10 tips for summer night sweats

Summer does not only bring the best fruits with it but also the irritating heat and sweat. For people living in tropical countries, it can be really difficult to actually get a proper sleep at night because of the high temperature and the sweat. While during summer it is difficult for everyone to control the night sweat, the problem can be more acute for women going through hormonal changes due to menopause or some other physical reasons.

Sweating profusely during night does not only hamper a good night’s sleep but can also lead to problems like lethargy and weakness during the day, which is sure to hamper the professional as well as personal life of the person. Sweating profusely during summer nights is also a common reason of contracting cough and cold, pharyngitis and other respiratory system related illnesses during this season.

While sleeping in an air conditioned room during the night can be one of the best options to avoid summer night sweats and the problems related to it, if that is not a feasible option for you, then too you can opt for some effective measures to get relief from summer night sweats. Check out the Top 10 tips for summer night sweats below,

Cold feet for cold body

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After hearing old men say, “Warm Feet means warm body”; try out cooling your feet to cool down your body. Rub your feet in cold water right before you go to bed, you can do that for your hands as well. If you are worried about the icy water then you can even damp a piece of cloth in the water and use that instead to rub your feet.

Wet cloth for grilled windows

For people with grilled windows in their room can stop hot air from entering the room by getting a thick cloth wet in cold water. Then hang it on the window as the cloth will cool down the hot air which is about to enter the room.

Mob off your floor

You can get a better night sleep by mobbing your floor or washing them with cold water in the late evening, as that is going to lower the room temperature.

Don’t overthink, be productive

While you are still on bed unable to sleep then don’t think negative about the heat you feel, instead think about the chores you have to perform the next day. This going to make you fall asleep faster and better.

Make sure that your room is not overly heated

During the night the temperature automatically comes down to a great extent. Places where the temperature might be touching 40+ degrees during the day, it automatically comes down around 30+ degrees by the night. However, the problem is, in most of the cases the rooms absorb so much heat during the day, that they are not able to release all the heat and become cooler even when the temperature outside comes down. This is the reason why during summer nights the outside is often much cooler compared to the inside of a non-AC home.

However, you can take some measures during the hot summer days to ensure that your room does not get overly heated and hence remains cooler by the time you get to bed at night. Try to pick a room for sleeping that enjoys a good amount of shade during the day and has thick walls. Rooms in the basement are often more cooler than the rooms on the top floors because of this same reason. Add heavy curtains on the windows and doors. If possible sprinkle some water on the curtains to keep them wet during the day, which will ensure that the room remains much cooler. Moping the floor with excess water can also be helpful.

Also make sure that the room you sleep in during the summer nights is well ventilated, which will help not only to make the room cool down quickly but will also ensure that you sweat less.

Choose your bedding cautiously

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To deal with summer night sweats it is really important that you pick your bedding with due caution. Heavy and warm bedding is often a common reason for excess sweating while sleeping during summer nights. You should discard all the heavy and warm layers from your bed as soon as the summer starts. However, sleeping on the mattress directly is never a good option. Spread a pure cotton, light colored bed sheet on the mattress which will absorb the excess sweat and will not rub harshly against your skin making you feel warmer.

Also use a pillow cover made of soft cotton so that it does not make you sweat. Bundling up or covering yourself with comforter is never a good idea to ensure a good sleep during the summer nights. If it seems essential to use a cover, opt for a thin, cotton sheet that allows sufficient passage to air and absorbs sweat.

Your night dress is also important

No matter how tired you are, never make the mistake of jumping into your bed with whatever you are wearing particularly when it is summer. It is important that you choose your bed time dress carefully to avoid summer night sweats. A pure cotton cloth that is light and absorbing is always a good pick to ensure that you feel less warm while sleeping. Opting for a full body covering night dress is certainly not a good choice; never go for skin hugging clothes that can make it difficult for your skin to breathe.

It is always a good and healthy option to get rid of your undergarments before going to sleep during hot and humid summer nights. Wear something that allows sufficient passage for movement of air and makes you feel comfortable.

Take a cooling bath before going to bed

To control summer night sweats, taking a cooling bath before going to the bed can be an effective option. To make the bathing really relaxing add bath salt and a few drops of mint or geranium essential oil to your bathing water. Also make sure that you do not take a quick bath; rather soak your body in the water for at least 10 minutes to ensure that all the excess heat has been released from your body and you are actually cool. This can be very helpful not only to control night sweats during summer but also to ensure a good sleep. It can also help you to stay away from the summer time skin problems like prickly heat rashes and others.

Eat the right dinner

When it comes to the hot summer days, it is only wise to be careful about what you eat. What you eat in your diner has a serious impact on the quality of your night sleep. Having a heavy and protein rich diet just before going to bed during summer can be a reason of excess sweating during the night. So, in order to avoid summer night sweats it is only wise to keep your diner simple during summer.

Include more of vegetables and fresh fruits instead of high protein rich chicken or meat in your summer time dinner. You should take your dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed. Going to sleep with a full stomach can hinder the process of digestion making you feel uncomfortable and sweaty during the night. Also avoid sugary products and carbonated drinks in your dinner which can mess with the digestive process.

So, in order to avoid summer night sweats pick the menu of your dinner cautiously. Including cold milk, sour curd, green mango juice in your dinner can be a healthy option to make sure that your body does not get overly heated while you are sleeping at night.

Take plenty of water and salts throughout the day

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During the hot and humid summer days we all tend to lose a lot of water and salt from the body with sweat. It is important to replenish these salts and water quickly otherwise the body can easily be dehydrated resulting into uncomfortableness, more sweating or even other serious symptoms. In order to ensure that your body is cool and comfortable while sleeping at night, it is important that you drink plenty of water and salts throughout the day. Sipping on a glass of salt and sugar added cold water at least once a day can be a good way to replenish the lost salts from the body which will help the body to function normally even if the weather is very hot.

Establish a stress relief routine before bed

Night time sweat is often related with stress. The more stressed or anxious you are, your chance of waking up at the middle of the night all soaked up in your own sweat is higher. So, to control this problem it is only wise to develop a stress relieving and calming routine before going to bed. It is best to not make watching TV or playing computer games a stress relieving habit before bed; as spending hours looking at an electronic screen can actually hamper your sleep quality.  It is best to do some light stress relieving breathing practices, listening to music or reading a book of your choice for relieving stress before going to the bed.

Lose excess weight

If you are suffering from obesity it can be one of the primary reasons behind night sweats particularly during summer when the weather is already hot and humid. Losing extra kilos and maintaining a healthy body weight can be very helpful in order to ensure that your body is healthy and does not suffer from problems like heating up excessively during sleeping at night.

Use a chilled flannel or cold water bottles

If you wake up at the middle of the night feeling extremely hot, as a quick solution you can make use of a chilled flannel and water bottles. Keep a wet flannel and at least two water bottles in the fridge hours before going to the bed. If you wake up during the night due to excess sweating, wipe your forehead, underarms, under the belly, inner thighs and groin area with the chilled flannel and if needed place another one on your forehead. It will make you feel better instantly. You can also keep the chilled water bottles under your arms or legs to get quick relief from summer night sweats.

Keep a table fan beside your bed

In case of sudden night sweats during summer, just turning on a table fan close to your face can give much relief. So, keep a table fan close to you before you go to the bed even if the ceiling fan is moving in full swing. However, if you are turning the fan on because you are sweating profusely at the middle of the night, make sure that you first wipe the sweat with a towel and then only enjoy the cool air from the fan. Otherwise if the sweat is quickly dried on your body by the air from the fan it might lead to catching a cough and cold.