Sinus home remedies, tips and treatment

Among some of the nagging disease, sinus or sinusitis acts as good contributors. This disease might not be life threatening but can create problematic situation in your life. In many people, sinus becomes a persisting problem for years. Even after going to variety of medications, it becomes quite difficult to get away from this disorder in an individual. Some simple habits at home can provide you a great relief when you are suffering from the problem of sinus. Doctor might be prescribing you an anti biotic dosage. But, consuming an antibiotic will not be favorable for the health of an individual always.

Valuable tips for sinus

Moist heat

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You have to create a moist environment in your surroundings especially around your face and nasal area. You can take hot water vapor while it is just brought down from the oven. You can also dip a towel and keep the warm towel in front of your nose. You have to keep the warm humidifier for the period of 5 to 10 minutes in a day.

Fluid maximization

If you are suffering from sinus problem and your fluid intake is less, this is the alarming situation in front of you that provides the scope for getting well soon. You must drink ample water everyday so that you remain moist and the mucus that has formed thick and can become solid after sometime. You will be in a great trouble and face difficult of breathing as well.

Steam bath

Since the inner portion of your body has become rigid due to sinus problem, the only way to help in this is keeping the atmosphere humid and moist. If you can take a warm steam bath, it will be a great advantage. You can either go to a professional parlor and take spa or can set up your apparatus at home and take steam bath.


Getting salt at home kitchen will be really easy for you. You can now make a solution of salt and water and wash your nose. Salt is really effective in removing bacteria and viruses from the nasal passage. You must also wash out the infected mucus which is easily visible in your nasal passage.


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Another way of treating sinus problem at home is through gargling. You can make the same saline water solution which you have made for washing out the mucus from nose. Start gargling with lukewarm water and salt for a period of 10 minutes. If you have been facing this problem due to the effect of common cold, the same will be eradicated with the same activity. Along with your nose, your throat will also get the warmth as well as effectiveness.

Saline nose drops

Saltwater is so effective that it can be easily used in variety of ways. Just dropping few drops of saline water in your nose will relieve you from the sinus problem. If you want you can get such nose drop in pharmacy. But, this can also be made easily at home. Putting such nose drop will open your nose blockage and help in reducing the sinus problem.

Try blowing nose

Some people have a habit of pulling the mucus inside the nose in order to restrict the embarrassment. But, this is actually a bad habit and is not good for your health as well. It will be advisable to pull out as much mucus as possible from your nose so that you can again breathe properly without any nasal blockage. Since you are suffering from the problem of sinus, you might get the thick mucus now and then in your nasal passage. It is better to blow your nose as much as possible.

You need to adopt some healthy habit and discharge the habits which will cause danger for your physical condition. Some people have the habit of consuming alcohol on a regular basis. But, in this sinus condition, if you think of getting the alcoholic beverage, it will be a great problem for you. Individual will get swelling in the nasal tissue lining and increase the complication in nasal congestion. You must consume healthy food instead of feeding on variety of fat and junk food available in the market.

Some more home treatments

There are some particular home treatments that can be used for easing the sinus pain and the discomfort. While these remedies might not be able to cure the problem, they can provide much relief when you are suffering from it.

Turmeric and ginger root tea for treating sinus

One of the simple home treatments that you can follow for getting quick comfort from sinus is having a hot tea made from turmeric and ginger roots. Turmeric has a bunch of medicinal properties and the curcumin content of this spice also makes it an effective anti-inflammatory agent which can soothe any allergies and irritations. Ginger roots are also highly effective in clearing out the congestion giving you relief to a great extent.

To prepare this tea, take 1 inch turmeric root and 1 inch ginger root. Smash both of them and place them in one cup boiling hot water covered with a lid. Let it steep for 10 minutes and then strain. Drink this tea when you are suffering from sinus pain to get quick relief.

 Apple cider vinegar for treating sinus

Apple cider vinegar is the other home treatment that is believed to offer great results in controlling the sinus infection. To use ACV for treating sinus the best way is to mix 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with ½ cup of warm but not hot water and 1 teaspoon of honey. Drink this mixture when it is still warm and you are sure to feel the difference.

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You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar in steaming to get the best results of this natural antibacterial agent. You need to mix water and ACV in half-half portion and use the resulting mixture for steaming.  This mixture is believed to have the efficiency to kill the infection causing bacteria giving you quick relief.

Yoga for treating sinus

Yoga can be an effective treatment of treating sinusitis. The best thing about it is that, this is one of the only treatments that can actually cure the problem completely, giving you relief from the excruciating pain of sinus for a lifetime if you continue practicing it. Yoga usually involves controlling the breath in different ways, which not only helps in boosting your immunity system but also strengthens your respiratory system, if you have been suffering from sinus for quite long and nothing actually seems to work for you, learn yoga from an accomplished master and start practicing it regularly.

Boost your immunity system

A strong immunity system can be the key to keep the sinus infection at bay. If you have this condition, making sure that your immunity is actually strong can be highly helpful. The following elements are known to be most efficient to boost your immunity, so taking them in natural form or as supplements can be helpful. However, if you are planning to take them as supplements, talk with your doctor first.

Vitamin C for boosting immunity

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Vitamin C is known for its natural ability to boost the immunity system. This vitamin works as an effective antioxidant and ensures that your body is saved from the harmful effects of the free radicals. You can get more of vitamin C through a diet rich with fruits. Apart from the citrus fruits, fruits like guava also contains high amount of vitamin C. If you are planning to take a vitamin C supplement, talk with your doctor.

Cod liver oil can give you a good natural immunity

Cod liver oils are available in capsule form as an over the counter medicine, which means you do not need a prescription to buy these. Taking cod liver oil capsules is generally safe for health, unless you are taking other medications at the time or you have some particular conditions. Cod liver oil is a great source of Vitamin A and D and it also supplies a good dose of Omega-3-fatty acids to the body which can actually make your immunity stronger, keeping you away from any infections including sinus.