How to get rid from spectacles marks on nose

You must have seen many individuals forming the marks over the nose rings. This is just because they have been wearing the spectacles and the mark of the rubber stopper has been imbibed in it. There are varieties of homemade remedies with the help of which you will be able to remove such marks over the nose rings. Let us find out the tips.

Today maximum people need to concentrate on their eyes may it be paper work in the administrative desk, verifying the answers of students, sewing clothes or that of online internet activities involving eyes. Due to excessive stress on eyes, some shortcomings of eyesight can be observed.

Some people with higher income level takes up eye lens. But, not all individuals can afford contact lens yet they need to carry on with their day to day activities. Spectacles are the best thing they can avail in such situation. Eye specialists would always suggest you to wear the spectacles on a regular basis so that after some time you can get your power reduced.

By following such instructions you might get benefit with regards to your eyesight but once you drop your spectacles from eyes, formation of marks can be observed across two sides of your nose. This becomes very ugly when you stay without spectacles. But, there are some household remedies through which you can remove such spectacle marks from your nose completely.

With time, people with weaker eye sight are increasing. Naturally, the sales of spectacles and lenses are increasing in the market. People having the eye problem from very young age have to put on spectacles throughout the childhood as well as successive years of living. After wearing the spectacles for a long time, marks on nose can be easily visible in the upper portion of your nose.

It becomes really irritating to wear the spectacle when you are going to attend a party. Again, even if you put it down, the marks on your nose makes embarrass. There must be some ways to get rid of the spectacle marks on the nose.

Ways of removing spectacle marks on nose


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Search for cucumber inside the fridge and use it for removing spectacle marks on your nose. Cut few slices of cucumber and rub it gently over the portions in your nose where the spectacle marks are formed. If you want to make better effect of the cucumber, smash it and take out juice. Apply the juices of tomato as well as potato in it. Mix the ingredients really well and apply it over your nose. You can also use a cotton ball for the application purpose.

Lemon juice

If black spot has formed over your nose due to excessive wearing of spectacles, you can easily remove it with the help of lemon juice. Since, lemon is said to have a natural bleaching phenomenon, lightening of dark spots are really effective in this respect. You can squeeze fresh lime in a small separator and dip a cotton ball in it. Rub the cotton ball gently in the affected area and see the difference. In order to get best result, this procedure should be carried on everyday.

Combination of potato and tomato

Both tomatoes and potatoes are readily available at home. You cut one slice of tomato and one slice of potato and rub it over your nose gently. Alternatively, you can also smash the both items and get juice out of the same. Apply the solution in the spectacle affected area over your nose.


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Honey is a natural agent for moisturizing as well as spot reduction factor. You have to make a solution with honey, milk as well as oat and mix it really well. Since it will provide great moisture over your spectacle affected area, the marks would be likely to get reduced. Even the combination of milk will lighten the mark. The oat will be acting as a great scrubber and remove the dead skin over the nasal area.

Apple cider vinegar

Since apple cider vinegar will be concentrated if applied raw, it will be advisable to take equal portion of the solution and combine it with equal portion of water. After preparing the solution, apply the mixture to get a massage over your nose. This is really effective among all types of home remedies as stated by many individuals who had totally washed away the mark from the nose.

Almond oil

You must have heard about the effectiveness of almond oil for skin as well as hair. Today, you will be surprised to know its benefit in removal of spectacle marks from the nose. Since this oil has a rich source of Vitamin E which helps in removing of marks over the skin, you can easily apply it and see the result of fading away the dark marks.

Orange peel

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You must have known variety of products in the market that is composed of the extract of orange peels. You can also get the facials as well as moisturizers. Now, you can use the orange peels that are readily available from the fresh lemon and apply it over the dark area in the outer portion of your nose. You can make a paste of it with the help of the grinder and apply the paste over the nasal portion. You can also add some milk with the paste you have made from the orange peels. The dry portion of the area will be moisturized and slowly fade the marks that has been formed through the use of spectacles continuously. The marks of pigmentation will also be cleared.

Rose water

You can get rose water from any cosmetic stores or super market of various brands. Take one of reputed name and apply it over your spectacle marks. Just take a drop or two of rose water over cotton and apply it over the affected area. You can also make rose water naturally at home by taking juice out of rose petals. If you want better result, mix the rose water with vinegar and see its affect on spectacle marks.

Aloe vera juice

Get a long leaf of Aloe Vera plant from your kitchen garden and slice it from the middle. You can easily see gel like substance appearing in the middle. Now take that raw gel of Aloe Vera from the inside of leaf and put it over the place where you have spectacle marks.  On regular application, you can easily realize the removal of dark spot from your nose area.

Strawberry juice

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Get some fresh strawberries from the market and extract its juice with the help of a juicer. Now dip your finger or a cotton ball on the juice and apply it over the place where you have dark spot formed due to spectacles. After some day you can see the dark spot is fading away completely. The reason behind it is the ellagic acid present in strawberry juice. This particular component also works as antioxidants by removing oxidants from your body along with skin lightening effect.

Juice from potato

The natural and mild bleach present in potato is very effective in lightening the spectacle marks over your nose. Since those marks are also one form of hyper pigmentation, potato juice being natural beach can remove it completely without any side effects over your skin. Take half potato of medium size and make a pulp out of it. Extract the juice from the pulp and apply it slowly over the place where you have the spectacle mark. After applying the juice, you need to keep it for 20 minutes and then remove with the cold water.

Raw milk

You can either get cow milk or powdered milk or use it for treating dark spot of spectacle mark. The lactic acid present in milk has wonderful cleansing property with no side effects on your skin. After applying the raw milk over the spot slowly massage it and keep for 15 minutes. Once it is completely died, use lukewarm water to remove it completely from your face. Along with removing the spot, you can get moisturized skin with the raw milk application.

Cocoa butter and olive oil

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If you are wearing spectacles for a long time, along with dark spots you can also gain roughness and uneven skin over the particular place. A combination of butter milk and olive oil works brilliantly to make your skin smooth and soft. For this remedy you will require butter milk that can be raised up with your fingertip and 2 drops of olive oil. Mix the both well and apply it over your nose where you have dark spot due to spectacle marks. This is a wonderful remedy of removing black spots due to spectacle mark.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one among such natural ingredients available in the nature that comes with nutrients and the skin healing properties. Also the marks forming over the skin layer can be eradicated with the help of this coconut oil. All you have to do here is take few drops of coconut oil and apply over the nose rings. Massage it well and see how quickly the spectacle marks are removed.

Gram flour and turmeric

Another wonderful remedy of the spectacle marks will be the mixture of turmeric and gram flour. Since you are going to apply it over your nose ring, you will require very less ingredients. You need to take half spoon of gram flour and a pinch of turmeric. Use water to mix them. Once the paste is formed, apply it over your nose rings. Keep if for 20 minutes and then wash away.

Essential oil massage

You need to take all the essential oils together and go ahead with the massage. Take a small container and add two drops each of jojoba oil, lavender oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Now apply it over the affected area and use your fingertips to massage the place. After massaging for some time, you must keep it for 20 minutes.

Tea tree oil

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You must have heard about different benefits of tea tree oil. It is the time for you to avail its benefits as well. You need to apply the tea tree oil over the place where you have marks formed due to the wearing of spectacles recklessly. This is one of the natural remedies which you can easily avail without a second thought.