Unhealthy foods to avoid for your glowing skin

Good diet is always a stepping stone for better health and glowing skin. If you eat well your skin will show and in case you don’t have the best inclusion in the diet you are sure to fall ill and in the way your skin will become so dull. There will also be undesirable aging of the skin. However, intake of certain foods can at best damage the quality of the skin texture. So, it is important that you know what to eat in order to help the skin stay in the right state for years.

Skin health represents the health of your entire body, the food you eat entails the skin look. When the food is combined with body required nutrients, vitamins and proteins it over comes the bad contributing for the dull skin and glitter with a youthful glow. On the other hand some interesting tastes on the tongue won’t posses any benefits to our health midst lift its hands for the negative effects. If you wish to check the set of food items which are damaging your skin health and its glow then here is the list below.


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Everyone knows the caution hanging with an alcohol bottle, not the excessive amounts but also a moderate intake of alcohol has been linked with the negative effects on the skin. Alcohol is known as diuretic, which dehydrates our skin and shows it rough and dry as well as it is one of the major reason for the premature aging.


There are dangers to your heart when too much salt is consumed. Even puffy eyes and facial bloating will strike you with the additional salts amounts in your food.


Do you sip more than two cups of caffeinated drinks every day then there is a close time for your skin to appear dull and thin. Drinking caffeinated drinks more than to the limited amounts fuels the release of stress hormone named cortisol, which is linked to the thinning of the skin, aging process and dull skin shade.

Fast foods

Street side foods, French fries and deep fried foods which comes to your table with in few magical seconds can cause harm to your health. It slows down the blood circulation and clogs the pores through which it helps the bacterial formation on the skin and stimulates the growth of acne on the skin.


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The sweet contributor for the fat also shows its affects on the immune system weakness and acne breakouts on the skin. So limit the amount of sugar consumption make your skin clear and fine.

Artificial additives

Many of the processed foods consists of artificial color layer along with artificial preservatives and flavorings which neither have any nutritional values nor proteins. In some cases you also feel the histamine reactions and inflammations due to those artificial flavors. Yet another problem is that our tissues likely to hold the chemicals for long time that result for any future problems.

Pastas and white bread

White bread, cakes, pastries and pastas comes under glucemic foods cadre that are known to push the formation of acne on the skin. So vote for whole grain products which helps your health from all the corners.

Have you observed pop out of a zit on your face in the next morning after eating a big amount of diary products based food items in the before night! May be it was, dairy products prepare mucus in the body which in turn unlocks the doors for bacteria and other inflammation formation which increases the production of sebum and leads to acne prone skin.

Skin gets affected with processed snack food

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When you have nothing else to eat you can have processed snacks food. Processed foods are not good for the skin and health. When foods are not in their natural state they will do no good to your health and skin. The processed foods are full of sugar and sodium and these are components bad for the skin. So rather than the processed food it is good to have fresh fruits and whole grains. In fact, you can even switch to veggies for tat healthy state of the skin.

Do not go on for unnecessary dieting

Crash diet can really affect the quality of the skin. Once you go for vigorous dieting your skin tends to lose all the vital nourishment. In the process the skin becomes so dull and life less. You start looking so pale after one week of dieting. In case you would prefer to go for a diet avoid the fat foods that can harm the skin and make you gain in weight. Please do not excluding items from the list unnecessarily. A too much strict diet can cause the skin lose its glow and in the way you are sure to appear so charmless and dull.

Stale foods are bad for the skin

Do not eat foods that have been kept in the refrigerator for so long. There is no point eating stuffs that has been stored for days. You keep on heating them constantly before consumption and this causes all problems for the skin. Stale foods can cause lots of skin damaging. As the food loses the freshness the same is applied for the skin as well. So it is recommended that you cook food fresh in less oil and have hot servings. This is sure to keep your skin and your digestive system in the right condition.

Avoid too coloured vegetables

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You visit the market to buy green leafy vegetables. It would be best to avoid those which are too green as these come with extra colour additives and these are not at all good for the skin. These are poisonous colours and can cause cancer of the skin. Thus, it is always best to buy the fresh farm produces. These can nourish the health well and help your skin in the best of state ever. Fresh vegetables are always the right thing for the skin as they help in proper health vitalization.

Packaged food can hamper the skin

Please do not eat poor quality food and cheap food. Packaged foods are the best to avoid as they have growing enzymes which can really degrade the food quality. Due to the growth of the enzymes the nutritional value of the food gets hampered. Thus, you may get the taste but the food comes with absolutely no value and does no good to the skin. The packaged foods have low water content they make the skin become scaly and dehydrated. This is the reason it would not be best to go for the kind of food as packaged food can make the skin lose its glow.

Non organic food is against healthy skin texture

Too much intake of non organic food is definitely not the best for the skin. This is the food variety with lots of pesticides and hormones and this is the reason the food variety can cause lots of skin damaging. The non organic stuffs are commercially produced and this is the reason they come with zero inherent value. Thus, too much in take of the same can cause damage to the digestive system and the skin. So, it is best not to settle for the non organic food version or your skin texture can be in great trouble.