How to quit gambling and save money

Gambling is highly addictive and can lead to severe damage to you and your family. It may fancy you as you get to earn money easily but the consequences vary from anxiety, depression and job loss, loss of friends and family, bankruptcy to suicide.

It is very important for the addict to stop it right away before any huge loss or damage. This addiction has no bar, it can fetch you with the taste of fast and easy ways of earning liquid cash but can also make you poor from rich, dead from being alive.

For an instance you may see yourself winning but then, when your thirst isn’t quenched by little you get, you go for big biddings and betting. Once you get addicted, you cannot free yourself from the effects of gambling.

Depression, frustration, quarrel at home, damaged relationships, loneliness, stress, problem gambling and what not, all of these will start assembling step by step into your life. One day you will find yourself nowhere near your friends and family, abandoned.

It doesn’t only affect you psychologically but financially too. It has been seen that most gamblers are into debts within the first six to eight months of gambling. It is such a bad addiction that whenever you have some money in your hand, you’ll feel like gambling.

Spending the salary in playing cards, betting, settling loans, online gambling, etc are the basic thing a gambler often does. He simply forgets every other responsibility towards his partner, parents and children, spends all that he earns in gambling.

Researches reflect that problem gamblers are more prone to become bankrupt and commit suicide than any other type of addicts.

It is very much important to get some help from somewhere or help yourself as gambling doesn’t only destructs you but each and every member in your family. Here we have listed few ways to quit gambling and save money.

Take a break

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Take a break from gambling. Make a schedule of each day in such a way that you don’t get time to gamble or visit a casino. Set goals for each day and aim to fulfill them. Avoid your casino mates and stop visiting places near the casinos.

Once you start doing it, you will feel like it’s very tough as gambling isn’t a trouble-free habit to get rid of. You need to stay focused on what you want. Promise yourself that you will never gamble again and work hard to keep the promise.

Search for a replacement activity

If gambling was a hobby which later on turned to a habit and addiction then you should find some replacement of it. Try anything which keeps you busy and deviated from gambling.

It can be anything, go for a movie or listen to some good music, hang out with your friends, go out with your family or go for shopping, play with your children, take your partner for a long drive. You just need to keep yourself busy so that you don’t get back into gambling.

Keep in mind that how bad it feels to lose

Whenever you feel like going to the casino and try your luck, just remind yourself what happened last time when you, went in to the casino for to try your luck. What were the consequences you had to face with your family, with yourself and with your partner?

Remember how you felt when you lost all that money you had to earn. What you did next after you lost, what happened at home when they got to know that you gambled every penny you have earned.

Learn about gambling addiction

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Get yourself informed about the effects of gambling, the cons of gambling. Discuss the matter with a gambler who somehow got rid of gambling. The sufferings he had to bear, the depression and frustration that he charged out on his family.

Read more and more about gambling and how it leads to the destruction of people from ancient times. Study about the increase in crime rate due to gambling and what are the crimes mostly committed by gamblers?

Read about real life stories of gamblers, what their families had to suffer because of their gambling habits.


Ask for help. Search for books or courses on how to quit gambling addiction. Self realization for gambling tribulations can also be accommodating.

Search for an online gambling addiction forum and join it, even if you are not willing to join then read other people’s stories and various other blogs or articles written on gambling which may help you understand that you are not alone.

It is vital for you to realize that you are not the only person who is suffering with this dilemma. There are many people like you who have overcome the gambling addiction or are under the process to get rid of it, or people like you who seek help for this condition.

Locate a support group

If you can’t seek enough from self help then search for a support group who will listen to your problem and help you get rid of it.

Get yourself involved with an anonymous group of people or who were gambler before and now they help people get rid of gambling. Learn how they survived and quit the addiction. Inspire yourself from their stories.

Hand over all your earnings

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This is what you should do right away when you get your salary. Hand over all your earnings to your partner or parents or whoever you trust. This will keep the money away from you and even if you feel like going to a casino and do some gambling, you won’t have enough money with yourself for doing it.

You should start saving all the money you earn. Spend it wisely only when required and don’t even think of gambling. Be true to yourself and save the money for better causes.

Jot down the pros of quitting and the cons of gambling

Chalk out all the cons of gambling, which will make you aware of what’s going to happen next after you get into gambling.

Make a list of all the pros which will help you get rid of gambling. Read both the lists everyday after you wake up. This will remind you what you actually need to do, it will help you quit gambling as soon as you can and save money.

Craft a financial plan

If you are into heavy debts then consult to a financial advisor who will help you craft your financial statement.

Explain your problem related to gambling and reveal all the debts you need to pay off. This will help you get rid of the debts at first without any further losses and then make a savings plan for future.

Contact a good counselor

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Consult a counselor if you are suffering from multiple ill effects of gambling or problem gambling. Look for a counselor who deals with such cases, especially gambling addiction cases.

Explain in details about everything which is happening with and around you due to this addiction. If your condition is severe then ask for special help and support to get rid of gambling addiction as soon as possible.