Home remedies to get rid of gray hair

The occurrence of grey hair is in no way pleasant. You have to be extra careful and adopt all means to take care of the grey hair.

Your hair can turn grey with time and age. There are ways by which you can control the greenness of the hair and for this you have the most trusted home remedies available.

The color of the hair becomes grey when there is minimum or less production of pigment. You have the Americans and they miss the authentic hair color nearly at the age of thirty.

It is the same in case of the Africans and the Asians too. However, there are several ways by which you can control and treat the greenness of the hair.

Ginger and honey can work

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In order to lessen the grey tinge of the hair you can take to ginger therapy.

For this you need to collect grated ginger. It is time that you mix the ginger with one tablespoon of honey.

Take the solution in order to prevent the hair from becoming grey before time. This is a magical cure for the grey hair and so it would be best that you adopt the measure in time to help the hair stay in the best of state.

The best coconut oil therapy

Simply coconut oil with lemon juice can help in controlling the greyness of the hair. In fact, coconut oil is considered the best for the skin. This is even the best remedy you can have for several skin related problems.

The same oil will prevent the growth of grey hair too. The oil has to be applied in the right manner to help the hair stay in the best of condition.

You should take coconut oil and mix it well with lemon juice. Then you can take the mixture and apply it well over the scalp. This is sure to make your hair less grey and extremely shiny.

Ghee can lessen the greyness of the hair

Clarified butter or ghee is the other remedy for grey hair. These days it is difficult to collect the pure form of the ghee. Once it is collected you can use the same two times in a week to massage the scalp.

This is the best component to help you get rid of the problem of grey hair. After some weeks you are sure to notice the difference in the hair quality and this will encourage you to carry on with the treatment.

Ribbed gourd oil for grey hair

Then you have the next remedy of ribbed gourd or torai. For this you have to take the required amount of ribbed gourd and then boil the same in coconut oil. You should keep on boiling till the gourd turns black.

The boiling should take place for three to four hours. If you apply this oil for massaging the scalp you can at best eliminate the problem of the hair turning grey before time. This is once again a wonder remedy for grey hair and you should follow the recipe strictly.

Black tea application is good

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There is one more effective cure for grey hair. For this you need to take a cup of black tea. The tea should be enough strong to produce the effect.

You will have to add one tablespoon of salt into the tea. Take this tea to massage the scalp well. After an hour you can wash off the hair. This is a fantastic way by which you can surely cure the grayness of the hair.

This is a regular remedy for you to follow and after some days you can at best notice the difference in the hair quality.

Cure grey hair with onion

Onion is a wonder remedy for grey hair. You get those small onions in the market. You can bring them home and smash them well to be applied over the scalp.

The juice of the onion is highly effective in curing the grayness of the hair and it can even help in preventing loss of hair.

This way you can maintain the original color of the hair and avoid baldness. This is also the solution to improve the quality of the hair and now you can have black and shiny hair with this fabulous homely solution.

Controlling grey hair with black pepper, curd and lemon juice

The grayness of the hair can even be cured with the application of black pepper. For the same you need to take one gram of black pepper and you also need to collect half cup of curd. This is the best solution you can have for the reason of massaging the scalp.

A mixture of curd and black pepper can really help in curing grey hair condition. You can also add lemon juice to the said mixture. Once the juice is added this becomes a wonder solution for the grey hair and now you can easily maintain the natural color of your hair.

Chamomile for grey hair

Another remedy for grey hair is chamomile. For the reason you should take chamomile powder and then boil the same in water for at least twenty minutes. Now, it is time that you make arrangements for the solution to cool down.

Then you can strain the solution and collect the water separately. This is the kind of brew to be used for treating grey hair. On applying the same you can understand the difference in the least time span.

Eliminating the hair greyness with rosemary

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The grayness of the hair can be aptly treated with the application of rosemary and even sage leaves. Take the right amount of rosemary and sage leaves and dip them in one cup of water.

Then it is time for you to do the steeping and the sieving and now you can use the liquid in form of a natural coloring agent. This is also the solution to maintain the hair sanctity and this way you can at best retain the original quality and color of the hair.