How to cure acne with egg white

Even if it is for once or for a very short span of time, each one of us has had acne related problems. They are not always the bubbled up blister referred to as pimples, but then blackheads, whiteheads and dark bumps are always reasons to complain.

Most of these occur when we have oily skin and the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum that they should. This condition leads you a situation when you start having your skin polluted, and these clog up with all sorts of acne.

In this article, we will go through some remedies which can cure you acne and pimple problems. All of these are used with egg white as the main ingredient. Let us first see why at all you should choose egg white and not the other ones.

How is egg white good for curing acne?

Beauty benefits of eggs

  • With the goodness of vitamins, amino acids and proteins you help your skin rebuilt the skin cells. It also soaks up excess oil and makes skin smooth.
  • The enzyme of Lysozyme annihilates bacteria that cause acne.
  • When you apply egg white on skin, they dry fast and absorb the oil.
  • Egg whites are slightly like an astringent which prevents further skin problems.
  • Egg whites work like exfoliating agents which clear the accumulated dirt and dead cells on skin.
  • The protein content in egg whites are called albumin, and this is a nice antiviral agent for removing bacteria. The destroy cell structure of the bacteria and wash them off.
  • It shrinks down the pore of skin and removes accumulation of dirt.
  • Egg white has great protein content which create building block on the skin’s tissue.
  • They have vitamin B content which is rich in antioxidants. This protects the skin cells from further damage and adds nourishment.
  • This is also known to clean skin and prevent growth of bacteria.

Remedies to cure acne with egg white

Plain egg white

With all the benefits that you just read above, you might be convinced to have it applied directly on skin. This is one remedy which can treat your skin without the help on more ingredients!

How to treat pimples & acne

  • First have your face cleansed with water and then pat dry.
  • Take egg white from three eggs and then whisk.
  • Apply content on face and let it dry.
  • Apply another coat and let this dry too.
  • Wash face with warm water and then pat dry.
  • Apply cream for moisturizing.


  • After placing egg white on face, you can add paper on it too.
  • Applying again after 15-20 minutes.
  • Peel the paper off and gently wipe face with wet towel.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • This will tighten the pores better.
  • This mask can be kept overnight, if you’re skin is too oily.
  • Repeat once in three days for fast results.
  • This is perfect for back, chest and cystic acne.

Egg white and honey

If you want a complete face mask that adds moisture, tighten pores of skin and also reduces irritation and redness, you can add honey to your egg white.

How to treat acne with ice

  • Separate egg yolk from white and then add 1 tablespoon of raw honey.
  • Apply it on skin and let it dry.
  • Wash it with lukewarm.
  • Repeat once daily.

A lot of people consume raw egg white with honey! If you think you can dare to taste it, it’d improve skin too!

Egg white with tea tree oil

You are no way unaware about the goodness of tea tree oil when you are regular to acne and pimples. If you are, then let us tell you that it is one of the most important essential oils for removing either of the condition.

It comes with antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties which fights the bacteria creating acne. When you add it to egg white, they remove the dead cells and promote newer ones to grow.

  • Take egg whites from four eggs and then add 4 drops of tea tree oil to it.
  • Mix well and apply mix on the face like a mask.
  • Let it dry for about 20 minutes after which you should wash with lukewarm water.
  • Dry the skin out and then apply cream.
  • Continue it every alternative day.

Egg white with lemon

How to cure acne with tea tree oil

Lemon adds the natural astringent properties which is already present in egg whites. This way, the pimples on your skin tends to contract and the pores shrink too. Push out excess oil and make your skin glow like a baby!

  • Blend one egg white with one fresh lemon.
  • Apply on skin and let it dry.
  • Wash the face with water and then pat dry.
  • Apply the mix by making sure that it doesn’t get to the eyes.
  • Wash well with lukewarm water and then follow up with come cool water too.
  • When skin dries, add cream and moisten it.

Egg white with green tea

Green tea is also known to reduce pimples from skin, which is why this natural ingredient would be quite a great hack.

  • Simply make a cup of green tea and let it cool down.
  • Add egg white to the liquid and then apply on clean skin.
  • Let it dry and then rinse it off with warm water.