How to use fish oil for hair growth and regrowth?

When it comes to the personality and the first impression of an individual the first thing that is noticed is the body impression. And what is a better chance than to express the first impression through your body language? In this body language your body structure matters. Facial expressions are the most important factor in this matter. With the facial expression what matters the most is the hair setting on your head. Your hair also plays an important role in your personality.

Now in today’s world when pollution levels are constantly rising and affecting our health. The most affected areas are our face and the hair. Now in the case of the face, we can handle by applying creams and sunscreen lotion. But for the hair, we need to care very much. In this pollution, our hair starts to get problems and we do not even know. We get to know when the problem has reached up to a great extent and affected almost all our hair.

There are many people who face this problem and because of this problem, they face many issues in their daily life. And the decrease in the confidence is the first negative effect that is faced by these people. But if there is a problem then there are solutions also. so let’s talk about the hair problems and how to cure them.

Causes of hair problems


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Well, hereditary and genetics are the most common causes of the hair loss. if you have a direct relationship with the people who have the hair problems then it may be the cause of your hair problems. Mostly it is seen that the people with hair problems get this because of the hereditary. This can result in weak hair growth and the bald patches or thin of hair etc.

Hormonal changes

Sometimes hormonal changes also cause the hair loss problems. Hormones are necessary for our growth and development of the body. but sometimes due to certain reasons, our hormone secretion in the body gets disturbed and it can result in side effects. This can also be because of the pregnancy, or the onset of menopause.


Some medications also have side effects that can result into the hair loss or other hair problems. Mostly the people having cancer treatments see this phenomenon of hair loss during their treatment.


This is also one of the main causes of the hair problems. The polluted hair contains many harmful chemicals. This may not seem so but they do affect our hair health. not only the air pollution but the unhealthy food containing harmful chemicals can cause different hair problems.

Hair products

Well many of us have the habit if constantly changing hairstyles and applying new types of gels and hair creams regularly. This habit can also lead to the hair problems and may disturb your hair.

Now, this seems to be a big problem for some people. But there are many solutions that can be applied to get the cure. But if you want only positive results without side effects then go for the herbal supplements.

One of this supplements is the fish oil. Fish oil is one of the important things that can help you in reviving your hair and giving them a new life. So we will know more about the fish oil and how it works.

First of all, what is fish oil?

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As the name tells the fish oil is related to the fish. The oil is extracted from some kind of fish. The oil is extracted from the tissues of the fish. The fish oil contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are required by our body and are very essential for our proper body functions. These fatty acids are obtained from tuna, krill etc.

The fish oil mainly contains 3 types of acids when which are as follows.

  1. Eicosapentaenoic acid
  2. Docosahexaenoic acid
  3. Alpha-linoleic acid

These type of acids are very much helpful in treating various hair disorders. Out of these EPA and DHA are considered as long-chained fatty acids and the ALA is short chained acids.

How does fish oil really help in hair growth?

Researchers have found that the fatty acids that are available in the fish oil are very necessary for the proper functioning of our body. This also keeps our immune system healthy. This results in a proper growth of a healthy skin and hair. Also, fish oil regulates the proper body functions that result in hair growth.

Now we know that fish oil helps in reducing the hair problems. We will talk about how actually fish oil helps us in hair growth.

Fish oil is full of nutrients and they are full of proteins. Now proteins are very necessary for the proper body growth. The other nutrients also help to remove the dead hair follicle from the scalp and help into grow new hair follicles. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to stop hair fall and give strength to the hair.

How to intake fish oil?

Now there are numerous of methods through which we can intake the fish oil. The first method is that we eat the fish. Eating fish also gives us the omega-3 acids. The second method is to take the fish oil capsules in our diet. The fish oil capsules are also very helpful and good source of the fish oil acids. In this way, we can get the required amount of fish oil.

Precaution while taking fish oil

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Fish oil has a very strong smell and that is why we cannot use the fish oil directly into your hair. And that is the main reason also that it is not used in the hair care products.  And also one should not exceed the limit prescribed by the doctor for daily use or it can also have side effects.

So we know that fish oil extracts are very helpful in helping your hair grow back. But one should always remember that excess of anything is bad.