10 common faq about periods

The topic of period is like a taboo. But the world needs to start talking about it and start educating the women in their homes. Sometimes those days of the month are the craziest.

Every woman has questions regarding the period in their mind. Here are a few commonly asked questions which will help you feel more confident about the changes going inside you.

What does period feel like?

The flow of the period might not feel too. There are chances that you will not feel that it is coming out. When your period starts, you feel the dampness in your vagina due to the blood spots on your underwear.

Before they start our body does give us a few warnings like changes in mood and cramps which gives you the indication of your period before it starts bleeding.

Does having your period smell?

Your period does not smell unless the menstrual fluid comes in contact with air. When it gets absorbed by a tampon or pad it does not get exposed to air. But if you are worried about the smell, you should change your pads or tampons frequently.

Are periods painful?

It depends from woman to woman. Some girls and women get cramps that are uncomfortable and bad that they feel like rolling on the floor. This is because of the hormones that are released by the body which contracts the uterus so it can shed its lining.

How long does the period usually last?

It usually lasts between 3-7 days.

What is Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS?

Women tend to experience physical and emotional symptoms just before the start of their periods. These symptoms include headaches, tenderness of breasts, temporary weight gain, cramps and irritation.

All of these together is called Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) which usually goes away after the bleeding starts.

Why is menstrual hygiene important?

It is important to maintain menstrual hygiene to stay away from infections.

Is it normal to pass clots during menstrual bleeding?

Yes, it is normal to pass clots during menstrual bleeding. The blood is mixed with mucous secretion and the cells that are shed from the lining which makes it look like clots. You only need to worry if your clot sizes are large. In that case you should consult a gynaecologist.

How often should you change your sanitary pad?

You should change your sanitary pads every 6 hours and in case of tampons, you should do it every 2 hours. If you experience heaving bleeding, you might need to change it more often.

During your last days, your pad might not be completely filled, still you should change at regular intervals to avoid infection.

My period flow is very scanty, what does that indicate?

If you have scanty flow, you should get an ultrasound and a blood test to know what’s going on. There are chances you have lack of estrogen. So you must visit a doctor.

I have heavy bleeding and I need to change pads every two hours. Is it normal?

No this is not normal. You should visit a gynaecologist and get yourself checked.