Life saving fashion hacks every woman should know

Fashion makes life beautiful and the fashion hacks make life easier. So, if you are a fashionable woman, know that it is not about being all perfect but about looking perfect and here are some fashion hacks that can help the fashionista in you to make her fashion statement in a more pronounced way without adding load to your daily chores. Read on the best life saving fashion hacks that every woman should know,

  • Winter has set in and the woolens are out. If you are tired with a woolen sweater that will just not stop shedding try out this trick. Just cover the sweater in a thin plastic sheet and place it in the freezer for the night. In the morning take it out sometime before putting it on. Remove the plastic and put on. There will be no shedding for the day.
  • Have bought new ballet shoes but still not able to wear them because of the tight rub on the skin? Stretch your shoe in a day. Put on thick woolen socks and put on the shoes over them. Spot the sections of the shoe that are tight and blow-dry them with your hair blower. Keep the shoes on till it cools down. Now remove, apply a little bit of Vaseline to the area and again blow dry. Check out the shoes must have stretched out sufficiently. If not, repeat the process.
  • The lint on your sweaters and jackets can actually give them a worn out look. Plucking them out one by one, that you must have done a many times, is simply ineffective; the easiest way to remove lint from your woolens is to use a pumice stone. Follow up with a lint roller if you need.
  • Red wine really tastes great, but when it stains your white shirt it actually destroys the cloth. However, now you can remove the stain of red wine easily with this easy trick. White wine can actually neutralize the color of red wine and remove the stain from your dress when used immediately. After putting white wine on the stain, let it dry, and then wash off.
  • If your dress is giving out an odor but you have to wear it anyway, just spray on some vodka on it and let it get dry. Vodka will kill the odor causing bacteria and will be evaporated naturally when dried.
  • Armpit stains can actually make even your new dress non-wearable just after a few wears, particularly if you sweat a lot. Don’t worry, now you can remove the toughest armpit stains by using some “always available” kitchen ingredients. Make a mixture with lemon juice and water and use it to scrub out the stains. If the stain is tough or old, mix baking soda with water to make a thick paste and apply the paste onto the stain. Let it set for few minutes and the wash off.
  • Static cling on your clothes can actually feel uncomfortable. Sort it out simply by rubbing your cloth with a dry and thin tissue paper.

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  • Jeans are not for regular wash, but the problem that you are sure to face due to not washing them regularly is the stinking smell. Remove the odor from your jeans by wrapping it in a thin plastic sheet and then keeping it in the freezer overnight. The low temperature of the freezer will kill the odor causing bacteria without hampering the color or the fabric of your jeans.
  • Foundation stains on your light colored tops and shirts can be a real headache. If you happen to put a drop of foundation on your shirt, immediately top it up with a dollop of shaving foam. Let the foam stand for some time and then take it to wash.
  • If you love wearing those statement rings but due to wearing them for long your skin is getting a tinge of green at the spot, simply apply some clear nail polish to the inner surface of the ring and put it back once the nail polish has dried out completely. You will no more have that green spot on your finger due to wearing the ring.
  • In case the metal handle of your sunglass has got loose from the joint and you do not have the time to take it to the repairing shop, the easiest way to fix it immediately is to apply a coat of clear nail polish at the joint. The nail polish will seal it back tightly at place. Take it to repairing when you have time.
  • Cleaning the suede shoes can be tricky. Everything hairy and soft seems to stick to them forever. Just use a nail file to rub the body of the shoe and all the dirt stuck on the suede surface will easily come off within minutes.
  • Leather bags can actually look great but they tend to get dull over time. Apply a coat of moisturizer on the leather bag and let it get absorbed. You will be amazed to see the change brought by the moisturizer to the overall look of the bag.

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  • Those shiny PU leather shoes often tend to lose their gloss over time. No matter how much you clean them with dry or damp clothes they just do not get the new look back. You can give your PU leather shoes maximum shine by cleaning them up with a glass cleaner and a soft cotton cloth.
  • Even a small run on your stockings can actually make it unwearable as they look really odd. You can easily fix up the runs on your stockings by applying a clear nail polish and then setting it up with a hair spray. However, do this whole trick after putting it on.
  • You caught a tiny wrinkle on your shirt Just before going out? Do not worry, you need not to remove it all together and press the shirt again. Just use the flat iron that you use for straightening your hairs on the wrinkle and it will go away in a second.
  • To keep your tall boots in the best condition and shape, just wrap a magazine round and stuff the boot with it. This will keep the boot in shape no matter how rarely you use them.
  • A stuck zipper of your jacket or that of your jeans can be a real pain. You can easily smooth it up by applying a bit of petroleum jelly with the help of a cotton swab. Apply the petroleum jelly; let it get absorbed for 1 minute and then the zip will move easily.
  • You can fill in small scuffs on your leather shoe by applying a bit of petroleum jelly on the particular point with the help of a cotton swab.
  • Already late for office and got a lose button on your shirt? Do not worry, you can easily stick it in at the place for a few days by applying a clear nail polish right on the middle of the button where the thread attaches with it.

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  • Fearing of smelly shoes? You can keep your shoes fresh even if your feet sweat a lot. When you remove your shoe make it a point to place some baking powder in them wrapped in a thin cotton cloth and your shoes will not have any smell in the morning. Just remove the baking soda pouches before putting them on.
  • For easy storage of your stockings and scarfs tie them on hangers in line. This will help in easy detection and also keep them well arranged all the time.
  • Lipstick stains are removed more easily from your lips than from your clothes. So, if you have got a nasty lipstick stain on your white top, spray it immediately with a hair spray. Let it set for few minutes and then wash it off with water and a mild soap. However, you cannot use this trick on clothes that are only suitable for dry clean.
  • Water stains can look really bad on the dark colored leather shoes. You can easily remove them without hassle by simply applying some vinegar on the water stains with the help of a toothbrush.
  • The best way to mend a protruding wire of an underwear is to stick an adhesive moleskin to the spot. It will stop the wire from rubbing with your skin.
  • Not comfortable with the stiff look of your new leather jacket? Just wet it in water and after it dries out naturally, it will have that natural look and feel of leather.
  • A scuff on your shoe can be easily covered by applying a nail polish. However, to make the mending hide completely you need to ensure that the nail polish has the exact shade and finish that of the shoe.

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  • An unraveled hem of your top or skirt while you are just about to leave home can be enough to make you late. Do not worry anymore you can fix the unraveled hem pretty quickly if you have some sticky tapes at home. Simply stick on the tape on the inner side of the loosened hem and you are done. If it is a light colored cloth stick to white or transparent tapes, for dark colored ones you can opt for the black tape.
  • If your hairs have become all greasy but you do not have the time to wash it. The best way is to go for a dry shampoo. However, if you have run out of it, the quick fix in this case can be a baby powder. Simply rub on some baby powder onto your scalp and then brush your hairs well so that there are no white residues on the hairs and within minutes you will get that puffy hairs back.
  • Gold jewelries often need a cleaning to get that shining look back. You need not to rush to the jewelry cleaning stores just to give the gold its shiny look. You can clean it all at home and that too with maximum ease. Just use some beer to wash it off and rub lightly with a tooth brush. Finally wash off with clean water to ensure there is no residue left.
  • Want to wash your silk clothing at home? You can easily do that with the right cleansers. Use lukewarm water and add baby shampoo with it to wash the silk pieces. This mixture can clean silk clothes perfectly without causing any harm to the fabric. However, do not put the shampoo directly on the cloth, make adequate soapy water with it and then use this water for washing the silk cloth.