How to deal with hot flashes during summer season

Hot flashes are a common premenopausal and menopausal symptom. Often women face similar problems when on birth control pills or during menstruation. While in case of menstruation the problem is solved on its own in 1-2 days, for the women on birth control pills, stopping the pill or changing the medicine might help. However, when it comes to hot flashes during premenopausal or menopausal years of a woman, the problem becomes more acute.

Dealing with hot flashes can be critical in every season and it certainly becomes more problematic when the weatheroutside is already hot and humid. If you are having hot flashes during summer, it is really important that you take the right precautions and care to make the situation more comfortable for you.

A change in the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the female body often increases the sensitivity of the hypothalamus which triggers incidents like hot flashes and profuse sweating. So, in order to deal with the problem, at one hand you have to try to normalize your hormonal levels and on the other you have to take the right precautions to deal with the problem.

Hormonal therapies for treating hot flashes

How to prevent hot flashes during summer

Hormonal therapies are one of the most common ways to deal with the problem of hot flashes due to hormonal changes in the body. However, though this treatment can be effective, there has always been a serious doubt about the side effects of it. So, unless the problem becomes extremely difficult to deal with it is better to not to opt for hormonal treatments to control the problem. Instead, try out some home remedies and precautions as mentioned below to deal with hot flashes during summer days.

Home treatments for hot flashes during summer

Apple cider vinegar

The regulation of toxins is very important to be removed through way of perspiration. Consuming a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with water or juice everyday reduces the hot flashes. Have it daily till you actually get rid of the hot flashes.

Vitamin E

Food supplements that rich in Vitamin E contents should be consumed by a woman who wants to prevent the occurrence of hot flashes. As Vitamin E has estrogen, it removes the electrolytes through sweating. It takes around three to six weeks for Vitamin E to make a difference.

Red clover

Having Red Clover in the form of herbal tea also is a great way to deal with hot flashes this summer. It too contains estrogen; add two to three cloves in hot boiling water. Cover it for thirty minutes and then have it.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins have both estrogen as well as progesterone to tackle the hot flashes. Food items like Fish, Whole grain breads, cereals, eggs, green leafy vegetables and milk contain B Vitamins. They also reduce depression and anxiety issues; they keep the vagina fresh and clean.

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh can be helpful to control the problem of hot flashes as it is able to normalize the level of hormone that controls dilation of the blood vessels and is the reason for hot flashes and over sweating. You can take Black Cohosh tincture 2-4 times a day mixed with a glass of water or juice. You can also prepare a tea with dried black cohosh leaves and drink it 3-4 times a day as a home remedy.

Flax seeds

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Flax seeds are high in lignans which have a normalizing effect on the hormonal levels of the body. To get the benefits of flax seeds you can either include flax seeds in your daily diet or opt for flax seed oil. These seeds are rich with healthy fatty acids and a number of other nutrients that can be helpful to give you overall better health.

Sage tea

Sage leaves are used in treating as much as 60 different ailments in Ayurveda and you can use it for controlling hot flashes too. Prepare a tea with dried sage leaves and drink a cup 3-4 times a day in order to keep your hormonal levels balanced.

Soy products

Soy products are rich in “phytoestrogen” which can be helpful to balance the hormonal levels in the body and thus relieving problems like hot flashes. So, include more of soy products, like soy milk, tofu and soy beans in your daily diet.

When it comes to dealing with hot flashes during summer season, the right prevention and management techniques can be exceptionally helpful.

Dealing with hot flashes during summer

Use natural deodorants

Using chemical filled deodorants do make you feel fresh for a shorter duration time but they make the situation of hot flushes worse. So, it is better you use natural deodorants this summer to keep yourself fresh and away from rashes.

Wear light and comfortable cotton clothes

In order to manage hot flashes during summer season wearing the right type of clothes can be more helpful than you can imagine. Wearing light and comfortable cotton clothes will not only help the air to pass and keep your skin dry but will also make sure that any sweat is absorbed quickly. Wearing light and comfortable but covering cotton clothes can also ensure that your body gets an added layer of protection from the summer heat.

Get the right food and liquid

When it comes to controlling hot flashes during summer days, adjusting your diet in the right way is important. A diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and water content is the best to keep the body cool and healthy during summer. Reduce the amount of animal proteins and deep fried foods from your diet. Spicy foods should also be discarded as the spices can make you feel hot. Include more vegetables and fresh fruit juices in your regular diet, which will help in keeping the body temperature low. Drinking lots of water, cold milk, lassi, milk shakes can be helpful to give you relief from hot flashes during summer.

Stay in a cooler and ventilated environment

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For dealing with hot flashes during summer days, it is really important that you stay in a cooler environment. It is best to stay in an AC room, particularly during the day time when the temperature is highest. In case that is not possible, you should chose to stay at a place that is away from direct sun light and is well ventilated. Staying in a less hot environment or controlled environment is certainly an effective way to control hot flashes during summer.

Do not exert yourself

If you are suffering from hot flashes during summer, it is really important that you do not exert yourself with physical activities particularly when the temperature is high during the day. Physical exertion can make you feel even more hot and will certainly add to the problem of hot flashes. Do any physically exerting works during the morning or at night when the temperature is comparatively low and do not forget to take a bath right after you have completed the activities.

Take frequent bath

Bathing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to lower body temperature. If you are suffering from frequent hot flashes, taking a relaxing bath at frequent intervals can be of great help. In fact, if you take frequent baths, automatically you will feel much lesser pangs of hot flashes. Also add some bathing salt with essential oils in your bathing water to make sure that your body loses maximum heat while bathing. Do not take short baths; rather soak yourself in water at least for 10 minutes to make sure that your body temperature has actually come down.

Stay away from caffeine and hot beverages

Caffeine can give a boost to your body temperature and consumption of more caffeine throughout the day can actually make the problem of hot flashes even worst during the summer season. Other hot beverages can also make you feel even warmer. So, if you are suffering from hot flashes during summer season, it is only wise to stay away from caffeine and other hot beverages.

Get rid of alcohol and smoke

When you are suffering from hot flashes and it is the hot summer days outside, it is only wise to keep a check on your alcohol consumption. While drinking a small glass of beer during the day might not make you feel more hot but banking more on alcoholic drinks will certainly make you feel more warm. Smoking is the other habit that can make you feel warmer during summer days making your hot flashes even worst. So, to deal with hot flashes during summer, get rid of alcohol and smoke.

Tackle anxiety and obesity

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Anxiety and obesity both are related with increased body temperature. Anxiety can result into extreme stress making your blood rush, which will certainly add to the problem of getting hot flashes. Similarly obesity can also be a reason for feeling warmer. So, if you are trying to deal with hot flashes during the summer season, tackling with anxiety and obesity efficiently can be the key.

Practice yoga and other relaxing techniques

Yoga can be very helpful in order to relax the body and the mind which will naturally help in controlling body temperature. Moreover, certain forms of Yoga immensely help in maintaining the right hormonal balance in the body and practicing these yogas can be really helpful to control hot flashes during the summer season.

Cold compress can help

Compressing your forehead and the other areas of the body that are prone to heat up more, like the underarms, under the knees, inner of the thighs, under the belly, with a chilled washcloth or towel kept in the fridge can be a quick and easy way to control the coming of hot flashes even if it is extreme summer outside. So, keep a wet towel in the fridge all the time and use it to compress when you feel like a hot flash is on its way.