Nail art designs for feet

Nail Arts are not only a trend rather they are a great way to make your own style statement. If you are tired with the use of the simple nail paints, it is the time when you should try out something new and special. Having unique nail art designs on your feet can add to your overall look and can be a great way to make your feet look really gorgeous. In this article we have presented some of the latest nail art designs that you can try out on the nails of your feet and enjoy the compliments.

Multi colored floral nail art design


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This multi colored floral nail art design for feet has a unique thing about it. It uses three colors and the flowers have been accentuated with golden borders that no doubt add to the overall look of the design. The same colors have been used in the design overall, but none of the designs have been repeated on the same feet or on the same finger of the other feet which has given this nail art a different and unique look. So, if you have been planning to have something different on your feet, try out this nail art design.

The minimalistic nail art with french pedicure


Do you love to go simple and yet not miss on the latest style trend? Then this minimalistic nail art design with a French pedicure can be an ideal pick for you this festive season. The French pedicure has given the nails the right look and the addition of the minimal floral pattern at the corner of the big toe nails of both the feet looks absolutely classy.

Mix and match nail art design for your feet


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This is a mix and match nail art design that is getting quick popularity amongst the stylist college goers. As it can be seen from the image above here a multi colored floral printed pattern, a bobby printed pattern and a solid pattern has been mixed to complete the design. The floral printed pattern has been done on the bigger toe nails of both the feet whereas the dotted pattern and the solid colors have been used in other fingers without following any exact order.

Nail art design with stone work


Nail arts with stones look gorgeous and can be a great way to make your own style statement even in a simple sandal. In this design, instead of the floral patterns, solid and dotted patterns have been used. The other thing to note in this design is the use of different shades of colors on the two middle nails of the two feet.  The design looks natural and the addition of the single stones on the nails adds glamour to it.

Geometrical patterned nail art


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This type of nail arts looks classy and can be ideal for women of any age. Here two different base colors have been used for all the nails and the designs have been made with black only. In some cases the use of the golden shade to fill the geometrical patterns drawn on the nails with black has given the design a total new dimension. If you are looking for a nail art design that looks natural and can be ideal to have even without any special occasions, this design can be a good pick.

Simple floral nail art design


Simplicity at its best and that is the only phrase that can describe this nail art design perfectly. Here the nails have been painted with a solid dark shade with a matte finish and single flowers have been made on one corner of the nail with a contrasting white shade. The bright middle fill up of the flower is the other part that makes this nail art so vibrant. Also do not miss the French pedicure under the single coat of the nail paint, which adds texture and class to the overall look.

Checker board nail art for your feet


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Checker board nail arts are not very new, but they still make a good nail art option particularly because of the interesting look they offer. As you can see in this design all the nails of both the feet has the same pattern done in the same size. The use of contrasting white and red colors is the key of this design. You can always pick any other color combinations as per your choice for this nail art.

Dual color solid nail-art design


This is a solid nail art pattern that takes much less time to complete as there is not much complication. Two main colors have been used in this nail art pattern and only the nails of the big toes has the white color as the base shade, while all the other nails of both the feet has been painted with solid pink color. A beautiful floral design has been made on the big toe nail and the use of the yellow shade at the middle of the flower has given the design a vibrant look.

Black and white stone work nail art


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This monochrome nail art with stones look different and beautiful. It can be ideal for women and girls of any age. Here all the nails of both the feet has been painted with a white glossy base color and black beads along with smaller stones have been used on the big toe nails to come up with a unique design. On the other nails of the feet, black dots and stones have been used to complete the design.

The official nail art design


Looking out for a nail art design for your feet that you can wear even to the office? Check out this design. Here a shaded checker board pattern with black and ash has been done on the bigger toe nails and the nails just before the little one. A cute golden bow pattern has been made at the base of the nail of the big toe to give it that different look. The other fingers of each of the feet have been painted with a sweet peach color which compliments the look without making it over the top.