How to pick sunglasses for heart shaped faces?

Some people buy sunglasses to protect their eyes from excess effect of sunlight whereas another group of people makes it a fashion and wear it for good looks. A heart shape face is such that upper part of the face will be broadened whereas the lower law line will be narrow in shape. There will be an objective when choosing a sun glass for heart shaped face. You need to choose such a frame which will ideally minimize the width at the top portion of your face. Since the chin of your face is quite narrow, it will be important to make the chin portion broaden. There are some frames which exaggerates the width of forehead. But, for heart shaped faces these types of glasses should be avoided.
If you have a heart-shaped face and if you need sunglasses, then you must preferably select a sunglass that is broader. Heart-shaped face does not necessarily mean exactly shaped like a heart, but the face is like a graphical heart. People with heart-shaped face have a thin structured chin that is in “V” shape. The temple is broader and the hairlines are higher. A person with a heart-shaped face can buy various types of sunglasses. The people with heart-shaped face although appear smarter, they have over broad forehead or temples and very pointed chins. If they wear the right type of sunglass, then they can appear still smarter or else they appear ridiculous. The forehead should appear narrower and hence the temples also appear smaller. The chins that are very pointed looked poised if they wear sunglass with the heavy bottom. The rims should be preferably broader and larger. The bridge also should be delicate and should not be too broader.

Best glasses for your face shape

He should consider different factors such as rims, hinges, temple, lenses and bridge. The sunglass must highlight the features of the heart-shaped face persons and the sunglass should not exaggerate the features of the heart-shaped persons. The people with heart-shape face have a wide forehead and hence the sunglass should hide the over breadth of the face. The people with heart-shaped face also have a very pointed chin. Hence the sunglass should hide at least half portion of the nose.

The people with heart-shaped face can buy a sunglass that consists of a heavy bottom.  Usually their top-portion features are broader and lower-portion features are narrower and hence if they buy a sunglass with a heavy bottom, then it produces a balanced look.

The forehead of such people is very broad and hence the sunglasses with temples should be set in the middle of the lens. The lens should have a design of low-set temple.

The people with heart-shaped face can also wear a sunglass that has a round or a cat eye frame design. This design can hide the broad-shaped forehead. Usually such broad structure does not bring any grace to the face. This type of frame was popular somewhere in 60’s and 70’s. The people with heart-shaped face really look attractive when they wear such frames. Also the portion of the chins look graceful and it does not appear very pointed or narrow.

The people with heart-shaped face should also wear a delicate frame. The forehead looks narrower when they wear such glasses and the chins appear broader than they are. They can use the aviator glasses produced by Ray-Ban. The people with heart-shaped face can also wear wire frame glasses also. The person with the heart-shaped face must wear sunglass that is made from plastic, polycarbonate or glass.

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

Some type of sunglasses should be strictly avoided by people with heart-shaped face. Some kinds of sunglasses can give a ridiculous look to the persons. Instead of hiding their weaknesses, they may highlight the weak features. The sunglasses that consist of a heavy top should be avoided. The forehead appears still broader and the chins may look still narrower and hence the gap between the temple area and the chin still appears broader. The airline may look still higher. The embellished frames although bring a sense of cuteness to the face; the temples may still appear larger.

If you are buying vintage sunglasses, designer sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, then you have to spend more money. Hence you must always take better care of your sunglasses. If you spoil your sunglasses, then you should spend more money for maintenance.

Whether it is oval or rectangular choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses that will provide contrast to your heart face shape. Don’t use shade or aviator glasses because they will emphasize the shape of your face. We recommend bottom heavy frames that add width to lower face and light colored rimless frames.

Tips of frames for heart shaped faces

Rectangle frames

In rectangular frames the breadth is wider than the length. People with heart shaped face can ideally get sporty as well as architectural look with rectangular frames. Apart from people with heart shaped faces, rectangular frames can also be worn by individuals who have oval shaped faces.

Broaden appearance of jaw line

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The main defect of people with heart shaped face is the very thin jaw line. It is important to choose an eyeglass that will make the jaw line of the individual look broader. Just like the makeup specialists can increase or decrease length, breadth and height of your face, perfect eye glass works like miracle in making your face look very trendy and cover your defect.

Minimize width of forehead

Another problem associated with the individuals with heart shaped face is their width of forehead. It appears to be so broad that sometimes you look like a humpty dumpty. But, the optical industry has created appropriate shape of eyeglasses that will suit your heart shape face.

Choosing the shades

If you want to balance the proportion of your face, it is important to get such an eye glass that is quite wider at the bottom. Some of the famous celebrities and eye stylists would suggest to wear aviator, rounded jackal O glasses etc. Even the color shade must have darker effect at the top portion and lighter at the bottom.

Rimless frames

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

You may also choose the rimless frame if you really wish to look smarter as well as trendier. The advantage of rimless eye frames is the fact that, they will highlight your cheek bone and make the wider forehead look little steeper and balanced in shape.

No small frames

Even if you like small frames, it will be advisable not to go for such frames at all if you have heart shaped faces. This will easily exaggerate the width of your face. It is possible to get variety of eye frames from branded eyeglasses manufacturing company which will make your face look very trendy and attractive even after using the eye glasses. The choice of frames will be an important factor.
Sunglasses have been used as a tool to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Also when you get out from home and face the scorching sun rays, your eyes cannot simple stay open to face the sun rays. The sunglasses over here provide a cooling view to your eyes. You can easily open your eyes in such a burning sun rays without any trouble. In recent day’s sun glasses has also become a fashion statement. Thus, it is really important to choose the right sunglasses that match your facial shape. Let us find out the variety of sunglasses option and tips to choose for heart shaped face.

How to pick sunglasses for heart shaped faces?

Cat eye sunglasses

The heart shaped face means, the individual have broad forehead along with narrow jaw line. These we can find many of our favorite celebrities are having heart shaped face.  For such faces, it is better to go for eye glasses with cat eye shape and color. You can get such variety of sunglasses in the market. Have a look and choose the one that suits you.

Oval shaped sunglasses

Ladies with heart shaped face should also go with the sunglasses that are oval shape in design. This is such a design that can make your face a total balance. The oval shaped frames are available in various online stores. Even the price with be quite less as compared to the ones placed in showroom. You can even get online assistance for this.

Frames with bottom heavy

Individuals with heart shaped face are like the ones who have narrow bottom. Thus, in order to make a balance it is important to get a frame that has heavy bottom. This will create an appearance as if your face shape is wider at the bottom. Thus, the tips include getting the glass that will cover the wider area of the below portion.

Light frames

People with heart shaped face do not have a very big face. Thus, they are regarded among people with very narrow face. Thus, a light frame will be ideal in this regard. You must choose the sunglasses that are with very light frames.