Top benefits of eggplant for your health

Eggplant bundles a bunch of nutrients that can promote better health from every aspect. Eggplants, more commonly known as brinjal in India,are often called as the “king of vegetables” particularly because of their high and unique constituents.  Eggplants can be effective in promoting better bone health, fighting anemia, to control blood pressure and sugar and also to fight cancer.

Eggplants are highly rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, thiamin, niacin, B6, folate as well as vital minerals like phosphorus, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium. Apart from all these eggplants are also high in fiber content. The top health benefits eggplant can offer has been discussed in detail in the next section. Read on,

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Promotes digestive health

Health benefits of eggplants

The high fiber content of eggplants makes it one of the best vegetables that promotes better digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. The dietary fiber of brinjal helps in digestion as well as in bowel formation and movement ensuring better digestive health.  Fibers also help in detoxifying the body and promote better nutrient absorption in the gut ensuring better functioning of all the systems.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Eggplants can be highly helpful for a better cardiovascular health.  Studies have shown that the high chlorogenic acid content of eggplant works as a powerful free radical scavenger in the body and it reduces the amount of bad cholesterol. So, automatically the level of good cholesterol is increased in the blood which helps in promoting a better cardiovascular health. Apart from that, the potassium, fiber, vitamin C and Vitamin B content of eggplant can be effective in promoting better heart health.  Studies have shown that flavonoids like anthocyanins can be helpful in lowering the risk of different cardiovascular diseases and eggplant has high anthocyanin content. So, for patients with heart ailments, eggplants make an ideal vegetable for regular consumption.

Prevents cancer

The polyphenols present in the eggplants have been found to have anti-cancer properties. The anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid present in these vegetables work as anti-oxidants and protects the body cells against oxidative damage. These ingredients also help in preventing the formation of tumor and also restrict irregular cell division and growth of cancer in the body.  One study has also shown that the anthocyanins present in eggplants coupled with the chlorogenic acid content stimulate the detoxifying enzymes in the cells, which causes death of the cancer cells.

Promotes bone health

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Apart from being rich in Calcium and Iron which are essential minerals for bone health, the phenolic compounds present in eggplants also help in controlling the signs of osteoporosis. These compounds can be helpful to reduce inflammation, which can be effective to control the symptoms related to arthritis. As a whole, eggplants promote stronger bones and higher bone mineral density that can lead to a perfect bone health and reduced joint problems.

Eggplant promotes better cognitive function

The nasunin and anthocyanin present in the skin of eggplant can be highly effective to protect the lipid layer of the cell membrane of brain cells from oxidative damage. These anti-oxidants also work to transport the nutrients more quickly to the brain and helps in rapid draining of the wastes from the brain cells. Studies have also noted that anthocyanins have the ability to control neuro-inflammation. These compounds also promote increased blood flow to the cells of the brain. Hence eggplants can be highly effective in not only promoting better brain health but also to prevent age related deterioration in cognitive abilities and memory.

Fight anemia with eggplant

Iron deficiency as well as folate deficiency can be the cause of anemia in the body and in every form it can be highly dangerous for overall health. Fatigue, improper cognitive abilities, weakness are some of the very common symptoms of anemia. Eggplants have decent iron and folate content that are easily absorbed in the body and can be helpful to cure the deficiency. Copper is also present in eggplant in sufficient amount which makes another vital component of blood ensuring complete recovery from anemia. This is the reason why eggplants make a great food for pregnant women.


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Eggplant helps in controlling diabetes

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The high fiber and low carbohydrate content of eggplants make them an ideal food for diabetic patients. In fact, for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, the high content of fiber in eggplants can be actually helpful to maintain a balanced blood sugar level. The constituents of this vegetable also help in regulating the balance of glucose and insulin in the body promoting a more balanced blood sugar level.

Eggplant for weight management

Eggplants are high in fiber content and has very minimum calorie; hence they make an ideal food in any diet chart. The more amount of fiber helps in filling your stomach, without adding calorie to your body and also promotes satiation for longer which helps in controlling the total calorie intake. So, when it comes to weight management, including more and more eggplant in your diet can be a good way to restrict the total calorie you take in.

Eggplants for beautiful skin

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Eggplants can even give you beautiful skin. The high vitamin and mineral content of these vegetables banishes any deficiency in the body ensuring better health and nourishment of your skin. In addition to that the phytonutrients and anti-oxidant content of eggplant helps in neutralizing the actions of free-radicals giving you anti-aging benefits. So, if you are serious about fighting off skin wrinkles and age marks, include more eggplants in your daily diet.