How to apply the color hair dye for your hair?

You can colour your hair for so many good reasons. Colouring at random is not good for the hair.

However, there are times when you have to colour the hair and for the same it is necessary that you take some protective measures to keep the hair in the best of condition.

The process that is being followed at the salon is better effective and these are not simple steps to be followed at home.

In case you have decided to try things at home make sure that you have the things ready in hand and you should also know the process of perfect colour application. This way you can at best achieve the desired shade and make the hair appear so attractive and shiny.

Cover your gray hair, get the black shade, turn young – the simple introduction to a hair dye. There are two choices to dye the hair and to turn it as like you wish: Artificial and natural. Both of them give you the rich looks but the difference luke in the way they treat your hair.

Hair damaging chemical based artificial hair dye are the choices of the time savers whereas coloring the hair naturally without sprinkling of damaging effects is the intelligent pick of the remaining people. So, which cadre you pertains to…..

Dye your hair naturally

Dye for dark hair

Hair color ideas for high school

To dye the hair in a natural way coffee or black tea is a simple remedy one can try to get the glowing brown and rich black colored hair. Simply brew either of the two in a thick concoction.

Let it come down from the hot temperature, and then use it on the hair, you need to spread it to the entire hair. Now cover the head with a shower cap and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Continue this method for two times in a week upto until you knock the desired shade on the hair. After that, follow it up for one or two weeks to retain the color.

Henna dye

One of the world’s renowned herbal dye for the hair is henna. It has got its importance due to the coloring of hair in a very natural way without any hidden side effects. Apart from the coloring, henna is popular with its hair conditioning and scalp cleansing properties.

Prepare your henna mixture by adding four tablespoons of henna powder with necessary amount of tea decoction, mix both of them and make thick muddy paste.

Apply this paste on your hair and scalp and leave it for about an hour or another. Egg, essential oils and vinegar are the additional ingredients you can add to yield the extra benefits.

Lightening your hair

Questing for the home prepared hair lightener! Then here is the way to explore the recipe of how to prepare a natural hair lightening mixture.

Take a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a bowl and add it with three cups of chamomile tea, now soak your hair in this mixture entirely and let it dry in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes.

Rinse off with a mild shampoo and pat dry. Repeat doing this process for two to three times a week for the waiting results.

Though it would be the one that kills the time to make lighten the hair, it is a natural process and can be tried with no queries.

Color the gray hair

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Get few black tea leaves and cherry bark, boil them together until you notice the dark colored strong liquid. Massage this mixture for one or two minutes to the individual sections where you are trying to cover up the gray hair and do not rinse it off.

Try this out for as many times as possible in a week, do it for once in a day until to met the desired shade and then follow up for once in a week time.

Making the shade selection

First it is time that you visit the shop and select the perfect shade for your hair. The colour should match your skin tone and it should not be awkward to make you appear peculiar.

Once you visit the store you are sure to be overwhelmed with the array in choices. You can simply choose from the best brands in the market to help the hair stay in the best of state ever even after it has been coloured.

Semi permanent colour is the best to start with

In case you are trying a hair colour for the first time it would be wise not to go for a permanent shade. Choose a semi permanent hair colouring agent. This way when using temporary colour it would be gone after you gave shampooed your hair for six to twelve times.

However, when applying the semi permanent variety this will fade of with twenty to twenty six shampoos. It is not best to try the permanent shade which can last more than 6 to 8 weeks at a stretch.

The complete kit for colouring

Before you start colouring your hair it is important that you get organized. There are few things that you should keep ready at hand and these are stuffs to make your job easy.

In this case it would be best to make use of a kit for hair colouring. The kit includes everything essential needed for the job. Inside the kit you should have plastic gloves. The kit should also have an old shirt.

You should wear this shirt at the time when colouring the hair. There should be other things like Vaseline, hair clip, dap rag, old towel, a tooth comb and the kit should also have a big safety pin.

It is safe to test and then proceed

Hair color ideas for high school

Start the process with few tests. If this is the first time you are colouring your hair please begin with few strands.

You don’t know what would be the result as you have never coloured your hair before. So start by experimenting with few stands. If things seem fine then you can sit to colour the entire hair.

The simple process of colouring

Please don’t shampoo your hair before applying colour. This will rinse out all the oil content from the hair and this way the colour won’t be absorbed well by the hair strands. Before you start colouring the hair make sure to apply Vaseline to all parts of the body.

This is to save your skin from the adverse effects of the dye. Follow the instructions mentioned on the box as to how you would colour the hair.

You should begin from the hair roots and then move outwards. In case you want to keep separate the colour hair portions from the uncoloured lot you have to make use of hair clips and hairpins.

After the application is over you need to wait for at least twenty five to forty five minutes for the colour to show. After waiting for the specified time you should well rinse your hair with cold water.

Instructions regarding hair washing

Don’t wash the hair directly after you have applied the colour. Once the colouring is over you must apply conditioner to the hair.

This will help the hair stay soft and it will also protect the same from the damaging effects of the colouring agent. It is preferable that you wait for 48 hours before you finally wash your hair.