Best moisturizing oils during winter

During winter your skin tends to look really dull and dry as the windblown from reverse snatches away moisture from your skin and leave it dry and unattractive. This is the time when you should use the moisturizer in order to replenish the moisture back on your skin. You can now get variety of winter care moisturizer in the market

which you can view and choose according to your liking. It is better to choose the winter care oil that has less chemicals and more natural ingredient that will not make your skin unattractive in nature.  You cannot use any moisturizer that you have been using in summer or all seasons in winter, rather you have to get a special moisturizer or oil that is made for caring winter skin.

The cosmetic manufacturing companies are now really cautious about their well being of customers and have brought variety of healthy and chemical free products in the market. Let us find out some of the effective moisturizing oils during winter.

Best moisturizing oils during winter

Argan oil 

Argan oil is one of the effective moisturizing winter care oil available at home or market. The oil is simply extracted from the kernels of fruit grown in Moroccan argan trees. You can also get Omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E that will help your skin stay fresh and healthy.

Even if you have dry and unhealthy hair, argan oil applied over your scalp will make you feel better. Even your skin will be effectively glowing and healthy with the application of Argan oil.

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the very popular and effective winter oil which will help your skin stay away from all types of adverse skin conditions.  You can now get olive oil in the market brought by variety of brands.

It is the time to choose the best brands as the olive oil produced by the well known brand can give you maximum benefit both for your health and skin. Thus, during winter always use olive oil to give maximum glow and health to your skin.

Avocado oil

During winter, there might be tendency among most of the individuals to suffer from problems like dry, irritated and sensitive skin. You must use avocado oil as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin E as its ingredients.

Since the important and effective ingredients present in it helps in decreasing inflammation and in build proper cell function, you will stay healthy and stay away from dry skin during winter.

Flaxseed oil

This natural moisturizing oil is filled with omega 6 fatty acid and Omega 3 fatty acid which makes your heart healthy and provide amiable complexion. You can also cook food with this oil and stay healthy during winter.

In order to keep your skin glowing and moisturized during winter all you have to do is mix this flaxseed oil in moisturizing lotion that you have been using for all seasons and apply it over your skin and stay away from irritated skin, eczema, sensitive skin, dermatitis as well as eczema. This oil is having an effective anti inflammatory property that can easily improve variety of your skin conditions.

Jojoba oil

Many ladies and individuals suffer from general dry skin for them also it is important to get a protection for their skin with very natural and cosmetic free oil. Jojoba oil is one among such oil which has the chemical structure which is quite similar to that of skin’s natural oil.

Thus, your body can absorb this oil really well and make your skin get better and healthier. If you go to the dermatologists for skin treatment, even they recommend it as it contains minerals like copper and zinc. Your skin will be strengthening through it.

Rosehip seed oil

During winter different individual suffers from different types of skin problems. Some people suffer from the problems like fine lines, scars, acne as well as uneven skin. Rosehip seed oil works really well in treating such skin conditions.

This is the plant available in South America which has very wonderful benefits over the skin with vitamin A and vitamin C. The oil helps in increasing the cell turnover and removes skin discoloration, scars as well as dark spots.

Tea tree oil

One of the effective skin moisturizer found in nature is tea tree oil which will treat if you have acne prone skin and other skin related problems. This is natural oil which helps kill bacteria that is present hair follicles and pores of skin.

If you have been using variety of creams and cosmetics but did not find relief from improper skin conditions during winter, tea tree oil will help you to stay intact for a longer period of time.

Sunflower oil

If you are suffering from dry skin and irritated one, then you must go for the sunflower oil. Since this oil contains lionec acid and omega 6 fatty acid. You can get ceramides production in skin quite effective once you have been applying the sunflower oil.

Even if you have inflamed dry skin, sunflower oil will be really effective. You can get the sunflower oil in very low cost from the market and can be used in treating the winter skin. This is an effective and low cholesterol diet that can be used in getting a healthy food.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is another effective way of treating various skin conditions during the winter. Your skin can get irritated when you have dryness over your skin layer for the longer period of time.  This is really effective in treating sebum production on your skin layer.

This is natural antiseptic oil which will also make your skin free from irritation. You can get a boost over your skin with regards to the skin production. This will also absorb active ingredients in the skin and make your skin feel healthier for a longer period of time. Thus, you need to use lavender oil in winter.

Moisturizing oils for winter that are available in market

Seagulls Olivion

Seagulls Olivion

As you have known about different benefits of olive oil, using it is a must when you wish to stay healthy during winter season. This is a good quality olive oil available in the market which is not costly so that people cannot afford. People with low income group can also avail it and enjoy its health benefits during winter.

Himalaya herbals baby massage oil

Himalaya herbals baby massage oil

During winter, you need to care your baby more than usual days as their skin is much more sensitive as compare to the adults. You need to apply oil over their body on a regular basis and massage their full body from the head to foot. This product will moisturize your baby’s skin and make his skin really very healthy. The dry skin of winter will be eradicated and you baby will get a calming effect on skin.

Jovees winter green anti cellulite body message oil

Jovees winter green anti cellulite body message oil

Jovees is one of the well known brands that have been manufacturing variety of skin care products in the market. It has been observed that the products of this brand have very less chemical that can harm individuals. You can easily use this particular message oil during the winter season to stay moisturized and replenish. The nutrient present in it helps strengthening the nerve fibers.

Evit vitamin E skin oil for skin tone lightening

Evit vitamin E skin oil for skin tone lightening

During winter when you get out in the morning in scorching sun rays, there is a good chance that your skin will become dark. You can apply this vitamin E oil in order to get the skin tone lighter. You can also get it for wonderful skin toning face massage. If you have dry and itchy skin, this vitamin E skin oil for skin will help you stay healthy.

Bio vitamin Therapeutic body massage oil

Bio vitamin Therapeutic body massage oil

During winter your skin becomes totally dry which requires extra care. You need to apply vitamin rich baby oil over your skin which has a perfect blend with Indian winter green. Here you can get a perfect combination with ground nut oil and rose to make rejuvenating oil during winter. You must apply this oil during winter before taking bath.

Johnson’s baby oil with vitamin E

Johnson’s baby oil with vitamin E

Not only adults but even babies need to stay with beautiful skin throughout the winter season. This is  a special oil made for babies specially which will keep the skin of baby hydrated and beautiful. Since it has vitamin E as one of its effective ingredients, you need not apply any other oil from outside that will affect the skin of the baby on a large scale.

This vitamin E rich baby oil can be adopted by adults also especially the ladies who have very sensitive skin tone. Get it today from online store and enjoy its benefit on a large scale. Thought it is meant for babies, even adults can also apply it during winter.

Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil with Winter Cherry


Get soft, smooth and well moisturized skin this winter with this Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil. This oil contains saffron which helps in brightening the skin and dulls any unnatural skin pigmentation as well as marks and scars on the skin. Turmeric present in this oil helps in removing sun tan and also lightens marks and scars. Winter cherry extract on the other hand ensures best hydration of the skin and also adds glow.

Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil


This thick sweet almond oil is a well-known name from a trusted Indian brand. This oil can be used for multiple purposes. While it works wonders for dry and damaged skin, it can also be used on the hairs to control scalp and hair dryness.

Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil has a thick texture which makes it an ideal moisturizing oil for winters. This oil is completely safe for the skin and can be used even for massaging babies.

Johnson’s Baby Oil Shea& Cocoa Butter


This Johnson’s Baby Oil Shea& Cocoa Butter is not a very old product in the Indian market. This variation of Johnson baby oil is considered ideal for use particularly during winter as it contains highly moisturizing agents like cocoa and shea butter.

It is non greasy in texture, extremely mild on the skin and provides long lasting moisturization. Though it is actually a baby oil, adults can also use it to get soft, supple and well hydrated skin during winter.