Top health benefits of eating karela / bitter gourd / bitter melon

We all ran away when this word ‘karela’ gets into our ears, it is considered a vegetable that is bitter in taste and so is the reason it’s not one delightful food option. Due to its high bitterness it’s english name is bitter gourd. On the other hand, if taste factor is removed the health benefits of karela or bitter gourd are huge. It is one vegetable that could be experimented in various forms to eradicate that bitterness and convert it into a delicious recipe. Karela has tremendous health benefits which are associated from flu, fever to many major diseases. It possess a striking feature in purifying the blood. Bitter gourd in the form of juice is also a healthy option and is suggested for diabetic patients. It help in regulating blood sugar levels and helps in body functions normally. It is one of the best source that helps in improving diabetic and toxemia conditions. It not only aids and provides the comfort, it is great in eradicating the sickness from the roots.

Bitter gourd is undoubtedly rich in its health benefits. It aids in complete care of your body. A rich source of essential nutrients and surplus health benefits makes it one remedy to cure all the driving problems. A perfect skin care remedy, it should be eaten by those who are willing to achieve that glowing charm. Weekly intake of bitter gourd can also imply certain health advantages which are no less than any medication.

There are many benefits of consuming bitter gourd in our daily meal plan because

Boon for diabetic

Medical benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a boon for diabetic patients as the bitter taste of bitter gourd makes it a suitable food for diabetic patients. It helps greatly in lowering their blood sugar levels and is advisable to be consumed regularly.

Healthy digestive tract

It is great in keeping the digestive tract healthy. It improves peristaltic movements, that assists in removing all the toxins and waste from the digestive tract by detoxifying the same. A healthy digestive tract can withstand severe infections and diseases and overall leads to healthy body.


Bitter gourd intake is associated with a highly immune system that can resist our body from several infections and diseases. The bitter flavour of bitter gourd helps in suppressing the infestation caused by worms inside the body. It also helps in curbing various kinds of infections in the body.

A blessing for skin

Bitter gourd is a natural blood purifier and increases the blood circulation in the body. Therefore, toxins are removed from the blood as soon as they are formed. The skin is prevented from the harsh effects of these toxins. It also aids in skin infections like psoriasis.

Good for stomach

Top health benefits of bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd is high in fibre content as it contains cellulose. It relieves from constipation and promotes stomach health. It helps in stimulating the secretion of gastric juices and an effective digestive agent. It is great for people suffering from dyspepsia.

Aids weight loss

It stimulates liver for secretion of bile juices that are quintessential for metabolism of fats. Therefore, for achieving a perfect slim figure by losing those kilos, bitter gourd is the option. Bitter gourd juice is so preferred worldwide as an effective weight management remedy.

Eye care

It has high amount of beta-carotene that helps in refraining eye problems and achieving a fairly good eyesight.


Bitter melon or popularly known as ‘karela’ is very famous for curing constipation. Karela is rich in high fiber content which makes it a very good option for the smooth working of our digestive system. In this way, the food gets digested properly in our system properly and it gets defecated preventing indigestion and constipation problems.

Heart disease

Health benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter melon is a very good source for keeping the cholesterol level at check. In today’s world high cholesterol is a very common problem which causes heart attack, heart diseases and stroke. If the LDL level increases, then it may be the reason of many heart diseases by hardening the arterial wall and in this way the cholesterol level gets out of control too. That is why bitter melon is a good option. All you need to do is make a juice out of the bitter melons and drink it every morning. This will ensure in reducing the bad cholesterol level and the blood sugar level too, thereby making our hearth and overall health better.


In today’s busy life, no one of us have time to take proper care of ourselves. This is the reason why because of unhealthy lifestyle and pollution, our hair becomes a common victim to dandruff! But you don’t need to worry anymore, since bitter melon helps in curing this problem. All you need to do is make a pack out of gourd juice and cumin seeds apply it on your affected scalp and then rinse it off after sometimes. Continuing this procedure for a month will definitely provide a positive result.

Dry and itchy scalp

Another common hair problem which we face due to exposure of pollution and bad lifestyle is having dry and itchy scalp. To get rid of this problem all we need to do is take a piece of bitter gourd and massage it gently onto the scalp in a circular motion. This will cure the dryness. And finally for preventing the itchiness you can make a hair pack out of bitter gourd juice, avocado or banana and then simply apply it on your scalp. After sometimes, wash it off with cool water. Continue this procedure at least once a week for good results!

Purifies blood

How to use bitter gourd for hair care

Bitter gourd is known for having antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities which makes it a very good option for treating skin and blood disorders. Also it helps in washing off toxins from our body making our bloody purify and enhancing the blood circulation of our entire system. Due to this, diseases like cancer stay away.


Bitter gourd is also known for treating stubborn acnes, blemishes and skin infections. It is very useful for treating blood malfunctioning like scabies, itching, blood boils, ringworms and other fungal infections. Bitter gourd is also resourceful for treating anti-ageing process. All we need to do is, consume bitter gourd juice along with lemon juice every morning for 6 months.

Usage: Caution

Even though bitter gourd is known for its high beneficial effects, it should be only consumed in a small proportion since if the quantity gets exceeded then it may cause nausea and abdominal abnormalities. Also, bitter gourd juice should not be consumed by pregnant ladies because it may cause an early labor pain by stimulating the uterus before the actual time. It is considered as the best remedy for treating diabetes but even then one should not start consuming bitter gourd juice with doctor’s recommendation.

Some important tips

Best benefits of karela juice for hair care

  1. Firstly, before the consumption of bitter gourd it should be always washed thoroughly under running clean water.
  2. Always choose fresh bitter gourd for the best results.
  1. Choose bright deep green color ones.
  2. Consumption should be restricted to only one bitter gourd per day.
  3. The bitter gourd should be kept in a dry and cool place, and they stay fresh in refrigerator.
  4. To avoid the bitterness, marinate the bitter gourd with salt.
  5. The laxative property of bitter gourd is high which may lead to vaginal bleeding, premature contraction and miscarriages in case of pregnant women. So do not forget to consult your doctor before consuming bitter melon.