Nail art designs

Get those beautiful nails with these latest trendy nail art designs. The festive season is here and to give your hands the right look getting the fresh nail arts on your fingers is a must. If you are still confused about the latest nail art styles or if you are looking for some latest ideas of nail art designs, check out below. We have collected some of the latest trends in nail arts so that you can make your pick easily and enjoy these special and beautiful artworks on your nails.

Floral nail art on black base


Nail art designs for feet

Floral nail art designs are still highly popular and you can easily get a pattern like the one shown in this picture on your nails to add that perfect finish to your hands. Here the design has been done on a black glossy base. The flowers have been made in dotted pattern, with white and yellow on the black base. The same design has been painted on all the fingernails but the number of flowers has been changed depending on the nail size.

Dotted nail art pattern for your fingers


This simple dotted nail art design is easy to get but they can give a vibrant look to your nails. So, if you are looking for a latest nail art design that will not take much time, try out this one. The orange colored solid base of this nail art looks really gorgeous due to the addition of the blue doted and line patterns on them. The blue patterns used have a glossy finish and they give just the right look to the total design.

Simple playful line based nail art


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The trend in nail art designs has taken a turn towards simplicity and currently simpler nail arts are preferred over the more complicated ones. This one is a simple nail art design that has a different, out of the box look and can be ideal even for office. Here the design includes only solid lines in black on a matte white base. The patterns of the lines are different on every finger nail.

Dual color blast – the latest nail art trend


Check out this latest nail art design which is currently in trend. Here the most part of the nails have been covered with a solid and glossy pink nail color and the ends have been given a green textured finish. The white line differentiating the two colors adds to the prominence of the design. The addition of the long dots just below the white line gives this nail art design a complete look.

Latest colorful nail art design


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This nail art pattern is ideal for college goers and also for themed parties. It is bright and perfect for a day out. Here five different colors have been used as the primary colors on the different fingers. Polka dots with white have been made on these solid colors. The ends of all the nails have been painted white and two black longer dots have been added at the middle to complete the total design.

Smiley nail art design


The smiley nail art design is the latest trend. We all are habituated with using smileys in our every online texts and messages. Adding some different and interesting smileys on your fingers is sure to make heads turn. In this nail art design different smileys have been drawn on different finger nails and apart from yellow and black, colors like white, red and pink have also been used to give the smileys a prominent look.

Ghost face nail art design


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Get this latest ghost face nail art design on your finger nails and you are sure to draw the extra attention of your friends. Here the nails first have been coated with solid white nail paint and then the eyes and the other designs have been made with black nail color. This design is different and unique. If you love to try new things on your nails you can always get this ghost face nail art on your fingers. It can also be ideal for a themed party.

Geometrical nail art design


This minimalistic geometric nail are design is easy to get and will never look over the top. If you are willing to get a more formal type of nail art that can be suitable for regular wear even without any occasions, you can get this design. Here a single coat of ash base color has been applied on the nails. The straight lines and geometrical shapes have been made with a sky blue shade over the ash base coat.

Fruit inspired nail art design


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Love to eat apples? Now get them on your fingers too. This fruit inspired nail art design is not only unique but one of the latest patterns in trend. Here the whole nail is first painted with a transparent base coat and the apples with deep red have been made at the ends of the nails. The addition of the green leaves on the apples has made the design look really vibrant.

Kiwi nail art design


This is another latest fruit inspired nail art design that copies the exact look of sliced kiwis. The shades of green coupled with the white ends and black dots look really fruity on fingers. The whole nail is first covered with a transparent base coat and the designs have been made at the ends of the finger nails.