Vijayadashami mehendi designs

Vijayadashami is the last day of Navratri or Durga Puja, whichever you might be celebrating. This marks the last day of the Navratri celebrations and it is celebrated all over India. It comes along with burning or Ravana and the return of Goddess Durga. It is one of the most awaited festivals, and gives us an excuse to look and feel the best!

The art of mehendi is long known in the Indian culture. Women have time and again tattooed their hands and legs with mehendi, during their events and festivals. Mehendi is commonly applied during weddings and religious ceremonies, and they are more like a ritual than just a happy indulgence. In this article, we will go through some of the finest mehendi design for Vijayadashami.

[Vijayadashami mehendi designs in Hindi]

Vijayadashami mehendi designs

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The imprints of a peacock have always been regarded holy and beautiful. In this mehendi design we see peacocks being drawn on palm of both the hands. This mehendi design twins with each other, as you can see the wrist being continued from the left to the right hand. There is ample space around the peacock design, which makes your mehendi get all its due attention. The wrist twinning design is followed by easy criss-cross design and makes a neat finishing. The fingers have been designed in the regular ‘r’ shape, which decorations on top. There are different designs enhancing the top-most part of the fingers.


This mehendi design is one of the most deeply done-up you might have even come across, and needs high level of expertise to get it done. If you have a good mehendi stylist who can help you out with such a design, the result is going to be outstanding! This design also has peacocks in the palm, and both designs look similar to each other. The centre of attraction has been designed in opposite direction and that makes it stand out. The neat and crisp design is carried on all through the hand, right up to the arm and gives a magnificent effect. You can switch over to your only preferred styles, but make sure it is neat and intricate.


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Talking about holy aspects, there are a lot of things to relate to. You can also try out a simple design with unique styles, just like you see in the picture below. This design has neat lotus drawn in the middle, with light strokes to make the petals look realistic. It has been topped by the sign of ‘om’ and is further decorated. The design is extended to the bottom with regular design patterns, and you can surely add your own idea to enhance that part.



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This design looks like the blend of the first two designs we saw above. All the three have peacock drawn in the middle, and the hand portion from wrist to the end intricately and neatly done. The palm has good amount of space, to let everyone have a proper look at the art you present, while the rest of your hand is nicely filled with mehendi art. This design includes a lot of regular mehendi patterns, which is why it will not be very difficult to do. You just have to make sure that it is neat in the portion below.


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This simple design is perfect for a design which needs to be done really quickly. Beginners can try this out, as it isn’t too difficult to manage. Have your fingers stroked and designed in a regular manner and then make the peacock couples in the middle of your palm. After this is done, add floral designs and add leaves along.


This stunning peacock design emphasizes mostly on the peacock pattern and has been intricately designed on the inside. You start off from the circle on one side and then have it nicely stroked in thin lines. Add more circles in smaller shapes and makes easier intricacies. Continue up your index finger so that the portion looks complete. Now make the rest of the palm to make your peacock print. Make the features stroked in thinnest possible forms to make it look prettiest. Add newer designs to the rest of the fingers to make it look more stylish.


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This mehendi design has the right amount of space and is made with numerous individual designs. This means that you get a neat style with desired amount of designs. This mehendi also includes peacock designs, and looks rich enough to enhance your Dashami attire. You can show this to any mehendi expert, and he will be able to do it with ease!


This is one of the best designs that you would see here, as it looks pretty irregular and classy. The desing has been focused on the half of the finger, followed by the middle of the hand then finally on the wrist, which ends with easy dotted lines. You can opt for this design, which is easy to do but isn’t too simple to look at. This will be perfect to suit with all the clothes you wear, and not just stick to the Indian ones you might choose on for the main day. If you top it up with those white long nails, you would make your fingers look even better!


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This mehendi design had been uniquely clicked when the mehendi was some what falling off after drying, and some still stuck on the hand. This picture looks innovative while the design is neat and easy. You can try this simple design which includes circular patterns in the middle and enhances the with easy detailing on the inside and outside.


Finally, it is good to alternate styles from one to another, and it is also good to have different designs for the top than what is on the palm. To make the top of the mehendi designs look pretty, opt for simpler designs which make the whole thing blend well. The top portion can be neatly done up on one side and then be followed up the index finger. You can choose any regular design for the inside.

[Vijayadashami mehendi designs in Hindi]