How to get rid of dandruff with salt? – Dandruff remedy with salt

There are several people who are suffering from dandruff. That is caused by the dry skin of the scalp. It can even cause irritating itching and other harm to the skin of the head. Well, there are two kinds of dandruff dry and oily and none of them is pleasant. Dandruff causes other problems too like hair fall and embarrassment that no one wants to go through. It was all about the problem now let’s move to the solution.

Salt makes you free from dandruff

Home remedies for dandruff

We are here to tell you the best and easiest and easily found ingredient remedy that will make you free from dandruff with salt Continue to read…

Heated salt

Here is another method to use salt for dandruff. Using heated salt is one of the best options that you can use to stay away from dandruff. You will need only three tbsp of salt and water. Boil water by adding the salt. Leave it to get cool. After getting cool use it to wash your scalp by rubbing gently for 5 minutes. After scrubbing well rinse your hair with mild shampoo. Do the same at least one time in a week.

Use sea salt

Sea salt is a fantastic remedy that has a detoxifying agent to flush out toxins present in the body as well as treating the fungal infections. Make a solution of 3 tbsp of sea salt with water. Pour it into a shaker to spray on your scalp. Massage your scalp gently for the next 10 minutes. Now go to wash your hair with your regular shampoo and use conditioner. Repeat the remedy one time a week to notice dandruff free hair.

Epsom salt for dandruff

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Epsom salt is an ingredient that works as a natural exfoliator. It has the potential to exfoliate the flakes and dead skin by rubbing gently. Take two tbsp of Epsom salt in a small bowl. Damp your scalp. Now sprinkle Epsom salt to your scalp and scrub with your fingers for 5-8 minutes. Now you can wash your hair with regular shampoo and use conditioner. Using anti-dandruff can be more beneficial to get rid of dandruff.   

Sprinkle salt

Take salt and sprinkle to your scalp with the help of salt shaker. Now make your fingers wet and give a gentle massage to your scalp for 10-15 minutes. This remedy removes all the dead and flakes from your scalp. After giving a gentle massage for 10-15 minutes wash it off with a mild shampoo OR any anti-dandruff shampoo. Repeat this remedy at least once in a week OR it would be better if used twice a week.

Salt with lukewarm water

Just you need to add 3 tbsp of salt in some lukewarm water. Stir this water until salt gets completely dissolve in it. Allow warm water to get cool. Wash your hair while massaging for 5-10 minutes with this salty water and see the beautiful result. Follow this remedy twice a week.

Salt and shampoo

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Mix ½ tbsp of salt in 1 tbsp of your regular shampoo. Mix it well until converts into a well-mixed combination. Wash your hair with lukewarm water first then apply this combination of salt and shampoo to your hair. Massage your scalp for 2-3 minutes before washing it off. Make sure, you are washing your hair with cold water after applying this remedy. The last step is condition your hair. Try this remedy 2-3 times in a week.

Salt, olive oil, and lemon

You need a bowl to mix the ingredients well. Take 2 tbsp of salt, 2 tbsp of olive oil, and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Mix these ingredients well until they mix well in one and other. Before applying this mask get your hair wet. Apply this mask to your scalp by fingers and give gentle massage for 5-8 minutes to your scalp in circular motions. After massaging your hair wash it off by using a mild shampoo. Follow up with the conditioner. Repeat the same twice a week and notice the best result.