Cosmetic treatments to get hair on scalp

Today, most of the people are facing one common problem which is none other than hair loss. The reasons for hair fall are many one of which is pollution in the environment. People are consuming adulterated food item, the effect of which falls over the hair fall. People are looking out for number of ways through which they can get rid of this issue. It becomes really shameful for all those who proceed with bald head or very thin hair in front of the crowd.

But, today people can avail variety of ways to treat the issue of hair fall. Hair transplantation is the way to treat the hair problem. The hair strands which have been lost will be replenished with the hair transplantation process. Hair loss grafting is one of the popular ways to make your head filled with hair in an artificial way. Let us find out some cosmetic treatments to get hair on scalp.

Ways to get hair on scalp

Hair transplantation

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Apart from pollution and adulteration in food, another cause for hair fall can be genes. People with hereditary hair fall issue suffer from baldness. Other issues include stress, low nutrition in diet and other medications. Some people need to take chemotherapy due to treat their medical problem. This has the side effect of falling out all healthy hair totally.

Hair transplantation is an effective way with the help of which you can replenish your hair with cosmetic treatment. Medical science has become quite advanced to provide hair replenishment without making it look artificial. Even after hair transplantation, an individual won’t feel that it is hair implanted from an artificial source. Rather, it will give an impression that the hair is your natural hair.

Procedure of working

Hair transplantation is a surgical process where the hair is taken from a part of your body and is planted on your hair where the portions are seen to be baled. This particular type of cosmetic treatment is very useful to treat the male pattern baldness. Apart from hair over your head, this process is also very effective in restoring eyebrows, eyelashes etc. Since it takes natural hair while working, people actually prefer this process of hair treatment.

Cost of hair transplantation

The cost of hair transplantation can vary from one region to another and even in various hair clinics. In other countries it ranges from $4000- $15000 according to hair type, amount of hair to be transplanted etc. In India, the cost of hair transplantation starts from Rs 60,000.

Hair grafting

This is another way of availing cosmetic treatments to make your head fuller. This procedure is done by the dermatological surgeon who removes the part of hair from the back side of the head that bears scalp.

Process of grafting

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Particular portion is cut into small portions. Now hair is planted over the several cut portions. Further it is grafted over the bald or hair less area. This will help getting a very suitable volume of hair throughout the head. This process is repeated in every session with more than 50 hair bearing segments. Once it is placed, the donor sites are stitched and closed. The corners are then concealed by the surrounding hair.  Some bandages and stitches are associated with the technique which can be resolved in 10 days.

Cost of hair grafting

Individuals willing to avail the hair grafting treatment would actually wish to know the cost of it.  For class II to IV restoration, 600-1200 grafts would cost $127-$2013.

Hair weaving

Hair weaving is another important way of replenish your lost hair. With very thin hair, excessive hair fall and other type of hair problem that gives rise to baldness, you can come across variety of emotional stress. This also gives rise to imbalanced lifestyle. If you have not chosen personally to go bald with style, hair weaving procedure can help you to get your lost hair replenished.

What is hair weaving?

This is a cosmetic technique of adding hair on your head where you can see appearance of baldness. In this process, you can either choose to add human hair to your head or synthetic hair as well. If you want human hair, it can be rightly possible as hairs are collected after the haircut of many individuals around in the salons and parlors. The professionals sorted the best hair and sell to concerned department. People can use such hair to avail hair weaving. There are various types of weaving hair such as bond tracking, netting and fusion. The micro braiding is another type among the hair weaving procedure.


This process also varies from one region to another and the clinics. Roughly Remy hair cost $25-$80. The rest will be charged on consultation cost, surgery cost and the surgeons. There is much better quality of hair that will rise up the cost.

Hair replacement treatment

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Another effective way of hair treatment to resolve baldness is hair replacement technique. Here, your lost hair can be replacement with the help of surgery. The plastic surgeons and dermatologists work together to make the hair replacement treatment work in an effective way. If you have come across hair loss due to burns and other medicinal side effects, this process can e effective. The hair loss caused due to both male and female pattern baldness can be replenished with the hair replacement treatment procedure. Even here the surgeons will be using your hair from other portions of the body where the hair is dense and thick. It will be replenished over the bald portion of your hair.

Cost of hair replacement

The cost of hair replacement depends on what type of hair you want to replace. Whether you want synthetic hair or a natural hair, Natural hair will be little costly but, getting synthetic hair is quite easy in reasonable cost. For a particular class of restoration, the cost will be $236-367.

Stem cell hair treatment

Stem cell transplantation is a multiplication of hair technique where the cell from umbilical cord of mother is taken to treat several medical conditions. Doctors were successful in transplanting hair stem cells to grow more hair over the deficient area. This is a specially developed pain less treatment process. Even here, the stem cells are removed from the donor area and planted over the receptors area. The wounds of the donors area is easily replenished in 2 days. Over the receptors area, very small holes will be made where the hair from the do not area is implanted. This technique was quite rare in India few years ago. But recently, people have achieved awareness over the stem cell treatment process. After few months you can see full hair growing over your bald head without any gap.

Cost of stem cell hair transplant treatment

Unlike other variety of hair transplantation process, this treatment is not that costly. Most of the organizations are providing this in as low as Rs 5000. Since this is just the starting price of the treatment procedure, you should not get it stick to one point. You can now consult with doctor for free and get the suitable treatment and quote for your hair problem in a large scale.