poor blood flow to the brain. This oil has the property to control the blood flow in the body by opening and closing the blood vessels. It is also helpful in opening the blocked sinuses that will allow more oxygen to enter the bloodstream.

Basil oil

The basil oil is a useful home remedy for natural headache treatment for those caused by tension and tight muscles. Both basil oil and basil leaves have variety of remedies that is beneficial for your health. Once you have been exercising for a long time, you muscle can become tender and stiff. You can now use this oil to relief this pain and tenderness.

Diet fixes

Changes in diet is found to be one of the most useful home remedy to get rid of migraine pains. Certain foods like dairy foods, chocolate, peanut butter, avocado, and banana. Onions bacon and hot dogs have been shown to affect the frequency of headaches. A track must be kept of such foods

Fever few

The Fever few is an herb used to treat fever for the last several years. People suffering from migraine have taken this herb in combination with white willow as a successful remedy. These herbs contain similar properties like aspirin. You can easily use it as a replacement of aspirin.


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The Flaxseeds contains Omega 3 fatty acids which provide relief from headaches caused by inflammation. Flaxseeds can be used as whole or ground or the oil can be extracted. You can get Flaxseed in any grocery stores or departmental store.


The buckwheat gives relief from headache and migraine with the help of the flavonoid   known as ruin.  These are phytochemicals found in plants which have antioxidant properties.  Rutin effects inflammation hence is found beneficial in treating headaches caused by inflammation.

Tips for headache relief

Close your eyes and rest

The most effective treatment for headache is to close the eyes and rest in a quiet dark room.  Massaging the neck and temples will help to improve the flow of the blood and give relief from tension headaches. Wrapping the neck with a heated pad also eases tension. This can also be done by applying an ice pack.  Meditation, deep breathing brings relaxation to the body and helps in giving relief from headache.

Stress minimizing

Minimizing stress is another tip to overcome headache. This can be achieved by staying away from noise, leave the work for a while or move outdoors. Cigarettes and alcohol must be avoided to get rid of headache because it tends to lower the blood sugar level. Headaches can also be caused if one stays hungry for a long period, hence meals should not be skipped.

Best relaxation tips for stressful life

A headache tends to reduce the activities of the person. It is better to take the right treatment to feel better and faster. Mild medicines with rest and relaxation will certainly diminish the discomfort of the headache in a short while.

Cayenne for headache relief

This is one of the natural ingredients that are used to remove pain as well as inflammation. In order to manage your headache with cayenne, the ingredient you would require is warm water – 4 ounces, 1/4th teaspoon of cayenne powder and the cotton swab. You have to dilute ½ teaspoon of the powder extracted from cayenne in the warm water of 4 ounces. Now stir it and dip the cotton swab so that it sinks inside the water. Now insert the cotton swab over the nostrils. Inhale the heat. Soon you will get relief from headache.

Almond – cure for headache

You can also toss back the almonds in order to stay away from the headache. You only have to have the fresh almonds everyday early in the morning. Soon you can see the excessive headache is getting over. There is no much to do with almond, you have it and you will be able to get a wonderful remedy.

Apple cider vinegar

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Another wonderful remedy for staying away from headache is the apple cider vinegar. For this you have to take 3 cups of boiling water, apple cider vinegar – 1/4th cup. You also require a single cup of fresh cool water.

You have to take the quantity mention of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and add boiling water in it. Now put your head down so that it faces the warm water with apple cider vinegar. Now breathe in and out to take the vapour. Do this 2- 3 times in a day to stay away from the headache. Once it is done, drink a glass of cool water.