Serious side effects of consuming Fluoride water

Water plays an important role in the life of every human being. Voting has started in putting Fluoride in water supply. There was a time when Fluoride was known to be a chemical that plays a wonderful role in improving health of an individual.

But, in recent few years fluoride pose a serious side effect to people around the world when individuals of various age consumed water with Fluoride. Research has also proved that, consumption of fluoride on a long term basis can prove to be extremely harmful.

Fluoride water is really harmful for your health especially when you are aiming at making it consume your child. However for adults with less concentration, fluoride water will be safe.

It is always preferable to boil fluoride water before consumption. For every adult the amount of fluoride which will not be harmful is 5 to 10 g. However, if the concentration is more than this, it can seriously lead to complications.

Toxin have started to spread inside the body of individuals who have been drinking water from well. These people consume good quantity of fluoride as it gets contaminated with granite rocks.

Effect of consuming fluoride water

Lowering intelligence

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If you have been consuming water with inclusion of the chemical named as Fluoride, it might be good for killing harmful bacteria and microorganisms inside the water but is equipped with side effects as well.

According to the researchers, individuals consuming Fluoride water leads to lowering of their IQ level. Especially it is observed more in developing child. They suffer from lower intelligence in brain formation and improper cognitive development.

Effect of neurotoxin

It has been proved that, Fluoride contains neurotoxins which affect the development of brain rapidly. Even if the child consumes Fluoride repeatedly and in prolonged way, it would affect physical as well as mental health of the child.

There can also be situations when children reside in areas where the fluoride levels in water are more as compared to normal places. In such a situation development of intelligence of such children will be highly affected.

Risk of cancer

By now everyone must be aware that, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in this world. Researchers also say that excessive intake of Fluoride through the consumption of water can also lead to cancer. In various areas of the countries, Fluoride has been found in tap water.

This is the way how bone cancer affects people. Fluoride can also give rise to the incidence of tumor. Since Fluoride also leads o calcification of tissues, it affects teeth as well as bones of individuals.

Side effects in various body parts


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Brain is the vital part where Fluoride affects. Individual consuming high quantity of Fluoride will be affected with problems of brains. You will be highly affected with reduction of IQ level. This takes place when artificial water fluoridation takes place with an adverse affect in the level of their intelligence.

Researchers are going through more research to get more clues about the Fluoride effect. Neurodevelopment of the children is also hindered with the effect of Fluoride.


Individuals consuming Fluoride in water might also have problem in kidney. Since the chemical have induced nephrotoxicity which also gives rise to the release of fluoride. If you are consuming the drug that is recommended by the clinician, the quantity remains intact.

Thus the chances of side effect will be lower. But, if you consume the drug more than that what is prescribed, you can easily get the effect of kidney. Some people are also diagnosed with impaired kidney function which can again give rise to an adverse affect.


It is true that, consuming of Fluoride water is associated with decreased fractures of Individual. But, the toxic present in Fluoride will be associated with weakening of bone. Some people have also suffered from the twist and fractures in the hip bones.

Only if the physician provides you with the dose of Fluoride, you can consume it or else it can give rise to variety of problems in bones.

Very dangerous physical condition can also take place in human being if excess of Fluoride is included in diet, rather if you are consuming Fluoridated water for a long time, it will give rise to the disease named as skeleton fluorosis.

Some parts of the world such as Asian subcontinent is affected with the epidemic of skeletal fluorosis.


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If there is suppression of Fluoride in your body, you will be most likely to be affected with thyroid. Even when iodine is deficient in your body, you can easily get the effect of thyroid. If the Fluoride level in your body is within 0.05 to 0.13 mg in a day, this can give rise to thyroid in individual.

Excessive level of thyroid in your body can also give rise to dental problem most commonly known as dental fluorosis.

Serious side effects of consuming fluoride water

Effect on teeth

Not only your body, even your teeth can be affected with the excessive intake of the fluoride water. This becomes really a curse to children as their teeth appearance totally changes.

The medical term used for this effect is dental fluorosis. You need to show a dentist to get it cured. But, first of all avoid drinking water that contains excess fluoride without second thought.

Immune system suppression

Immunity is the strength that every individual has received from Mother Nature. But, due to variety of conditions you can get your immunity level decreased. The disease fighting strength is always retained if you have a good immunity level.

But, with excessive consumption of Fluoride water, there is a tendency of getting your immunity level reduced in your body. Thus, you will get weak from inside and any type of diseases will be likely to enter your body.


You must be coming across many people suffering from knee joint problem or ankle. It is due to the disease named as osteoarthritis. The reason behind it can also be drinking of water that includes fluoride.

Generally, it is such a problem that is suffered by people crossing 50 years of age. There can be many reasons of this disorder or individuals.

But, inclusion of Fluoride in body is one of main reason for getting the pain in leg. The individual suffering from such health condition gets pain throughout the night.