Smart ways to soothe sore muscles

Muscle soreness is really intolerable for each and every human being.  Due to huge distance walk suddenly can cramp your muscle. Sometimes, vigorously workout, heavy weight lifting or suddenly moving of body can cause of your muscle soreness. Muscle soreness is involuntary contraction of one or more muscle due to have extreme hard work suddenly. There is various reason of having muscle soreness. The muscle soreness is also known as muscle fever. The muscle soreness gets high within 24 to 72 hours after heavily and suddenly body movement.

Generally when we work as usual our body moves as per the work. The muscles contract and relax according to our body at that time. If a person suddenly works out hugely, moves his or her body continuously without giving rest then muscle soreness definitely gets them. The delayed onset muscle soreness is also known by its short form as DOMS.

Soreness within the muscle will be something which you may not enjoy. You must be carrying on with variety of physical activities, 100 meter runs as well as gyms. But, while doing all these activities you must be affected with the pain in your muscles due to soreness. Let us find out some ways through which we can sooth the sore muscles.

Rehydrate to get the relief

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One of the main causes of muscle soreness is reducing body fluids. Excessive amount of water reduce from our body while doing a massive workout or body movements suddenly. A huge amount of lactic acid reduction is also responsible for body rehydration. Apart from that our adrenaline secretion also increases due to highly body movement we do forcefully. The so from next time be careful and drink lots of water to get rid of this problem of dehydration.  Rehydrate yourself by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, like oranges, watermelon and tomatoes which provides lots of water to your body.  Drink milk, coffee, tea or soda as well.

Gentle stretching

Generally we stretch our body by doing massive workouts. Never do huge amount of exercise initially.  Increase the rate or the time of exercise suddenly also harmful for your body. Usually when our body relax or work normally at that time the muscle gets contract and relax as per the body requirement. If suddenly a person starts make a move forcefully then muscles get cramp and results muscle soreness. Be careful and stretch your body as much as you can initially. Your body stretching will be increased with the time without adding any extra force.

Light massage

Muscle resulting pain for getting cramps due to muscle soreness. Your muscles produce waste matters and accumulate it and gets easily stiff. To minimize the DOMS effect s use hand held massage rollers to flush out the waste products from your muscle and rejuvenate your blood circulation. If you do not find anyone for massaging your pain areas then grab a tennis ball and press this on your pain.

Warm bath will relax

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Get relief from the pain or the cramp you are having due to muscle soreness by having a warm bath. The body circulatory system also gets hampered as your muscle due to heavy workout.  .  Take ¼ cup of rosemary leaves. The leaves you can add dried or fresh as you wish. Take two tablespoons of marjoram dried leaves, crushed twelve bay leaves and also two cups of sea salt. Add all the ingredients mentioned upon in a grinder and make a pest of this.  Mix this pest in a warm water filled bath tub and soak yourself for 15 to 20 minutes. So rejuvenate your circulatory system and sooth your achy muscles too.

Ice bath will take away the pain

Ice really works tremendously on muscle soreness. Use an ice bag on your pain. The cold temperature helps to constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling.  As your pain area gets warm up the muscles improves the circulation. Your muscles get heal by this process.

Mustard will do wonders

Mustard is very helpful to get rid of muscle soreness. Mustard usually consist some amount of vinegar. The vinegar helps to reduce the pain which is caused by the muscles cramp. So, try this easy way to get relax from painful muscle soreness.

Replenish crucial minerals lost

During heavy workout you not only lost a lot of water from your body only. With sweat body minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium also gets reduce from body.  This essential minerals lost can cause harmful effects on your body.  The sodium – potassium channel of our body maintain the respiration as well our body energy level.  So, no negligence should be made after having huge muscle soreness. Eat dried apricots, ripe avocado or banana for potassium. Whole grains, cashew, almonds or green leafy vegetables raise the level of magnesium. Milk, paneer, gooseberry, garlic, green chilli and green leafy vegetables are great source of calcium.

Relax with compression

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Always try to put on tightly body hugging clothes which can reduce your fatigue level. The tight shorts, super tight shirts other formfitting clothes push blood through veins. The compression gearing clothes not only slow down your muscle fatigue it is also help you to enhance recovery from muscle soreness.

Sleep will rejuvenate

Sleep is very necessary for body due to have muscle soreness. While doing exercise or staying in front of computer continuously your muscle gets cramped generally. The muscles gets tired and lost their energy and get weak for continue sitting or moving. So sleep uninterruptedly at least seven hours to get rest your muscle and rebuild the chemicals needs for your muscle building. The amount of growth hormone (GH), increase during deep sleep. Growth hormone is one of very important muscle building chemical.

Snack will reduce the pain

After having huge workout tries to avoid muscle soreness by having protein nutrients. Try to eat after 30 minutes of your workout. Muscle usually looses a huge amount of lactic acid and the energy due to heavy body movements. If you eat a large meal after workout your body specially muscle cannot consume the food nutrients initially. So, eat little amount of food partly and eat light food like lean meat, dairy food or some sports drink.

Apart from the above mentioned smart ways to sooth sore muscles you can try with hot and cold treatment as well. Be careful from next time before attending any kind of body movements unexpectedly. Never ignore your muscle pain as it could harm you like slow poison. Enjoy your workout with fun by helping yourself with these remedies if you have muscle soreness.

Ways to give soothing touch to sore muscles

Use iodex

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You must have hard the name of iodex. Not only you but even your great grand fathers must have used this product. It is absolutely a wonderful pain healing balm that must be applied over the affected area to stay away from any type of inflammation, pain or the muscle soreness. Even today this is been trusted by million op people around the nation and worldwide. You can also get the gel form of the product that is much effective.


You can get soreness over your muscle due to vitamin deficiency. One of the best ways of treating it would be the use of multivitamins. These days the multi vitamins can be available from different pharmaceutical companies. Go for the renowned company while availing the multi vitamin.

Proper nutrition in food

Some of us lack proper nutrition in food which probably is one of the reasons behind sore muscle. If you want to stay away from it, all you have to do is take right amount of all nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and proteins in diet in an adequate quantity. If you can have proper amount of nutrition in your diet on a regular basis, staying away from the muscle soreness will be quite easy.

Continued activity

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Some people thinks that getting sore muscle means they need to leave the workout or the exercise in the middle and keep on resting for days and months. But this is totally a wrong strategy. This will increase your sore muscle as the blood circulation will stop at that particular part. All you have to do is continue the activity for your you got the sore muscle. But do it gently and slowly. Soon you can see the sore muscle is over.