How to get rid of oily skin – Best tips to free from oily skin face

Just like the demerits of dry skin, people suffering from oily skin problem also come across some typical problems. Oils dipping from your face, arms and T line look very ridiculous whenever you are facing the crowd. Even there are various side effects due to excessive oil secretion from the skin. One of the painful effects of excessive oil secretion from the skin is pimples.

Acne and breakout can also be seen vividly as a result of oil secretion from the skin layer. In order to bring oil secretion lower and balanced, people are constantly trying with oil control creams, moisturizers and other cosmetic options. But, some of the natural ways can also be tried to get free from pimples without any side effects. The home and natural remedies might take a little more time to show its action but once it starts showing action, it will never stay back. Let us find out some of the effective home remedies for oily skin.

The oil produced by our body in the natural way can keep the skin healthy on the same time when if we are not caring about the excess oil that is spouting it leads to the pimples and acne flare problems. So, in order to hitchhike the oiliness issues one could prevent it from the usage of the natural and home remedies. Lets see the most easy home remedies that can give the relief from the oiliness and its partnered problems.

10 best ways to free from oily skin

  1. Fruits are not less than any products that can give you relief from the excess oil. Mix the apple juice and lemon drops, apply it to the face and clean it when it seems dried, it can give you a clean and clear face.
  2. Milk can assist you in get rid off oily skin, by washing the skin with the milk can better treats the way of dumping excess oil of the skin as it can remove oil which has been stuck for overtime. Follow this by dabbing milk to your face and give a quick wash.
  3. Oily skin can be get rid off by the simple homemade tip of applying honey as a single layer to the face and to make it rinse off when it is dried.
  4. Yogurt is contained with the lactic acid and it cleanses the skin similar to a dairy milk product, yogurt pinches the natural way of drying the skin without deleting the natural oil.
  5. Ice can fix the excess oil problem, it can retrieve the oil which is bounded more in the skin by just a rub with the ice cube on the skin, ice water will also yields the same result.

    Best soaps for oily skin

  6. Make a mixture of egg white, grapes and lemon. Apply this to the face and rinse off after 15 to 20 minutes and find yourself a new glow, as the cleansing quality of lemon, tightening habit of egg-white and softening affect of grapes will all make the skin charm.
  7. Dab coconut milk that is encompassed with various minerals. The oil in the coconut oil enhances your skin moisturizing levels and won’t looks your skin oily.
  8. Usage of tough and harsh face make-up items can trigger the excess oil and it is one newly coined issue by the make-up kits.
  9. Many people wash their face more than times, but washing it more than 3 times may rises some new harm.
  10. Finally planning the regular diet with the nutritious fruits and vegetables can hedge off the problems that are pointing by the oily skin.

Lemon juice

As we all known that lemon has a natural citrus acid, it works well to make the skin’s PH balance moderate. Lemon is very good source of cutting fat that comes from oil. Thus, application of lemon over the skin will easily remove your excess oil layer. You can now make a solution with a single teaspoon of lemon juice and same quantity of distilled water. Now dip a cotton ball over the solution and slowly apply it over your skin. But, since lemon juice will extract oil from your skin, a simple oil free moisturizer must be put over the skin after applying this.


Today, almost all houses use tomatoes in their cooking especially when they wish to make a light tangy taste to the particular dish. You can now make a treatment procedure by cutting a tomato and apply its juicy surface over the face and rub it prominently. After rubbing the juicy part against your skin, you have to wait for 15 minutes till it becomes dry. There after wash it with normal water and pat dry.

Fairness tips for oily skin


For years cucumbers have been used as a soothing agent who includes astringent property as well. This particular fruit is also rich in potassium, vitamin A as well as vitamin E that help people with oily skin to retain its oil balance.  It is really easy to apply cucumber as just cutting the cucumbers into round slices and rubbing it against the skin will balance some oil on your face. Alternatively you can also make pulp with the cucumber and mix it with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it over your face in a thick layer and lie down till it becomes dry. After 20 minutes you can remove it from your face with water.

Neem/ Indian lilac

The Indian Lilac leaves are very advantageous to treat pimples over the face. Most of the cosmetic companies are using the extract of Neem to make the customer aware about its nature’s presence. But, you can also make a paste of fresh and naturally found Indian Lilac leaves to make a solution of pimples and oily skin. Just take a handful of Indian Lilac leaves and boil it in water. Boil till the time the leaves changes its color and the water gets a greenish tinge. Now cool the water and slowly apply over your face by dipping a cotton ball over it. If you can do this everyday, pimples and acne will be reduced positively from your skin.

Homemade beauty scrubs for oily face

Salt spray

You can now make a salt solution with a glass of water and two spoons of salt in it. Stir the solution in such a way that all the salt gets dissolves in it. Now pour the salt solution in a spraying bottle and spray the saltwater on your face slowly and by closing your eyes as if it gets inside your eyes, you might get an irritation. People following this treatment have noticed great improvement in their skin layer especially when they are in the verge of removing pimples and acne from their skin layer.

Vinegar and rose

Instead of using the harmful chemical rich cleansers in the market, it will be wonderful to make the same naturally at home. If you want to see how much oil is secreting from your face, juts use a blotting paper. The picture will become clearer. You can now make a natural tonner with two spoons of vinegar and equal proportion of rose water. Mix them well and apply it over your face with a cotton ball. Al the pores on your face will be opened with minimizing effect of the oil secretion. Even green tea solution can work wonderfully in creating a natural toner.