Is X-ray safe during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you need to take better care of your self and your baby. There are many things that you must notice to prevent the complications in your pregnancy. Make sure the medication and foods you are taking have no harms to your baby. An x-ray is one of the safety precautions that makes you worried during pregnancy.

The facts about x-rays during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, can x-ray harm your child? These are the questions that commonly arise when you undergo the situation of getting an x-ray while you are pregnant. The answer is quite simple to undergo an x-ray while you are pregnant can be harmful but sometimes not getting an x-ray can be proven worse for your child.

Make sure a healthy mother can only produce a healthy baby. You should choose the option of x-ray when the benefits preponderate of risks. Your health care provider OR doctor can get the important information about your baby through x-ray which can help them to give the best treatment to fight off the complications in your pregnancy.

Which types of x-rays are safe during pregnancy?

The x-rays which have the less exposure to the uterus and growing baby can be preferred. Dental x-rays have no risk to your fetus or any body parts. It affects only the teeth and jaw.

If you undergo the x-rays of the body such as stomach, abdomen, kidneys OR the parts of the body that can have more chances of exposure to the uterus should be avoided. Your health care provider OR doctor must know you are pregnant before you have an x-ray. It depends on the situation if there is another option that doesn’t have the radiation.

The potentiality of risks exceeded if you have undergone an x-ray before you got to know about your pregnancy. You need to share your concerns with your health care provider OR your doctor so that they can get to know your baby’s radiation exposure with the help of medical radiation physicist.

Which is the most harmful x-ray?

Abdomen x-rays, lead to the high risks of having a great exposure to radiation to your abdomen and your baby. The great exposure of radiation to your baby causes the effects in your baby’s development. These changes may promote certain cancer or birth defects.

How your baby gets harm from x-ray?

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The x-rays that cause the high doses of radiation to your baby can lead to miscarriage OR birth defects. The high exposure of x-ray to your baby can also germinate cancer in later life.

Make sure if you need to undergo an x-ray then your doctor must know you are pregnant before you go through the process so that your doctor can help you and your baby.

You can decrease the risks by informing your doctor about your pregnancy whenever x-rays are suggested. Your doctor can decide the best treatment for you by canceling x-rays, reducing the radiation or postpone it.