Top health benefits of karela or bitter gourd juice or bitter melon juice

Karela is also known by its scientific name called Momordica Charantia. Karela is loaded with medicinal values.  It is originated in India and it is carried to China in 14th century.  The Karela that are produced in India is little different from the bitter melons that are produced in China.

Indian Karela is rougher, smaller and edgier whereas China’s bitter melons are smoother, shinier and longer. Karela is called as bitter gourd and bitter melon in English, Goya in Japanese and Ampalaya in Filipino.

Most people think Karela is a vegetable but actually it is a fruit. You can find Karela in tropical countries of Africa, Caribbean and Asia. The name bitter gourd is derived from its taste, it tastes bitter, and the bitterness in Karela is considered for all medical purpose and it is its trademark.  People in India make tasty curries with Karela.  Karela grows on vines.

Health benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter melon or karela may not taste well but have variety of health benefits. You can find two major types of bitter gourd; one is pale green in color with longer variance. Another one is 10 cm long with dark green in appearance. Both are very beneficial if consumed in raw form. Ripe form of this bitter gourd is generally used for cultivation purpose. The raw karela juice is very advantageous as it contains all essential vitamins as well as antioxidants that are needed for each individual.

Health Benefits of Karela Juice

Kerala not only makes a delicious curry but also used for various medical purpose.  In Africa and Asia people use Karela to treat stomach problems. They eat raw fruit or soak it in either olive oil or honey.

Health Benefits of Karela Juice on Digestive System

Karela contains anthelmintic or antihelminthic compounds. The properties that found in Karela are used to cure gastrointestinal diseases and the Karela juice kills parasitic-worms that grow inside our body.  It cures stomach problems because the properties in Karela kill toxic substances in the stomach, which kills good bacteria, hence by eradicating toxic substances it protects good bacteria in our body.

Health Benefits of Karela Juice in Infections

Leaves of Karela are also cures some ailments. It prevents bacteria that cause malaria from growing.  It is a good practice to prevent the disease before it attacks us, since these kinds of medicinal fruits helps us lead healthy life. If you noticed symptoms of malaria, then immediately boil some leaves of Karela and drink the decoction like a tea. You can include some garlic or salt or add some sugar to even-out the bitter taste of Karela leaves.

The decoction of Karela leaves kills the malaria bacteria completely and helps you prevent the diseases before attacking you. It also weakens some kind of viruses like measles, chickenpox, herpes and also deadly diseases like HIV. It slows down the growth of the bacteria and kills it when it gets weak.  Children may not like it much as it contains the bitter taste, but it helps them fight dangerous diseases.

How to use bitter gourd for hair care

Karela also contains inflammatory properties. Karela seeds contain these properties. Karela seeds protect you from heart problems. It burns unwanted fat and keeps arteries free from clogging and also keeps other veins from clog. Seeds taste better than leaves and fruit as they do not contain any bitter taste.

Health Benefits of Karela Juice in Diabetes

Karela also considered as the best remedy for Diabetes.  Small cup of Karela Juice increases insulin level in the body.  The compound called charantin keeps the glucose low and controls sugar levels.  It is a true friend for all diabetic patients, make a habit of using Karela in your daily diet and eat the fruit or drink its juice regularly. You can also get Karela tablets in any drugstore, use them to control diabetes.

Other Health Benefits of Kerala

Kerala also contains anti-cancer properties. You can find two compounds in Kerala, a-eleostearic acid which is found in seed and 15, 16-dihydroxy-a-eleostearic acid that is found in fruits of Kerala.  It prevents cancerous cells and it is a good medicine for leukemia problem and also cures blood irregularities like anemia.  It produces healthy red-blood cells and even-out the amount of white-blood cells in the body.  It also controls blood pressure.

Top benefits of Karela juice or bitter gourd

Treats Cholera

Cholera is one of the deadliest disease which spreads like epidemic and harm people with different age group. Doctors might prescribe you certain medicines to overcome this situation. But, if you want to get out from this disease naturally, consuming bitter gourd juice will be ideal. You need to take two spoon of karela juice and combine it with equal quantity of white onion juice. You may also add a spoon of lime juice. You can now consume this solution daily till you are fit.

Boosts energy

Medical benefits of bitter gourd

Energy is always needed whenever you are doing any physical work. Even if you sit in front of computer and work throughout the day, you will feel very lethargic and shy. If you consume bitter gourd juice on a regular basis, you can easily get a boost up over your energy level and even help in increasing stamina.

Solves hangover problem

Today most of the people find pleasure in consuming alcohol. But, excess consumption of alcohol can even lead to handover. But, it is now possible to wash off your hangover with the bitter melon juice. The intoxication properties of bitter melon juice will be washed away with the karela juice. Your liver will be washed away which has caused problem due to alcoholic intoxication.

Remedy for piles

Today, many people must be suffering from the problem of piles. Karela juice can also be very beneficial in solving piles. You need to extract juice from bitter melon and get three teaspoon mixed with a glass of buttermilk. You need to consume this juice everyday in empty stomach everyday and then find out the difference just after a month. If you want to get the piles healed externally, make a paste of bitter melon root and apply it over the piles infected area.

Relief from Toxemia

The essential elements in bitter gourd are responsible to clean up toxins from blood. You can now sip 2 teaspoon of bitter gourd juice everyday in the morning to clan your liver. If you are affected with jaundice, this can be an ultimate solution.

Treating Psoriasis

Top benefits of eating bitter gourd

Psoriasis can be quite common condition suffered by many individuals on earth. If you are having repeated problem of getting infected by fungal infection on your skin layer, bitter gourd can be an effective remedy in this regard.

Helpful for eye problems

Bitter gourd has wonderful property of eradicating various types of eye problem. It is also rich in beta Carotene. If you want to improve your eyesight, this can be an effective solution. You can easily check it out by trying it today.


Pain caused due to gout is another serious problem faced by many individuals. It is also a painful feeling when you are affected with gout pain. The main reason behind gout pain is presence of toxin in blood. But after consumption of bitter gourd juice your gout pain will be totally vanished.

Act as immune booster

Immune system is one of the strengths of each individual when it comes to good health. If you have poor immune system, you will definitely be affected with variety of health disorders, infections etc. But, if you can consume bitter gourd juice on a regular basis, your immune system will be easily boosted.

Bitter melon has adequate quantity of vitamin B2, B1, B3, zinc, magnesium, dietary fiber, which are really essential for our body. You can also get insulin like compound in the bitter melon juice which has wonderful effect on patients suffering from diabetes. It is commonly found in Asian countries as it has habitat in humid climates.