How to use karel juice for hair care

You must have consumed karela as one of the vegetables in your meals. It has number of benefits related to health. Today you can get the hair care benefits of Karela juice as well. In English, it is known as bitter gourd. This is generally not liked by kids and several people as it has a bitter taste. But the health benefits of Karela juice or the vegetable will compensate the taste. These days people are too much concerned about their hair health.

Karela juice is going to be a wonderful remedy for the exclusive hair care sequence. In this article we are going to discuss about the hair care benefit of Karela juice.

karela common name is Bitter gourd. The scientific name for this karela is momordica charantia. Karela is available in the tropical regions of Africa, South America and Asian countries.  Indian karela is rougher and smaller. Karela is originated in India and carried to china. Karela juice is not for skin and health but also for the hair problems. Karela juice has high content of proteins which are essential to make your hair stronger.

Hair packs using karela juice

Karela juice for darkening  hair

How to use bitter gourd for hair care

karela is an excellent for restoring pigment and darkening of hair.


  1. Oil
  2. Chopped karela
  3. Coconut oil


  1. Take few spoons of oil and chopped karela. Mix them keep aside for 4days.
  2. Once the mixture is marinated boil at low temperature. Leave it 10 min till it gets cool
  3. Mix this whole mixture in coconut oil. Apply on your hair regularly for good results.

Karela juice for hair loss

Hair loss is prevented by using karela juice.


  1. Leaves of karela plant.


  1. Take some leaves of karela juice and wash them. Smash the karela leaves to extract the juice.
  2. Apply the juice on affected area of scalp. Leave it for 15min
  3. Wash your hair.
  4. Repeat the process thrice a week for better results.

Karela juice for dandruff

Beauty benefits of bitter gourd

Dandruff is the common problem because of the food we consume.


1. karela juice
2. Cumin seeds


  1. Take small amount of karela juice and 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds powder.
  2. Mix them well.  Wash your hair with this liquid.
  3. You will get rid of hair problem within a month.

Karela juice for dry scalp

Dry scalp is very itchy and one should not rub on scalp. It could lead to further complications.


  1. Fresh karela


  1. Take one fresh karela. Rub on your head in circular motions for some time.
  2. Wash your hair with clean water.

Karela juice for scalp pimples

Home remedies for dry scalp and hair loss

Scalp pimples are caused due to excess sweat and lack of hygienic conditions.


  1. Kerala juice
  2. Cucumber paste


  1. Take 3 tablespoons of karela juice and one tablespoon of cucumber paste
  2. Mix them well. Apply on scalp pimple.
  3. Leave it for 15 min.wash off with water
  4. This method provides soothing effect.

Karela juice for rough hair

This precaution is for rough and tangled hair.


  1.  Fresh karela thick paste


  1.  Take karela paste and apply over hair.
  2. Leave it for 30 min. wash off your hair.
  3. This is home remedy for smooth and soft hair.

Karela juice for grey hair

Top health benefits of bitter gourd juice

This method is used to reduce the premature grey hair


  1. Karela juice


  1. Take fresh bitter karela juice.
  2. Apply on hair for 30min.
  3. Wash off your hair.
  4. For better results follow for every 10days to reduce grey hair.

Karela juice for shiny hair

karela juice will bring natural shine and beauty to your hair.


  1. Karela juice
  2. Yogurt


  1. Take a cup of karela juice. Small amounts of yogurt.
  2. Mix the two ingredients. apply on hair
  3. Leave it for 30 min
  4. Wash off your hair.
  5. Your will observe natural shine to your hair.
  6. For better results , use this method twice in a month.

Benefits of karela juice for your hair

Split ends treatment

Best hair oils for hair fall control

You must have experienced split ends over your hair texture. During such situation your hair will be having two ends at the end of each hair. This is really not a very good condition for your hair. Now if you can put karela juice over each of your hair, getting away from split ends will be easy. You need to grind karela and make a paste. Now add water to paste and apply to each of your hair right from the root to tip. Keep for some time and then wash away.

Rescue damaged hair

You can now get variety of shampoos and conditioners for the damaged hair. But, you might not know whether this would be really effective or not. Even this can give rise to adverse effect. Instead of going for the cosmetic products it will be better for you to avail a rescue for damaged hair in a natural way. Yes, applying the Karela juice over your hair follicles and roots will give you a wonderful rescue. You can also drink Karela juice daily to get wonderful and attractive hair without damage.