Vitamin E oil for acne scars & pimple marks

Do you envy the skin you had in your teenage years and simply can’t stand seeing your face in the mirror now? Do you hate the stubborn marks of sunspots and acne scars? You are not alone as most women in the world face the same issue with the passing of years. Acne scars are the constant companions of women as they start aging and makeup seems to be the only way to hide them. Well, makeup may be a trick to camouflage such marks on your face but it’s not a solution. Learn some natural and homely tips that can help you to address the problem and get clear and glowing complexion without any makeup.

What is acne? Why do you have acne scars?

Home remedies for acne scars

Acne or pimples are small, red bumps on your face that occur when the hair follicles in the skin pores get clogged with oil, dirt and dead skin cells. The skin naturally produces oil or sebum from its oil glands which keeps the skin lubricated. The sebum reaches the skin surface through the opening of the hair follicles. But if the pores are already clogged by dead skin cells and an excess of oil, there can be bacterial growth in the area that causes swelling and redness which results in a pimple formation. Hormonal fluctuations lead to increased oil production and results in a crop of acne all over the face. This is why you tend to get a lot of acne during puberty, pregnancy, periods, and menopause and also during internal problems like cysts.

Acne is one problem that goes away but leaves behind its mark on your face and getting rid of them is a hell of a task. Almost all women have acne scars because acne is known for leaving behind a scar even when they dry up. Some women tend to scratch or prick at dried acne which worsens the problems. This is why you are asked not to touch or rub your acne.

However, acne scars can be treated too. There are topical medicines as suggested by dermatologists and there are also natural home remedies that can be tried out. It won’t do you harm to try out some home remedies like applying Vitamin E oil on the scars about which you will read in detail.

Vitamin E oil for acne scars

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Whether Vitamin E oil treats your scars or not is a topic of debate as some studies say that it actually works while some researchers say that there isn’t enough proof to conclude it. However, Vitamin E has got a range of benefits including those for the skin. Along with keeping your heart healthy and decreasing muscle damage, it keeps your skin glowing. It is one of the most vital vitamins needed by your body for the functioning of organs as well as for hair and skin health. Here are some of the skin benefits of Vitamin E:-

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  • It reverses and prevents the signs of aging by hydrating it and increasing collagen and elastin production in the skin.
  • It heals sunburns and other skin problems.
  • It neutralizes the free radicals that cause cell damage in the skin.
  • It increases keratin formation and also promotes the repair of damaged tissues.
  • Lastly, it helps in lightening of scars on the skin.

Therefore, in short, Vitamin E repairs your skin and prevents it from damage and also gives it a natural boost from within. You can see noticeable difference in the lightening of scars and improve of skin texture if you use it for a couple of months.

How to use vitamin E oil for scars?

Here are some ways in which you can apply Vitamin E Oil to treat your scars:-

Oil massage

Clean your face with a facial cleanser or water to remove makeup, dirt and oil from the skin surface. Wipe your face dry and then apply the oil on the scars with a cotton ball or your fingers. Massage the area gently till it is absorbed into the skin. Wipe off the excess oil from the face with a towel and leave it on overnight. Keep doing this daily at night and you can surely see a difference in two to three months.

Vitamin E capsules

You can either take these capsules orally or squeeze the capsules to extract the oil from them and directly apply it on the acne scars. Do not forget to clean your face at first.

Use it as a night cream

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Replace your bed time moisturizer with vitamin E oil as it is thick and greasy enough to moisturize your skin throughout the night and also treat your scars.

Mix it with your skin cream

If you feel uncomfortable in using raw vitamin E oil directly on the skin you can also mix it with your daily night cream and massage it into the skin for best effects.

Vitamin E does not work like magic overnight and it does take a lot of time to actually start showing effects but the results are truly worth the wait. Be patient for at least three months and apply the oil on the scars religiously to see them fading permanently. If you are still unsure to use it on your sensitive skin, you can consult your doctor for advice before trying it out.