How to take care of hair before head bath – Tips to follow

Hair is the most essential part of the body. Good hygiene and healthy diet are necessary to maintain nice luscious hair. Hair care is a part of the beauty routine. Hair need to be well conditioned, silky and soft. The main steps for hair care are conditioning, massaging and moisturizing.


It can be done by applying coconut oil before taking a head bath. Oil must be massaged into the head with the fingers. This will condition as well as strengthen the hair. Coconut milk can also serve as a conditioner.

Another way of conditioning is by applying mashed banana with milk and some honey on the scalp and washing it after half an hour. This leaves the hair silky well-conditioned and glossy.

Application of beaten curd on the scalp before washing serves a good conditioner and also helps in removing dryness from the hair. Egg white can be applied for removing flakes from scalp

Massage hair

complete massage for dry scalp has to be done with a mixture of olive oil and lemon. This warm mixture must be gently applied on the scalp with the fingertips. Wrap a warm towel that has been dipped in hot water and the water completely squeezed.

Keep it for five minutes and then use a mild shampoo to wash the hair. This process need to be done once a week. It gives a great feeling and helps in strengthening the hair.

Herbal healing for dry hair

How to keep hair moisturized in winter

Another remedy for dry flaky hair is to massage with a mixture of almond oil and olive oil fifteen minutes before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

Aloe Vera is an herb that does magic to the hair. The head need to be first massaged with coconut oil Then the gel of aloe Vera be rubbed on the scalp.

Paste of Hibiscus leaves applied on the scalp will wash away the dry flakes of the scalp. Honey and lemon mixture applied before washing hair is also beneficial.

Healing Herbal oil for dry scalp

A bottle of oil made from Tulsa leaves, henna leaves, and lemonjuice by adding these ingredients in some coconut oil and boiling it. This has to be cooled and stored in a bottle. It serves as medicinal oil for a dry flaky scalp. This can be mixed with equal quantity of olive oil and used as normal hair oil.

Herbal pack for dry scalp

Amla and fenugreek make a fine pack for dry scalp. A paste of few amlas and handful fenugreek seeds mixed with honey should be applied on the scalp and kept for 30 minutes. Wash the hair with mild shampoo.Dry scalp should be kept neat and clean. A gentle massage with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil will reduce the problem of dryness to a great extent.

Home remedies for dry scalp and hair loss

  • A lotion made of tea and beetroot can be applied to the scalp to minimize the problem of dryness.
  • Simply adding a pinch of salt to the shampoo will help in reducing dryness.
  • A mixture of green gram Tulsa and curd applied an hour before washing hair will help in removing dandruff.
  • Neem leaves   have the antifungal and anti-bacterial qualities.   Make a concoction of neem leaves boiled in water. Wash hair with this water to cure problems of dry scaly hair.

Hair fall is another problem to be cured

“Hair hair everywhere”— is a nightmare faced by several women at some stage of life. Here are some homemade remedies to prevent hair fall–

  • Overnight massage of scalp with olive oil provides a good tonic for hair.   Wash the hair in the morning with a mild shampoo.
  • Make herbal oil with handful of henna leaves and mustard oil boiled, cooled, filtered and then stored in a bottle. Massage the scalp with this oil every time before a head bath. It is better to leave it overnight. It is very beneficial in hair loss.
  • A hair pack made of amla powder and egg applied 30 minutes before washing is a good care for hair fall.
  • A pack of henna powder and egg is also used to prevent hair fall.
  • A protein rich conditioner made of olive oil , eggs and water applied 20 minutes before washing nourishes and stimulates hair growth.