How to lose weight with honey and cinnamon

There is no magic to weight loss but there surely are some home ingredients to aid the process. In this article, we will go through the goodness of cinnamon and honey and see what benefits can be obtained from them. These two ingredients can be combined for consumption or consumed individually losing weight. But you need to understand that following a balanced diet and exercising is equally important! All of these will reduce craving and curb appetite, and that is when you will have a better weight.

Honey contains antioxidants and enzymes which are essential nutrients for our body. Cinnamon is equally promising because they boost metabolism and lower cholesterol. On their own they will serve you with the respective purposes, but combining them will be even better. They will work like a power- packed mixture and will improve weight loss process.

How to combine honey and cinnamon for consumption?

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Mix ½ teaspoon of cinnamon after to 1 cup of boiling water. Let the water cool, after which you can add 1 teaspoon of raw honey to the water. Let the mixture cool and be consumed instantly.

When to consume and why?

Once you have decided that you will stick to this drink, along with the dietary changes and exercising, you need to follow a strict regime for all of these. From drinking this helpful element to following a proper diet and exercising, all of these will help you reach your goal faster. It is very important to combine all these together, to start seeing significant difference towards weight loss. Remember that this drink is only an icing on the cake and will not work if you don’t make other changes in your lifestyle. Having this drink once in the morning and then having soft drinks and sodas or even high calorie juices, will nil down the effect this would have!


Start the day well with the first drink so that it tones down your body and you are always remembered about the dietary changes you ought to maintain. When you start your start with the initiative to eat healthy, it will be easier to maintain. Let this drink get into a habit and it will surely be tasty to repeat more. Once you have this drink on an empty stomach, consume breakfast not before 30 to 40 minutes from then. Having this drink early morning will clear out your bowels and promote digestion. They also improve metabolism and add required energy you need for the day!

Between the meals

How to lose weight with honey

When you have started your weight loss processes, you will realize that the time span between meals is vulnerable. This is because you have a reduction in elements you used to consume before, and they increase you craving. People consuming different items which you are not allowed to consume now can make matters worse. Try to keep your head straight and remember what you are aiming for. This is a good time to consume this drink once more. Cinnamon has an amazing power to curb appetite and that makes you next big meal small down into a snack! On the other hand, you don’t feel hungry either.

Cinnamon keeps you alert about what all you are going to consume or you are consuming all through the day. It works like an imaginary alarm which ticks on your head but actually reacts from the stomach! From curbing appetite to digestion after consumption, this does have a great role to play at this time of the day!

Before exercising

When you are getting ready for exercising there are some more things that can make the process helpful. There are so many exercises to opt for, but what aids before the routine is a simple drink made of honey and cinnamon. If you need drained out before working out, you will not workout very effectively. Get yourself a cup of this mixture and then see how your exercise routine changes! The natural sweetening element in honey adds energy to our body, which makes the exercise smoothens the exercise pattern. With the metabolism boost from cinnamon, you will find it easier to do cardio.

Before bedtime

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The span of time between dinner and sleep can be difficult to lose weight. Dinners have a slower digestion anyway, due to the slowed down rate of metabolism. This is also an important reason why we are asked to have dinner as early as possible. With the changes in your diet, you might have those midnight cravings which can mess up all the hard work you did through the day. It is advisable to consume this drink one last time before going to bed. This will keep your hunger pangs at bay and let you have a better sleep.