How to get rid of dandruff with sugar? – Dandruff remedy with sugar

Dandruff is a very common problem of the scalp which most of us face. It is caused when the rate of cell growth is much more than the rate at which the skin sheds the dead cells. This is a continuous process in which the skin layers of the scalp are replacing the dead cells by the new ones and appear as large, and oily flakes when they come in contact with the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of the scalp , and sometimes clump together causing itchiness and a lot of embarrassment as they show up on the hair or on the skin and sticks to the clothes too. There are several causes like excessive dry skin, not scrubbing properly, frequent shampooing, and skin diseases too.

Dandruff, together with the oil secreted from the scalp makes the hair dull and unhealthy. Dandruff thrives on moist conditions; therefore the problem aggravates during summer and the rainy season and gives rise to an unpleasant condition. There are a few home remedies by which we can exfoliate the scalp so that the dandruff can be kept under control.

How to use sugar for dandruff?

Use Sugar hair scrub

Home remedies for dandruff

Your hair can look dull and sticky due to the excessive oiliness and dandruff. Take sugar, sea salt, and olive oil. Then mix it into a bowl and then use it on your scalp. It helps to remove dandruff from the scalp and make your scalp rashes free. It will make your hair dandruff free. You have to wash your hair gently after scrubbing it properly. It will improve the hair growth. Try to use once in a week this one! Presently, there are different scrubs also available in the market; you can choose anyone as per your requirement and the budget. Or you can use homemade sugar scrub as well.

Use sugar with aloe vera

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Take two tablespoon of aloe vera gel and add some sugar to it. You can try sugar powder instead of normal sugar and then mix it well. And after that, use this mix on your scalp and wash the hair off with a shampoo. It will remove the dandruff problem and make your hair thick and strong. So, you can try once in a week or 1-2 times in a week. After washing your hair, dry it completely and it will make a good result.

Apply sugar with sea salt and olive oil for dandruff

Sugar acts as a natural exfoliating agent when mixed with some other products can help to keep dandruff away. It helps in hair growth while keeping the hair follicles free of any oil deposition. There is a simple recipe to keep the hair free of dandruff: Mix one tablespoon each of sugar, sea salt and olive oil and apply it on the scalp only, with the help of a toothbrush. Then wash the hair off with a shampoo. This can be done only twice a month to get good results.

Apply sugar with shampoo for dandruff

Dermatologists suggest that a tablespoon of sugar can also be mixed with shampoo to exfoliate the scalp as you gently scrub the hair, thereby removing the dead skin, and easily dissolving as the hair is properly washed off leaving no traces of sugar in the hair. This method will make hair smooth and healthy by cleaning the scalp of all the oil that is secreted.

Apply brown sugar with olive oil for dandruff

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Chronic dandruff problem can be taken care of by mixing two tablespoons each of brown sugar and warm olive oil. Apply this on the hair and the wash it off as usual with a shampoo. Brown sugar scrub helps in preventing oil and grime to get deposited on the scalp, and also removes dead cells.

Apply sugar with essential oils for dandruff

Another easy homemade scrub recipe can be followed by mixing 10 tablespoons of sugar and 5 tablespoons of grape seed oil and 3 drops each of rosemary essential oil and lemon essential oil, mix it properly and then apply it on the scalp and the hair and massage it well. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off as usual. You may not use a shampoo after every use. This scrub works very well as there is sugar and essential oils that work on the dandruff. But you should avoid the scrub if you have a sensitive skin.