Health benefits of drinking lemon in summer

Lemon is easily available in affordable rates during summer; it is an acidic fruit and a taste enhancer. It is used in many recipes to add taste to it, especially in salads, chicken and soft drinks.

Its wedges are used for garnishing too. The most common use of lemon is in making lemon water or lemonade. It is very simple to make lemon water; simply squeeze a juice of lemon in a glass of water and drink it.

You can add salt or sugar to enhance its taste as per choice. Although it is best to take lemon water with warm water on an empty stomach to reduce weight, improves digestion and strengthen your immune system.

Health benefits of lemon water this summer

It improves the quality of skin

Benefits of drinking warm lemon water

Lemon Water is rich in Vitamin C which is very good for the skin.

It doesn’t let the skin grow prone to acne, blemishes and wrinkles. It retains the moisture of the skin, and gives the skin a natural glow.

Lemon juice has freshening effect on the breath

Lemon has the power to stimulate saliva, and it doesn’t let the mouth stay dry which is the main reason behind bad breath. Drink it every morning in an empty stomach and also after meals.

It prevents kidney stones

To prevent the development of calcium stones in the kidney your body needs to have more citric acid. Lemons are rich in citric acid, so have half a cup of lemon juice with water daily to prevent kidney stones.

Lemon juice helps in pain relief

For people who are suffering from pain and inflammation in the knees and joint should have lemon juice on a daily basis in empty stomach as lemons have calcium quantities in them.

Summer time is holiday time for many people; they go out for walk, enjoy water game, play with their children and enjoy beaches in clear weather but at the same time they are exposed to harsh sun too.

Lemon water is very good in common summer weather problems like nausea, heartburn and dehydration. People who are working in open places in high temperature suffer sun stroke, nausea and dehydration very often. Lemon water is beneficial in all these ailments.

Lemon can enhance the taste of water and increase your water intake during summer because it is very important to be hydrated in this season. Because of excess sweating and perspiration in summer not only dehydrate you but reduces salt and glucose level of your body too.

Adding salt and sugar in lemon water can reverse the deficiency instantly. It is very helpful in diarrhea and indigestion also, which is very common in summer due to high mercury level. It is also helpful in other stomach disorders like bloating, constipation, gas and heartburn.

Top summer health care tips

Lemon water is an excellent antioxidant and a great source of vitamin c and minerals like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Taking lemon water regularly boosts your metabolism and hence assists your digestive organs to remove toxic and dirt from your stomach faster.

It is a natural remedy for constipation and parasites problems, especially for young children since it is a natural product and mild for children’s stomach. It helps liver producing more bile and hence improves digestion.

As it is said by medical professionals that roots of all the ailments is lying in your digestive system and lemon is a natural panacea for all these problems.

Lemon water improves your immune system and your body natural defense system. As it is a good source of vitamin c, it helps you fight against flu virus to some extent.

Lemon water makes you sweat even more which is beneficial during hot weather, it makes your skin get clean and supple. It improves to removes toxins from your skin and gives you much cleaner and younger looking skin.

It is a very good blood purifier, thus enhance the beauty of your skin naturally. It is a very good anti ageing drink and helpful in removing and fading sun tan. Lemon extract is good for your hair too.

After washing your hair simply apply lemon water directly on your hair as a conditioner to give them shine. Rubbing lemon directly on your scalp is an excellent remedy for dandruff.

Lemon water is best when taken with warm water on an empty stomach, but can be taken with food as a taste enhancer. Lemon is not only a fruit but a natural herb commonly available in every kitchen and used for generations by people.

During summer season nature provides us with this wonderful fruit or herb which works as a panacea for all the ailments associated with hot weather.

Balances pH levels

Increase in our body’s pH level means that our body’s acidity is increasing exposing it diseases like high level cholesterol and diabetes. Fresh lemon juice infused with water is what can reduce the acidity levels as it alkalizes our body thus balancing the pH level.

Brain food

Full of potassium, this small yellow fruit is known as brain food.

Caffeine replacement

Health benefits of lemon juice

Lemon naturally boosts our energy level and if honey is mixed with it then its power increases. Thus, it can be used as a replacement for coffee.


Include drinking of lemon water, along with honey and cayenne pepper or maple syrup, every morning, for giving your body ‘The Master Cleanse’.

Even though this method doesn’t work for everyone, it still has its advantages. The citric acid which is contained by the lemon helps in removing the toxins from the colon, gallbladder and liver or else the toxins get absorbed.

This process occurs if you drink it before having your breakfast.

Dissolved phlegm

Lemon contains citric acid which can dissolve phlegm. It also contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and K which cure cough and cold.

The method which is traditionally followed, of adding warm water and honey with the lemon, helps this remedy too.

The irritation caused by cough can be soothed with warm water. According to William Sears, more than cough syrups honey is effective in dissolving phlegm.

Helps hydrate our lymphatic system

Dr. John Dillard said that the largest circulatory system in our body is the lymph system. It is twice the size of arterial system and removes toxins and wastes from our body. Hydration of the lymph system is important for our health.

Water alone can hydrate the lymph system but the addition of lemon will balance out the acidic level of our body.

Helps treat constipation

Tips for drinking water in summer

Lemon is a homemade cure for constipation. The digestive system is lubricated with the help of water and also the stools soften.

Citric acid contained by the lemon induces the movement of bowel, thus from the colon removes the undigested waste.

Helps treat scurvy

Due to the deficiency of vitamin C scurvy occurs. People who are prone to this disease mostly are the sailors. They tend to have their missions extended, which outlasts their supply of production.

Being rich in vitamin C lemon is an easy solution for this. Also water masks the sharp flavor helping them to drink it in large quantity.

Increases metabolism and promotes weight loss

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily can increase your metabolism rate. In a study done by Michael Scotchman of the Franz Vol hard Research Center is where it was proved.

Water can be drink more by adding lemon as it adds flavor to it. Also lemon contains pectin which can suppress appetite.

Tip: It is in the white pity part under the skin of lemon where pectin is mostly found and also the dietary fiber, so definitely eat this as well.

Keeps our body hydrated

If you drink water as a chore then the addition of few lemon slices will add flavor plus sharpness in it which keeps the body hydrated. It also replenishes the lost vitamins and minerals which is lost while you were stressed.

Kills free radicals

How to lose weight with lemon & warm water

77% of your daily vitamin need, can be obtained by 100 ml of lemon juice. This can neutralize the free radicals inside our body.