How to Wax Without Causing Bumps & Rashes

Prevention is always better than cure, try the best to prevent the bumps from getting with the right precaution measures. If you have already developed the bumps, there is no other way than curing it. Here are few ways to control the pop up of bumps on your face or skin after the completion of waxing.

Prepare your skin before waxing

This is a very important part of waxing that we often miss out. Before you start with that waxing gel, make sure that your skin is clean and free from any debris or pollutants.

It is best to prepare your skin for waxing by rubbing a few ice cubes on it for 10-15 minutes before you start with the process.

So, first wash the skin clean with a mild cleanser and then rub up some ice on the skin for sufficient time before starting with the waxing. It will surely help to eliminate or at least control the problem of bumps after waxing.

Avoid waxing during menstruation

Do you know those few days of menstruation tends to make the skin sensitive more than the other days? It is not known by many of the people, but is a top reason for the build up of bumps on the skin. So to the most possible, try to avoid waxing on the certain period to avoid the nasty bumps and redness of skin.


If you are being with the medication it is better to skip the waxing procedure in order to avoid the bumps. Because drugs may interact with waxing and leads to bumps and other skin problems. For example, if you are on with any of the course like Retin A or accutane, you must have to avoid waxing in that period. You can try waxing after six months.

Not the two on a same day

Never do waxing on the same day you had the exfoliation. During exfoliation skin loses its upper layer and applying abnormal heat on the same area results for the bumps and it is also a dangerous move to choose.

Stay calm

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Some studies have revealed the fact that the person who use to panic during waxing is the person who can ideally develop the process of hair follicles contraction of the skin. So be calm and simple while you involved with waxing.

After wax lotion

Make sure to culminate the process of waxing with the application of after wax lotion which is recommended to reduce pain and other skin discomforts. Also check to have any mineral oil in the lotion you are applying. It simply helps to close your skin pores and downs the further skin problems.

Ice cubes

If bleeding is a surrounded problem after removing out the wax from the skin, then take an ice cube and rub it over the affected area to get the instant relief.

What clothes to wear

You have lots of homemade treatments to get rid of the bumps after waxing. In fact, you can do so many things to get rid of the itchiness and the irritation cased because of the bumps.

In case you have developed the bumps it is necessary that you wear comfortable clothing. It is best if you can keep the area open and the portion of the skin should not come in contact with the cloth.

In case you have done waxing on the legs and there are bumps on several portions of the skin it is best that you wear skirts. It is advised not to wear tight jeans for it can really make the bumps worse.

The topical ointment

Next it is important that you apply topical ointment on the bump affected areas. The application should be done consecutively for three days after the appearance of the bumps. The perfect application will cause the bumps to recover.

The topical ointments come with contents of polymyxin B sulphate and it also contains bacitracin zinc. This is the reason the ointment can treat the bumps the best way. Now you have no more chances of the spreading of infection and you feel so relieved and painless.

Pre Wax Cleanser

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There are perfect ways you can get rid of those red pimples on the skin after waxing. The sensation is worse and you have to look for a remedy then and there.

Once your skin has bumps it is important that you keep the area absolutely clean. It is important that you clean the area with the medical stuffs. It is best that a pre wax cleanser is used for an effective treatment of the specific spot. It is important that you talk to a skin expert to know how best you can keep the area clean and perfect.

Wash your hands nicely

It is also important to be careful when you are handling the bumps. In case you are careless infection can spread. If you are applying medicine on the bumps make sure to clean your hands well before and after the application.

This will help in preventing the spread of further infection. You can even use water and soap to keep the hands clean. Before you plan to handle the bumps you can wear the safety gloves so that the bumps remain fine and heal in time.

Precautions to keep in mind before waxing

  • Ensure that you are not exfoliating your skin the same day you’re off for waxing session. This is because exfoliation will smoothen and soften the pores of skin on the surface and react with hot waxing which will be a painful event for you.
  • You should not indulge in waxing on days of mensuration or periods when the body temperature rises high. Also, the hormone and mood swinging can be quite harsh for tumultuous waxing activity for you.
  • Ensure that you’re not on any medicinal prescription for instance if you’re following Retin- A or Accutane, you must avoid waxing.
  • Make sure that the beautician uses gloves and herbal wax, avoid chemical ingredients in waxing which can have adverse effects on your skin.
  • Indulge in natural exfoliator and body polish 1-2 days before waxing. This will remove the dead skin and make it easier for beautician to pluck the hair follicles.
  • In case bleeding occurs from a sensitive part for your skin during waxing, you can directly apply ice cubes to avoid any further tragedy o occur.
  • Don’s shower or take bath in warm water right before waxing. This will soften your pores and hair follicles making it double the trauma for you.
  • Exercise or workout, you can do yoga or meditation to alleviate fear and anxiety before waxing.