Taking care of you and your baby while you’re pregnant

A pregnant lady must be provided with special care when she is going through the most beautiful yet vulnerable stage in life. It is important to keep both mothers as well as baby under proper care during the critical and important stage of their life.  Mother must be kept happier in all ways as she is carrying a baby inside her. Mental upset can also affect the baby with great virtue. You can now follow some guidelines which will keep yourself and your baby healthy. Those are as follows:

During pregnancy, you need to take care of yourself more than ever. Make sure the better care of your self physically and emotionally both. This care is called the prenatal care that leads to the healthy and comfortable delivery. Prenatal care prevents the complications of your pregnancy and delivery process.

Prenatal care includes the healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Healthy lifestyle very first includes the proper medical care and medication. Make sure the regular visits to your doctor and intake required medication to experience the healthy and complications free pregnancy.

You need to make the appointments with your doctor before their calendar gets filled. The pregnancy is different in every woman therefore, it is necessary to consult with your doctor do that may get to know whether you have any complications or not in your pregnancy by having the review on your medical history. Every appointment with your doctor will help to record the blood pressure, weight, and other changes that will make your pregnancy ease.

There are the different processes you will experience in every visit. You need to give your urine and blood samples which will help to know the bacteria, sugar level, and high blood pressure. The report of blood test helps to know the iron level in blood, blood cells count, and other information. The blood test is also taken to know if you have any infectious diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis.

You may undergo the other tests if your doctor suggests you after reviewing your medical history.

You need to visit at least once in a month during your pregnancy. This visiting process gets change as your pregnancy enters in the third trimester you need to visit twice in a month. Again you will have to change your visiting schedule as your last month of pregnancy starts you need to visit your doctor every week.

The doctor tracks your record at each visit and the track record includes your weight, blood pressure, and the test of your urine. Your baby begins to have the movements after the 20th weeks and your tracks the heartbeat of your child while measuring the height of your uterus.

There are some tips given below will help you to care your baby and yourself:

Weight gaining

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Weight gaining requirement is different for everyone, but most women need to gain 25 to 30 pounds. You may need to gain weight OR lose weight in your pregnancy it depends whether you are underweight OR overweight. Your doctor can suggest you better about maintaining your weight.

Healthy diet

This is the first work that you can do for your baby and yourself intake healthy and balanced diet. It is for you that you should know what to intake and what to avoid for to get the healthy pregnancy.

Dairy products

you should intake the dairy products to get calcium in sufficient amount for you and your baby. Dairy products also increase the fat in your body that helps to gain required weight during pregnancy.

Fruit and leafy vegetables

during pregnancy, you need proper nutrients for a healthy baby as well as the better health of you. Leafy vegetables and fruit have the nutrients that help your baby to grow well and keep you healthy.

Intake meat and fish

while you are pregnant it becomes necessary to take extra care of your health. Intake meat and fishes are good for your health but make sure the fishes you intake should not be the shark, swordfish, and such fishes that have the high mercury level. Moderate intake fishes do not harm your baby.

Caffeine intake

you should avoid all caffeinated intakes because they lead to the complication in your delivery.


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you need to consult with your doctor OR healthcare provider before using any drug if you are using the medication for your chronic condition to fight off then you should let your doctor know so that he/she can prescribe you the substitute medicine that can be taken during pregnancy.

Folic acid and vitamins

for the better development of your baby’s brain folic acid play a vital role. You need 400 mcg. folic acid everyday during pregnancy, but you need to consult with your doctor if you need intake folic acid more than 400 mcg.

During pregnancy, you also need intake vitamins but avoid taking any types of vitamin without your doctor’s advice.

Exercises during pregnancy

you should do light exercises during pregnancy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to make your pregnancy period comfortable. You can also take walk for 30 minutes and look for swimming also. Pregnancy is different for every woman to take the advice of your doctor before doing exercises.

You should avoid the work that makes you tired. You should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. You should say NO to the uncomfortable journey and do not contact sports.