Dos and don’ts while dating with virgo man

Virgo is the sign of the thinking man. He is one who likes to use his intelligence to solve all his problems. You may be meeting him for the first time or you may be in a relationship with him already. He thinks is a different way. He likes to take life as pieces of puzzle and each piece has its own value.

Slow and steady in relationship

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He is a person who is slow and steady. He has a specific sense of balance and he will use this sense to grow and nurture all his relationships. You will have to let him think that he is controlling the shots as he loves to take important decisions. He will never race you for taking control but it comes natural for him to control his women with respect for their slightest wish. Never grow impatient with him so that he thinks you are losing your control. Make sure you command his respect.


He loves perfection in doing things. He can wait for a long time to find the right person that takes up his imagination. You will fit in his image if you have those qualities. He is not much into physical beauty but he likes intelligence to be major criteria in the person that he chooses. The psychological attributes must match his vision. This man is ruled by his heart or mind and his feelings are important for him. So make sure you know what he needs. Do not ask him directly but you can find out piece by piece and keep these things in mind.

Appearance matters

He is a fastidious man and takes care of his own appearance. He applies a high standard for himself and will love to see this reflected in your care for your dress and looks. Proper grooming and clean hygiene is a must. You may not deck up yourself in diamonds but your looks must be clean and your clothes would speak for your love of high code. Indulge on yourself and take some pain to nurture your skin and hair. makeup is not what he appreciates but you must not look disheveled when you meet him.

Helping nature makes him different

The man is always helpful. If you need any help in anything, he is the one to approach. He is the one helping others in his workplace or at home. You can start a conversation with him by asking for some help. He is shy person and you must keep this in mind. If you have received some help, you must not go on with the details of it with others in your group. You will have to keep it low and appreciate him personally in a one to one mode.

Stable stance and friendly approach

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You can start the relationship with this Virgo man by starting a friendship. Helping you in some problem can be the basis of this friendship. You must remember that he is not the jump into bed type and will never approach you with physical relation until he is sure of your commitment. He will appear friendly and honest but not passionate. He loves class in his women. He will not approve you being a gossip and does not approve small talk. He is broadminded intellectual and would like to talk about thoughts and ideas more than the new fashion.

Classy behavior commanding respect

Make him respect you as a person, be yourself as he like women with depth. You will find that his passion is turned on when you give him that permission with your eyes. Do not reach out to touch him but express that you need him to touch you. Say this with your meaningful looks. He hates rejection and so when he knows you well, he will ask for permission to go to the next step.

He will love to choose the dates for your meeting up. He would like to take you to a restaurant that he knows and will never leave things for last minute changes. He must know what to order and will take up the best things for you as gift. He will shower you with a lot of pampering and still leave a space for you to breathe. You can choose your friends and he will love to choose his. He never misbehaves as he is a perfect gentleman. If he finds that he is being burdened with your choice and likings, he will mention that. Take steps to correct things or you will find him gone the next moment.