How to use the karela / bitter gourd for hair care?

It is true that bitter gourd/karela is extremely good for health and it is also quite good for maintaining the sort of scalp condition and hair quality.

The scientific name of the same is Momordica Charantia. In usual language it is known as karela. You can even call this the bitter melon or the bitter squash. The vegetable is dark green in colour and the same is known for its bitter taste than any other thing.

The appearance of the vegetable can change depending on the region where it is being grown. The taste of the vegetable is no doubt bitter but they are full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This is the reason you consider the vegetable so good and beneficial for the health.

Many of us know the bitter tasty vegetable karela health and skin benefits but further it is serving many healthy hair benefits which most of the people do not know.

Karela consists of rich proteins that are essential for the strong hair and in a natural way it helps your hair to grow healthy by avoiding the encompassing problems.

For shine

They are many market products to help your hair shine but do know about a household that can give you hair mirror shine! Yes there is, karela can give you that lustrous shine when used along curd.

Extract the karela juice by grinding it, add it half cup of curd and apply it on your hair. Retain it for 30 to 40 minutes and then rinse off with normal water to get natural shine.

Split ends

Beauty benefits of bitter gourd

Split ends are like very common problem for people though they are taking prior care for such cases apply raw karela juice to the affected hair and combat it normally. Follow this procedure for two times a week to note difference.


The stress full hours, pollution, improper hygiene and lifestyle are taking us close to dandruff problem. But by preparing a hair pack that is made out of karela juice can treat your problem easily.

Mix karela juice with cumin seeds paste and spread it on your hair. Allow it to dry for some time and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Do this remedy for 2-3 times a week to control the growth of dandruff.

Dry scalp

Dry scalp is a contributor of scalp problems itchiness and so on. So treat it with karela as follows; Cut a karela into pieces and massage it on your scalp in the circular motion. Rinse off with normal water.


Some people suffer with the scalp pimples and its associated pain. It needs a solution to cure it from the roots, it is like a mixture of karela and cucumber. Mix them and apply it on your scalp, it cools your scalp and controls the excess sweat and eventually reduces the pimple.

Treats hair fall

Top health benefits of bitter gourd juice

Hair fall is nothing like a common problem for every one in this tight pollution world. It makes you feel sad but keeping won’t give you any solution.

Try applying karela juice to scalp along with the addition of small amount of sugar. This paste has to be applied on the scalp evenly, leave it for some time until it turns dry and then rinse off to cure the hair fall problem naturally.

Premature grey hair

Another hair problem that is making you look old is grey hair. To solve the premature greying problem karela can help you. Grind and extract the thick juice from karela, apply it over the grey hair strands and allow it to dry for an hour or two.

Rinse off and let the hair dry naturally without rubbing with towel. Repeat this step after next 10 days to reduce grey hair.

Bitter gourd for tangled and rough hair

There are various ways by which bitter gourd can help the hair get nourished. In case your hair has gone rough and tangled this is the best remedy you can have.

This is a specific homemade solution. You can always find a bitter gourd in the kitchen cupboard. You can at best take the bitter gourd and make juice of the same. Then it is time to apply the juice on the hair and help the same stay for ten minutes.

After this you should at best rinse the hair perfectly. This will make the hair so smooth and will even improve the texture of the hair. Now when you go out your hair is sure to feel so shiny and soft.

Bitter gourd controls the amount of oil in the hair

Bitter gourd is even a great solution for the oily hair. In case you are crazy about having oily food this can really affect the hair quality. This leads to excess of oil in the hair. First to solve the problem you should stop the intake of the oil food.

Once you change your eating habits you would notice the difference in your hair quality. You can even make a mixture of bitter gourd juice and cider vinegar and apply same on the scalp.

This is something extremely beneficial for the hair and the scalp. The combination of the juice will help in removing the excess oil from the hair.

Bitter gourd can treat grey hair

Best hair oils for hair fall control

Bitter gourd is even the perfect remedy for grey hair. In case you find that your hair is turning grey you can at once start applying bitter gourd juice.

This is sure to control conditions of premature hair greyness. The bitter gourd juice should be applied on the grey strands and this way it acts as a protective measure for the hair.

If you repeat the process after every 9 days you can notice that difference in the hair colour.

The karela juice makes the hair so soft

It is not always that your hair feels soft. Especially during the dry winter months and even during the moist summer months the hair seems to lack the natural moisture and freshness.

This is when an application of cup of karela juice can be really worth for the hair. This is the ideal remedy to make the hair feel so soft. Now, when you run your fingers through the hair you are sure to feel the difference.

Bitter gourd juice can treat hair weakness

In case your hair has become so weak and even the slightest torture can cause the hair to get removed you can make the best use of the solution of bitter gourd juice.

You sleep at night and wake up in the morning to see the hairs lying around you feel bad. You realise that a time will come when you would become bald.

So application of bitter gourd juice can help you. It will make the hair stay in place and now you would look same as before. There would be no more weakening of the hair.

The internal goodness of the bitter gourd juice

It is true that bitter gourd juice is good for liver functioning. When your health is good your hair is sure to sty same. Thus consumption of bitter gourd juice in empty stomach each day is sure to do the magic.

The juice will help you stay fine and internally the antioxidants will work best to make your hair stay in the finest of state ever.