Indian diet plan to lose weight in a month

Trying to lose weight, but nothing seems to work? Then there are maximum chances that you are not following the right ways to lose weight or you have given up on your weight loss plan before giving it a good chance to work for you.

Believe us, losing weight can be difficult, but it is not a mammoth task that you cannot cover. There are many, who have lost between 3-6 kilos just in a month by following the right diet and proper exercises.

Weight loss diet does never mean starving yourself, it means controlling your daily total calorie intake at a level that boosts fat burning and limits storage in the body.

The Indian diet plan is obviously best suited for Indians because the food habits of Indians naturally differ from the people in the western countries.

If you have an idea that to lose weight you have to shift fully to boiled foods and salads, like it is suggested in many western diet plans, hold on. You can enjoy Indian dishes and lose weight too.

Many Indian, trying to lose weight, plan to shift completely to western diet, which results into either starving or quitting the plan within a few weeks.

So, when you are serious about weight loss and you prefer the Indian culinary, it is best for you to stick to an Indian diet plan that offers weight loss within a month.

Do I need to exercise when I am on a Indian diet plan?

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Keep in mind, while dieting can certainly play the most important role in losing weight in a month, it does not replace the need of regular exercise.

When you are following the right diet plan, you need not to spend hours exercising, but regular 30-40 minutes of exercise is a must to make your weight lose Indian diet most effective.

When you lose the fat from beneath the skin, naturally your skin loosens up and for toning it up, exercising is a must. So, if your objective is to get a chiseled figure by losing weight, the importance of exercising is unprecedented.

Also, introduce variation in your week to week exercises, this will not let your body get accustomed and will result into better fat burning and muscle toning.

The five thumb rules of diet

Before we move to a sample Indian diet plan for losing weight in a month, first introduce yourself with the five thumb rules of diet. When you are planning to lose weight through dieting following these five rules is a must. Check out,

  • Do not let yourself get hungry: Dieting does not mean starving; rather it says you to do just the opposite. When you get hungry, you naturally eat more because controlling hunger even when you have food in front of you can be one of the most difficult things in maintaining a diet plan. So, take small portions of least calorie foods in every 2 hours, to ensure that you never get hungry.
  • Check out how much you eat: This is the most important thing to take care of when you are on a diet plan. You need to control your portion size accurately to ensure that you are not taking in more calories than you need. However, the need of calorie in a day varies from person to person depending on several factors, but generally, when you are on a weight loss plan try to keep your regular calorie intake around 1200 calories.

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  • Saturated fats are a strict no: When you are trying to lose weight, eating saturated fats in any form is not certainly suggested. However, you can bank on the unsaturated fats that will boost your metabolism. The fried foods are a strict no during dieting as they supply a ready dose of saturated fats to the body.
  • Get rid of that sweet tooth: Limiting your sugar intake is a must for losing weight. Sugars only add to the calories and will not give you any food value. Sugars are not even good for your skin. So, when you are trying to lose weight, you need to stay away not only from the desserts and pastries but also from the artificial sweeteners that are often used in fruit juices and other drinks.
  • Drink more and more water: Water can boost up your metabolism rate without adding to any calorie. It can also control your appetite remarkably and will flush out the toxins from your body giving you weight loss benefits.

So, now as you are aware about the five thumb rules of dieting, let us move to a sample Indian diet plan that can give you the most effective weight loss benefits in a month without compromising with your regular calorie needs.

Indian diet plan to lose weight in a month: The diet chart

The early morning drink

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In the weight loss diet plan the early morning drink has a high importance and you should not skip it, because a proper early morning drink can keep your body metabolism high for a long time giving you great weight loss effects.

Take a glass of warm water; add 1 spoon of peeper powder and 1 spoon pure honey to it. Mix well and drink at once in empty stomach in the morning.

A small dry fruit snacking before breakfast

15 minutes before you take your breakfast, munch on 6-8 almonds that are not salted or fried in anyway.

Taking almonds in the morning will not only give your body the required nourishment and energy but will also help in controlling the hunger due to its high fiber content without adding much calorie to your body.

The breakfast diet plan

  • 2 bread toasts / 2 chapattis
  • 1 small bowl of Sour curd made at home from skimmed milk


  • 1 medium bowl of oats with skimmed milk

If you cannot make it to have the toast without butter, opt for almond butter and keep the quantity to minimum. Do not add any sugar or salt to any of the foods mentioned above.

Mid- morning diet

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If you have taken your breakfast at 9am, you should opt for some food at around 11am. Your mid-morning morning diet can be,

  • 1 fruit of your choice / a small bowl of fruit salad

Again make sure that you are not adding any extra salt or sugar to the fruits or salads you are taking.

The lunch diet plan

1pm to 1.30 should be the time to have your lunch. Start with half plate of salad made from cucumber, tomatoes and carrots. The fiber present in these ingredients will fill you up and make you eat less, without starving. After the salad pick the next dishes according to your choice,

  • Plain rice in one medium sized bowl
  • 2 tablespoons of Dal without tarka
  • Mix vegetables (without potatoes) in 1 medium sized bowl
  • 1 medium piece of fish (better pick the small fishes)

Instead of the rice, dal and vegetables you can also opt for Khichri which will include more or less the same ingredients. Limit the oil or ghee you use in preparing the foods.

Evening refreshment diet

You should have your evening refreshment by 4pm to ensure that the gap between the lunch and the evening refreshment is not much longer than 3 hours. 1 cup of tea without sugar and milk along with two wheat rusk biscuits can make a good choice for the evening.

Mid-evening diet

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Filling that mid evening hunger pangs is essential to ensure that you are not very hungry for the dinner. The mid evening diet can include,

  • 1 fruit/ 6-8 almonds/1 glass skimmed milk

The weight loss diet for diner

You should not take your dinner late than 8.30pm when you are trying to lose weight. Late diners and going to bed quickly in full stomach are the primary reasons of gaining weight. Your dinner should start with 1 bowl of soup.

You can opt for vegetable or chicken soup as per your choice; just do not add butter to it. If you cannot make it without butter opt for a well-measured portion of almond butter and do not forget to add pepper as much as you need. The piperine in pepper is a great fat buster. So the diner diet should be,

  • 1 bowl soup
  • 1 chapatti/ 1/2 bowl of rice
  • 1 small bowl of vegetables cocked with minimum oil

The before bed drink for weight loss

It is said that a fat burning drink 1 hour before going to the bed at night can keep your metabolism high even while you are sleeping, helping you to lose weight quickly.

You can prepare this drink by mixing slightly warm water with 1 inch of grated ginger and letting it steep for 10 minutes. Add 1/3rd spoon of cinnamon dust to this ginger tea and drink 1 hour before you go to bed.

When you are maintaining this diet plan, also continue with regular exercises and ensure that you are getting adequate sleep. This Indian weight loss diet when followed religiously can help you lose sufficient weight within a month.